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Nov 25, 2019 Overcoming Challenging X-Ray Problems
Dec 2, 2019 QFN/LGA Design, Assembly Process Issues & Reliability Failures

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Overcoming Challenging X-Ray Problems

Organized by SMTA Europe

Monday 25th November @ 2:30pm - 4:00pm UK Time
(9:30am - 11:00am US Eastern Time)

Presenter: Keith Bryant, Chairman SMTA Europe


As with all inspection technology, x-ray has to evolve to keep pace with the advances in components and products. Most recently, this has been driven by the continued reduction in board, device and feature size and the movement to using newer, lower density materials within the structures, such as copper wire replacing gold wire as the interconnection material of choice within components and dies becoming thinner and thinner. But we also see an increase at the other end of the spectrum with IGBTs, super capacitors and battery applications requiring high power and high-resolution images for Failure Analysis and inspection. 

In order to meet these challenges and those in the future, there have been a number of recent key improvements to the vital components within x-ray systems. In particular, there is a new x-ray tube type that permits high magnification inspection at improved resolution yet retains high tube power and stability under these conditions, allowing good x-ray flux for inspection of the smallest features and excellent repeatability of measurements and auto inspections.
This presentation will look at various x-ray tube and detector types that are available and explain the implications of these choices in terms of what they provide for inspection regarding image resolution, magnification, tube power, and detector pixel size, amongst others. We will look at x-ray images at both ends of the spectrum, high power with high-resolution and low power with high-resolution, using IGBTs and LEDs as examples.


About the Presenter

Keith Bryant

A fully qualified engineer, Keith has over thirty years' experience in Electronics Manufacturing.  He is well known and respected for presenting technical papers at many high-profile events around the world and for his many published articles and interviews. 

He started his career in this industry with bare printed circuit boards in the early days of multi-layer technology, moving through to contract manufacturing. He had ten years' experience with advanced materials and soldering systems before working with high technology x-ray and AOI Systems, again for 10 years. 

Then for almost 3 years Keith worked as a technology and business consultant, assisting many of the major industry names and being Technology Editor for an Industry magazine for part of that time.
from 2017 to 2019 he was Global Sales Director of the leading X-ray manufacturer. Recently reverting to a Consultancy role allowing him more freedom to pursue other projects, including i4.0.

He was Chairman of the SMART Group for 11 years and is now Chairman of the recently formed SMTA Europe, last year he was presented with the SMTA International Leadership award.

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QFN/LGA Design, Assembly Process Issues & Reliability Failures

Bob WillisMonday 2nd December @ 2:30pm - 4:00pm UK Time (9:30am - 11:00am US Eastern Time)

Presenter: Bob Willis, SMTA Europe


New components often provide challenges to design, process and quality engineers. Solder joint failure, voiding plus contamination & corrosion are just a few of the problems experienced so far. Any large area component with a low stand off which needs to be reflow soldered to a substrate can be a challenge but at ever decreasing pitch the need for good process validation and correct design is vital for high yields.

Having had hands on experience with these parts since conducting design reviews, setting up processes, conducting failure analysis we may not have all the answers, but we do know the right questions to ask in manufacture.

Provided FREE with this webinar are Bob Willis QFN inspection and quality control wall charts to use in your own manufacturing and training facility.


Topics include:

  • Design options to reduce failures
  • Process improvements in design and assembly
  • Void reduction
  • Improvements in joint reliability
  • Simple 5min solderability assessment
  • Improved cleaning performance
  • Results in cleaning and SIR on QFN packages
  • Process results from vapour phase and convection reflow
  • Solder joint reliability
  • IPC design and process guidelines

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