Rework 101 Rework 101

Expected release - March 2019!

Step through the rework process for both SMT and through-hole components, understanding critical temperature and moisture considerations, heating methods, and types of acceptance criteria.

Who Should Take This Course?
This course is intended for entry-level technicians or operators, engineers new to the industry, or even someone who has been away from the process for a while.

Topics Covered

  • Rework, Repair and Modification Definitions
  • Rework Temperature Considerations
  • Moisture Sensitivity
  • Rework Equipment
  • Basic Process Steps
  • Rework Process Flow Chart Examples
  • Rework of Surface Mount Components
  • Rework of Insertion Mount Components
  • Board Repair
  • Acceptance Criteria

After taking the online course, the trainee should be capable to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Understand basic process including fixturing and tooling
  • Understand baseline process parameters
  • Identify process defects
  • Perform basic defect troubleshooting
  • Note: some prior familiarity with the specific equipment is expected.

    Course Length and Format
  • Approximately 2 hours of recorded material
  • Content is sectioned into short video clips ranging from two to 20 minutes per topic
  • You can download the 120 page PDF to follow along with the recordings
  • It will take you an estimated 1-3 hours (cumulative) to complete the course
  • A 19 question quiz will test your knowledge retention of the course material
  • A certificate of completion can be emailed to you once a satisfactory score is achieved on the quiz

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