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SMTA Online Training The mission of the SMTA Online Training Program is to establish, review, maintain, and continuously improve affordable and accessible training materials, topics, content, and trainee focus accounting for current and emerging SMT and packaging technologies.

Courses Currently Available

Stencil Printing 101

Stencil Printing 101

Printing is an extremely critical part of the assembly process and many defects that are created in the SMT process begin in the printing stage. Typical causes of these defects are poor alignment between the substrate and the stencil, incorrect paste chemistry, or inconsistent/excess/insufficient solder ...

Component Placement 101

Component Placement 101

Automated placement of electronic components on to a printed circuit board using placement equipment is the primary method of populating a circuit board in electronics manufacturing. Successful component placement depends on knowledge of the component types and characteristics as they affect ...

Reflow Soldering 101

Reflow Soldering 101

Reflow soldering, the most common method of attaching surface mount components to a circuit board, plays a critical role in the overall electronics assembly process. Successful reflow soldering depends on knowledge of the reflow process setup, requirements for fixturing and tooling, baseline process ...

Wave Soldering 101

Wave soldering is one of the oldest automated soldering processes in the electronics industry. Despite the age of the technology, wave soldering still plays a critical role in many manufacturing operations.

In this online course, industry veteran Mike Kaminsky, Kester, guides you through all aspects of the wave solder process to understand different methods of applying flux, different types of ...

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