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Handbook of Electronic Assembly and A Guide to SMTA Certification

Handbook of Electronic Assembly and A Guide to SMTA Certification
Author: Professor Ronald Lasky, PhD, PE, W. James Hall, Katherine Hickey, Jennifer Tate, PhD
Publisher: SMTA
Copyright Year: 2014
Number of Pages: 81
Non-Member Price: $59.00
Member Price: $49.00

Originally conceived as a supplement to the SMTA Certification Program, this book is a must-have reference manual for all process engineers working in the electronics industry as well as anyone just entering the industry. The book provides an in-depth understanding of the entire electronic assembly process. Chapter topics include soldering and materials, printed wiring boards, components, paste-print stencil, component placement, assembly line design and optimization, solder reflow, wave soldering, dispensing, and inspection and test.

Note: This is the hard copy of this book. You can purchase a copy of the digital edition here.


  • Chapter 1 - Soldering and Materials
  • Chapter 2 - Printed Wiring Boards
  • Chapter 3 - Components
  • Chapter 4 - Paste-Print Stencil
  • Chapter 5 - Component Placement
  • Chapter 6 - Assembly Line Design and Optimization
  • Chapter 7 - Solder Reflow
  • Chapter 8 - Wave Soldering
  • Chapter 9 - Dispensing
  • Chapter 10 - Inspection and Test



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