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Design-for-Test and Test Optimization Techniques for TSV-based 3D Stacked ICs

Design-for-Test and Test Optimization Techniques for TSV-based 3D Stacked ICs
Author: Brandon Noia and Krishnendu Chakrabarty
Publisher: Springer
Copyright Year: 2014
Number of Pages: 245
Non-Member Price: $129.00
Member Price: $119.00

This book describes innovative techniques to address the testing needs of 3D stacked integrated circuits (ICs) that utilize through-silicon-vias (TSVs) as vertical interconnects. The authors identify the key challenges facing 3D IC testing and present results that have emerged from cutting-edge research in this domain. Coverage includes topics ranging from die-level wrappers, self-test circuits, and TSV probing to test-architecture design, test scheduling, and optimization. Readers will benefit from an in-depth look at test-technology solutions that are needed to make 3D ICs a reality and commercially viable.
  • Provides a comprehensive guide to the challenges and solutions for the testing of TSV-based 3D stacked ICs;
  • Includes in-depth explanation of key test and design-for-test technologies, emerging standards, and test- architecture and test-schedule optimizations;
  • Encompasses all aspects of test as related to 3D ICs, including pre-bond and post-bond test as well as the test optimization and scheduling necessary to ensure that 3D testing remains cost-effective.



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