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DfE OnlineTM (Single User License)

DfE Online<sup>TM</sup> (Single User License)
Author: Technology Forecasters Inc.
Publisher: SMTA
Copyright Year: 2012
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Better Products for a Better Future
Design-for-Environment (DfE) is a methodology that has revolutionized the way engineers approach electronics products, increasing their efficiency and decreasing their environmental and social impacts. The many business advantages of DfE include a 1%-5% reduction in Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), increased reliability (80% of DFE principles increase reliability), and increased competitive edge and customer loyalty. As the regulatory burden on electronics products grows, the demand for DfE-trained engineers has increased. With DfE OnlineTM, this methodology is now available to you in a time-efficient, self-paced package, saving you hundreds of hours of research.

DfE OnlineTM will teach you DfE principles to develop products that are in compliance, more efficient and less costly to produce. DfE OnlineTM provides you hundreds of tools, tips, case studies, videos, and interactive exercises, as well as a professional Forum.

Who will benefit:
Electronic Engineers, Supply Chain Managers, Product Launch teams, Executives, Managers, and others who are interested in the technical and business advantages of DfE and are seeking to enhance their career with this critical knowledge set.

Developed by a team of experts with over 90 years combined experience in the electronics industry, DfE Online™ extends their onsite DfE workshops that trained over 1,000 engineers, managers and executives in North America, China and EMEA. Now you can access that expertise with all the benefits of an online program:

  • 8 self-paced modules: an encyclopedia of DfE tools, tips and practices
  • Complete each module at your own convenience - with your team or individually
  • Engaging interactive exercises and videos
  • Additional resources for professional development
  • "Compliance Coaching" sections to help address specific compliance issues

    Module Descriptions:
    Module 1: Why DfE is Critical for Business, the Planet, and Job Performance
    Module 2: Impact of Substance Emissions on Health and Environment
    Module 3: Reduction of Material Resources in DfE
    Module 4: Techniques for Designing Energy Efficient Electronics
    Module 5: DfE Methods for Disassembly and High-value 'Afterlife'
    Module 6: Tools for Measuring Environmental Performance and Monetary ROI
    Module 7: Supply Chain Strategies for Reducing Social & Environmental Impacts
    Module 8: DfE Case Studies, Critical Recommendations, and Future Roadmap

    View an informational webinar about DfE.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Design for Environment.

    Watch DfE Online® co-developers Pamela Gordon and Dr. Harvey Stone lecture on the latest in corporate sustainability What's Trending? Sustainable, Prosperous and Greener Organizations at a recent University of California, Berkeley Extension class.

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