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Materials for Advanced Packaging - Second Edition

Materials for Advanced Packaging - Second Edition
Author: Daniel Lu and C.P. Wong
Publisher: Springer
Copyright Year: 2017
Number of Pages: 969
Non-Member Price: $259.00
Member Price: $249.00

This second edition continues to be the most comprehensive review on the developments in advanced packaging technologies. Experts in the field discuss established techniques, as well as emerging technologies, to provide readers with the most up-to-date developments in advanced packaging. Original chapters on bonding and joining techniques, nanopackaging and biomedical packaging, MEMS and wafer level chip scale packaging, and packaging materials such as lead-free solders, flip chip underfills, epoxy molding compounds, and conductive adhesives have all been updated with the latest developments in the field. New chapters have also been added on fast growing and emerging applications such as flexible and printed electronics, materials solutions to enable next generation thinner/lighter/more functional mobile devices, and functional coating for electronic devices such as anti-fingerprint coating, anti-scratch coating, and more. This book is ideal for professionals in semiconductor, digital health, and bio-medical areas as well as graduate students studying materials science and engineering.



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