SMTA International Conference and Exhibition

Testimonials from SMTA International attendees

You can wait until you read the papers online but the ability to have a one-to-one interface with the person actually developing technology is priceless.

Bill Cardoso, Ph.D.
President, Creative Electron, Inc.
Overall I was extremely pleased with the conference from the set up/tear down experience to the amount of traffic through my booth. It was a very good show for us and we are looking forward to exhibiting again next year.

Kristi Schilloff
Universal Instruments
SMTA International; the most invigorating place to learn new technologies, build relationships for successful business adventures, and find the latest and greatest in materials, equipment & processes! The one stop shop for electronics manufacturing leaders.

Charles E. Bauer, Ph.D.
Senior Managing Director, TechLead Corporation
Attending SMTA International has become a yearly requirement if I want to keep up with current developments in the electronics industry. The presentations are timely and thought-provoking, and they generate great discussions both during and after the sessions. Having the opportunity to interact face to face with my peers in such a deep technical setting is invaluable.

Elizabeth Benedetto
Master Reliability Engineer, Hewlett-Packard Company
SMTA International provides me with an up to date status of the hot topic areas in the electronics packaging and assembly industry. The people attending are some of the best in the industry.

Charles Woychik, Ph.D.
Director of 3D Technology & Marketing, Invensas Corporation
SMTAI is a wonderful place to learn new technology advancements and reflect on industry best practices.

Zhen (Jane) Feng, Ph.D.
Manager of AEG, FLEXTRONICS International, Inc.
SMTA International is the best place to catch up on what technology is gaining pace in industry and sharing the challenges of the day.

Chris Hunt, Ph.D.
Technical Leader, National Physical Laboratory
SMTAI is a solid platform for continued learning and connection of those in this tightly woven industry. The technical side of the show coupled with industry vendors is a successfully structured offering allowing me and my team to stay ahead and participate in critical developments and progression in the industry.

Rachel Miller Short
Global VP of Sales, Photo Stencil
The SMTA is a unique opportunity to connect research results with industrial application at a high scientific level. The suggestions and discussions with practical experts are extremely important for my work at the university.

Mathias Nowottnick
Director of Institute for Electronic Appliances and Circuits, University of Rostock
SMTAI is a powerful platform for learning and networking.
Michael McLaughlin
Manufacturing Engineer, Harris Corporation
SMTAI provides one of the most in-depth, highest quality forum for the exchange of technical information within our industry.

Paul Vianco, Ph.D.
Principal Member Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories
SMTA International offers the best technical papers for electronics assembly in the world.

Bill Barthel
Manager of Manufacturing Technology, Plexus Corp.
SMTAI is the premier PCB assembly conference for high quality technical content.

Tim Jensen
Senior Product Manager, Indium Corporation
SMTA International is the place where you can gauge industry trends, make new or grow connections with suppliers and industry innovators, and best of all you can share and propagate your own innovations. All these experiences have helped me become an improved leader at my work place.
Pedro J. Martínez
Mfg Technologist, Intel Corporation
SMTA International is a great place to network, learn and exchange ideas on new topics in the electronic industry.

Babak Arfaei, Ph.D.
Materials Scientist, Ford Motor Company
Not only is SMTA the most valuable conference in our industry from a technical standpoint, it also is a great forum to discuss the issues experienced in today's market. SMTA gathers the top OEMs and technical experts for open discussions that result in a useful education for all. It is a fun environment with great return on your time.

Lenora Toscano
Director of OEM Applications, Mac Dermid, Inc.
SMTAI is one of the premier PCB assembly events in North America where you can learn about new technologies and network with industry colleagues, all in relaxed atmosphere.

Bob Wetterman
President, BEST Inc.
It is the best place for knowing the latest happenings in the SMT industry, aided by a network of professionals.

CEO, Techment Consultancy
SMTAI provides an unique opportunity for all players in the SMT industry (OEMs, SMT Processing Equipment and Material Suppliers, Academia, etc.) to collaborate and share ideas about overcoming today's common industry challenges while at the same time pushing the boundaries of SMT technology to address the needs of tomorrow.
Jeff Jennings
Materials & Mechanical Engineer, Harris Corporation
There is no event that better represents the sense of community and genuine, open sharing of information than SMTA International. It unifies technologists, researchers, production engineers and suppliers of equipment and materials around a strong conference-led exhibition and many fun events. This is where the electronics manufacturing industry comes to learn, let its hair down, and share time with like-minded colleagues for the betterment of manufacturing tomorrow's devices.

Trevor Galbraith
Editor-in-Chief, Global SMT & Packaging
In my opinion, SMTAI has always been one of the premier technical conferences for the electronics industry.

Chuck Richardson
Director of Technical Roadmapping, iNEMI
SMTA International is a great collaboration of industry and academic expertise, providing extremely helpful experience in every aspect of my work.
Zhou Hai
Ph.D. Student, Auburn University, CAVE3
I learned quite a bit from the technical paper sessions. It is valuable to keep up to date with advances in technology, and to see the direction that our industry is taking. There is something for everyone to learn at SMTA International.

Tony Lentz
Field Application Engineer, FCT Assembly
SMTA International provides you an opportunity to learn and capitalize on Technology Trends. Electronic interconnection system level trends create both challenge and disruption. Connecting and learning from knowledge experts is one of the many benefits of attending SMTA International.

Mike Bixenman
CTO of Kyzen Corporation
SMTA International is the primary place where electronics manufacturing professionals meet to discuss technology, view equipment and network together. I am always blessed to see former mentors, colleagues and students.

Scott Anson, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Professor, LeTourneau University
This was our first time to attend SMTA International and we were very pleased with the variety and content of the technical sessions. We are initiating product improvements and research projects based off information learned during those sessions.
Mitch Milner
Product Engineering Manager, Neptune Technology Group
The quality of technical papers presented at SMTAI have always been the very best in our industry. And being able to attend Professional Courses taught by Who's Who of our industry is no small benefit whether you are a veteran or just getting started. Now you can even attend IPC committee meetings to develop global industry documents on almost all aspects of electronics design and manufacturing. No wonder I missed this conference only once since its debut in 1989.

Ray Prasad
President, Ray Prasad Consultancy Group
SMTA International is an extremely valuable experience for anyone who wants to keep current with technology and equipment advances. Participation in the standards committees is also invaluable to our company and technology development.

Mitch Holtzer
Directory of Assembly Materials R&D, Alpha
SMTA International provides the best mix of high quality technical papers, very informative tutorials, and friendly technical talents on SMT technologies in one single event worldwide.

Ning-Cheng Lee, Ph.D.
Vice President, Technology, Indium Corporation
Year in and year out, SMTA International has brought to our electronic product manufacturing community a unique opportunity for the attendee - access to the best in leading edge assembly automation and test equipment technology, collocated with a conference that is unparalleled in providing the best original papers on emerging technologies and crucial process topics. Combine these features with focused tutorials and the networking opportunities SMTAI provides, and for me it has been a global meeting place to acquire and share invaluable information with my colleagues.

Tom Borkes
Founder, The Jefferson Project
I always feel that I get my money’s worth from SMTAI. I have always been able to use the technical expertise that I gain there to allow me to constantly improve the processes that I am involved with.
David Bell
Sr. Site Process Engineer, Plexus Corp.
SMTAI is a great place to network and catch up on a wide range of thought-provoking topics.

Susan Mucha
President, Powell-Mucha Consulting, Inc.
SMTA International is one of the best conferences to learn about the electronics assembly manufacturing and reliability solutions for some of industry's most challenging problems. The conference focuses on practical aspects featuring experts from industry and academia with years of experience on real products and processes.

Pradeep Lall, Ph.D., M.B.A.,
Professor & Director, Auburn University
SMTA International is a great venue to educate yourself on new technology that can help with continuous improvement activities. Industry leaders convene once a year to share the results from their design of experiments to influence creativity in your day to day job. It is truly the best!!

Ray Whittier,
Principal SMT Engineer, Vicor Corporation
SMTA affords me the opportunity to present research findings, learn new technology and network with industry leaders, to help educate young engineering students and develop the future workforce for the industry.

Dr. S. Manian Ramkumar
Director, Electronics Packaging Center, Rochester Institute of Technology
From learning sessions given by subject matter experts on topics that impact how today’s electronics are built, to a show floor full of leading edge technology, SMTA International is easily the best conference I can attend to get the best value for my money. I always come away feeling better prepared to help myself and my customers build reliable products.

Eric Camden
Lead Investigator, Foresite
SMTA is a great place to get information about latest developments that are ongoing and it is a pleasant opportunity to connect with industry leaders.

Raymond Gales
Customer Care and Group Quality Director, Circuit Foil Luxembourg
If you can only attend one conference/exhibition a year, make this the one. If you do not plan to attend a conference/exhibition this year, do schedule to come to SMTA International. This is a must for both the new in the industry and the seasoned veteran.

Jennie Hwang, Ph.D., D.Sc.
CEO, H-Technologies Group
The best place where industry experts come to learn from each other. SMTA International provides me with the knowledge I need to excel at my job and keeps me informed about new developments at the forefront of SMT technology.

Chrys Shea
Shea Engineering Services
SMTAI is the preeminent one-stop-shop annual event you can attend for education, training, networking and new equipment review in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Rod Howell
CEO, Libra Industries
This conference provides a platform for the important interaction between technology viewpoints from around the world. SMTA International is the best place to network, work together, and to see new aspects of the technology in our industry.

Jörg Trodler
Technology Manager, Heraeus Materials Technology GmbH & Co.KG
SMTA International is the place to be to network and see the best technical presentations supporting all aspects of the electronics industry!

Greg Vance,
Sr. Project Engineer, Rockwell Automation
If you have a process problem or you want to learn about a new technology, you can bet it will be addressed at SMTAI.

Bob Willis
The SMTA International conference is a tremendous opportunity to discover and share new industry innovations with experts across the field. I gain valuable knowledge and insights that help me and other Flextronics engineers make significant process improvements. Beyond that, it is a place to build not only your network, but also professional friendships!

Jane Feng
I've consistently left the conference with valuable knowledge from relevant and substantive papers that could be directly applied to my active projects.

Randy Schueller
DfR Solutions
I was able to find answers to sticky technical questions after relationships were built at SMTAI.

Donald Banks
St. Jude Medical
SMTAI International is my number one conference for packaging, assembly and all related topics. It's the best place to learn and network with colleagues from all over the world.

Lars Boettcher
Fraunhofer Institute IZM
Your boss should be forcing you to attend SMTAI.

Bob Willis
SMTAI is THE place to learn, network, and experience the state of the art in advanced electronics assembly.

Rick Short
Indium Corporation
The three biggest draws for me to SMTAI are its world class electronics manufacturing conference, the excellent networking opportunities, and all the equipment at the exhibition.

Dan Baldwin, Ph.D.
Engent, Inc.
SMTAI remains the best-in-class technical conference in the industry, encouraging engineers to engage in noncommercial, technically-driven conversations about current manufacturing and supply chain issues.

Mike Buetow
SMTAI is unique as a place where I can follow the latest trends and technologies from bare PCBs to all aspects of assembly (materials, soldering, SPC/quality, inspection) to advanced packaging and reliability.

Andrew Mawer
Freescale Semiconductor
The best thing about the SMTA like SMART Group in the UK is they are a family. I feel that everyone is a friend NOT just a business contact. As Sly Stone said it's a 'Family Affair' and every event is about the people, which makes it so rewarding to attend!

Bob Willis
Scientific studies shared in the technical sessions helped my company develop robust processes.

Bill Barthel
Plexus Corp.
With industry challenges...SMTAI allows networking and early checks on addressing strategies to meet the challenges.

Jacklin Adams
IBM Corporation
As a speaker, I have never had such a completely focused attendance for the niche that was being presented.

Jim Hisert
Indium Corporation

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