SMTA International Conference and Exhibition

Poster Session

Exhibit Hall Courtyard
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
12:00 noon – 2:00PM

SMTA International Poster Session


Exploration of Fabrication and Properties for Nano-Inkjet Printed Silver Transmission Lines
Mark Glaser and Michael Walston, Florida Polytechnic University

Nanomaterial-Enabled High-Performance Electronically Con ductive Adhesives
Geoffrey Rivers, Univeristy of Waterloo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Investigating Solder Paste Performance After Worst-Case Shipping Scenarios
Brook Sandy-Smith, Indium Corporation

Accelerated Life Cycle Testing of Various Lead-Free Solder Alloys by Mechanical Shock and Thermal Cycling Techniques
Sharath Sridhar, Auburn University

Implementation of Single Data File Transfer for SMT Assembly
Tayler Swanson, Rochester Institute of Technology - Center for Electronics Manufacturing Assembly

Advanced Packaging Using Stencil Printing – Ultra-Thin Stencils & Reservoir Stencils
Author: Phani Vallabhajosyula, Ph.D., Photo Stencil

Microvia Defect Failure Analysis
Jonathan M. Payne and Andie L. Wahlberg, Purdue University

Thermal Management of High Power MCM Using Multivariable Design Optimization of Dynamic Cold Plate and Flow Control Devise
Krishna Chaitanya Siripurapu, University of Texas at Arlington

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