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Best Papers - Award Winners

SMTA International offers three recognition awards for contributions to the conference technical program. Award winners receive cash prizes and a recognition plaque. The awards are presented each year at the Opening Session.

"Rich Freiberger Best of Conference" Presentation

Conference attendees voted for the following presenter to receive the 2019 Best of Conference award. The award is based on the conference attendees' rating of each speaker at the technical session.

2019: Michael Konrad, Aqueous Technologies
"IPC's New Cleanliness Testing Standard is Now Active. What's New? What Stays the Same?"

2018: Kazuhiro Nogita, The University of Queensland
"The Role of Nickel in Solder Alloys - Part 2. The Effect of Ni on The Integrity of The Interfacial Intermetallic in Sn-Based Solder Joints to Copper Substrates."
(Co-authors: Keith Sweatman and Tetsuro Nishimura, Ph.D., Nihon Superior Co. Ltd.)

2017: Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering Services (Co-author: Ray Lawrence, 4Front Solutions)
"Solder Paste Qualification Testing for EMS Production"

2016: Mike Bixenman, DBA, KYZEN Corporation
"BTC/QFN Test Board Design Considerations and Method for Qualifying Soldering Materials and Cleaning Processes"

2015: Bob Willis,
"Assembly Process and Product Failures – Causes and Cures "

2014: Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering Services and Ray Whittier, Vicor Corporation
"The Effects of Stencil Alloy, Tension and Cut Quality on Solder Paste Print Performance"

2013: Matt Kelly, P.Eng., IBM Corporation
"Plasma Stencil Treatments: A Statistical Evaluation"

2012: Mike Bixenman, DBA, Kyzen Corporation
"High Speed Cleaning in a Reduced Manufacturing Footprint"

2011: Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering Services
"Using Solder Paste Inspection to Improve Print Yields"

2010: David Hillman, Rockwell Collins
"NASA DoD -55 to +125 Thermal Cycle Test Results"

2009: Paul Vianco, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories
"Pb-Free Solder and Beyond - Trends and Challenges ‘A View from the Bottom’"

2008: Gregory Henshall, Ph.D., Hewlett-Packard Co., et al.
"iNEMI Pb-free Alloy Alternatives Project Report"

2007: David Hillman and Matt Hamand, Rockwell Collins
"Lead-Free Feasibility Program"

2006: David Hillman and Ross Wilcoxon, Rockwell Collins
"JCAA/JG-PP Lead Free Solder Testing for High Reliability Applications"

2005: Shatil Haque, Lumileds Lighting (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
"Packaging of High-Power LEDs Using Au Stud Bump Interconnects"

2004: Chrys Shea, Cookson Electronics
"Optimizing Stencil Design for Lead-free SMT Processing"

2003: Andrew Mawer, Motorola Semiconductor Products, Texas
"A Comparison between Power and Thermal Cycling for a FC PBGA"

2003: Paul Wang, Ph.D., Sun Microsystems, Inc., California
"Total Process Control and Management - From Reliability, Stability, Traceability to Predictability (RSTP)"

2002: Prashant Chouta and Ian Fleck, Cookson Electronics
"A New Dimension in Stencil Print Optimization"

2001: Hersh Kohli, Motorola, Illinois
"E-Manufacturing Software for Product and Process Real-Time Monitoring"

2000: Andrew Mawer, Motorola SPS, Texas
"Automotive PBGA Assembly and Board-Level Reliability with Lead-Free Versus Lead-Tin Interconnect"

1999: Lavanya Gopalakrishan, Nortel Networks, California
"Reliability Experiments for Different Microvia Constructions"

1998: Dr. Ken Gilleo, Alpha Metals, Rhode Island
"High Volume, Low Cost Flip Chip Assembly on Polyester Flex"

1997: Paul Totta, IBM, East Fishkill, New York
"Paradigm Shift in Interconnection Technologies"

1996: Steve Greathouse, Intel Corporation, Arizona
"Critical Issues with Chip Scale Packages (CSPs)"

1995: Robert Darveaux, Amkor Electronics, Arizona
"Thermal and Power Cycling Limits of PBGA Assemblies"

1994: Donald R. Banks, Motorola Semiconductor Division, Texas
"Assembly and Reliability of Ceramic Column Grid Array"

1993: Reinard J. Klein Wassink, Philips CFT, Holland
"The Use of Nitrogen in Reflow Soldering"

1992: John Maxwell, JMA, Colorado
"PC Board Design Techniques for Subminiature Chips"

1991: Dr. Judy Glazer, Hewlett Packard, California
"The Effect of Gold on the Reliability of Solder Joints"

"Best of Proceedings" Papers

The following papers were selected by the SMTA International Technical Program Committee as the 2019 Best of Proceedings.

2019 1st Place: Chris Gourlay, Imperial College London
"Phase Formation and Solid Solubility in High Reliability Pb-Free Solders Containing Bi, Sb, In"

2019 2nd Place: Richard Coyle, Ph.D., Nokia Bell Labs
"Vacuum Reflow Processing of Ball Grid Array Packages to Reduce Solder Joint Voiding and Improve Attachment Reliability"

2019 3rd Place: Yoshinori Ejiri, Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
"The Wire Bonding Reliability of Electroless Ni/Pd/Au Plating Influence of Electroless Pd Deposition Reaction"

2018 1st Place: Richard Coyle, Ph. D., Nokia Bell Labs and a team of co-authors from the iNEMI/HDPUG 3rd Generation Pb-Free Alloys Project
"Alloy Composition and Thermal Fatigue of High Reliability Pb-Free Solder Alloys"

2018 2nd Place: David Hillman and co-authors from Collins Aerospace (formerly Rockwell Collins)
"Dissolution Rate of Specific Elements in SAC305 Solder"

2018 3rd Place: Richard Coyle, Ph.D., Nokia Bell Labs, David Ihms, Ph.D., Delphi Technologies, and additional co-authors from the iNEMI QFN Board Level Reliability Project
"The Influence of Printed Circuit Board Thickness on the Thermal Fatigue of Quad Flat No-Lead Packages"

2017 1st Place: Andre Delhaise, Celestica
"Effect of Thermal Treatment on the Microstructure, Properties, and Reliability of Lead-Free Bismuth Containing Solder Alloys"

2017 2nd Place: Jeff Jennings, Harris Corporation
"Moisture Effects in Common Solderable RF Connector Dielectrics Part II: Characterization of Damage Threshold Moisture Level for Moisture Sensitive Polymers"

2017 3rd Place: Christian Schwarzer, Fraunhofer ISC
"Investigation of the Influence of Voids on the Reliability of Solder Joints by the Finite Element Method"

2016: Paul Vianco, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories
"Predicting the Reliability of Package-on-Package-on-Package (PoPoP) Interconnections Based on Accelerated Aging Experiments and Computational Modeling"

2015: Paul Vianco, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories
"Establishing a Ti-Cu-Pt-Au Thin Film on Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) Technology for High-Temperature Electronics"

2014: Paul Vianco, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories
"Sensitivity of Copper Dissolution to the Flow Behavior of Molten Sn-Pb Solder"

2013: Babak Arfaei, Ph.D., Universal Instruments Corporation
"Effect of Sn Grain Morphology on Failure Mechanisms and the Reliability of Lead-Free Solder Joints in Thermal Cycling Tests"

2012: Paul Vianco, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories
"Ag-Au-Ge Alloys for High Temperature Geothermal and Oil Well Electronics Applications"

2011: David Hillman, Rockwell Collins
"The Last Will and Testament of the BGA Void"

2010: Pradeep Lall, Ph.D., Auburn University
"Interrogation of Damage-State in Lead-Free Electrnics Under Sequential Exposure to Thermal Aging and Thermal Cycling"

2009: Jean-Paul Clech, EPSI Inc.; Gregory Henshall and Jian Miremadi, HP Company
"Closed-Form, Strain-Energy Based Acceleration Factors for Thermal Cycling of Lead-Free Assemblies"

2008: Pradeep Lall, Deepti Iyengar, Sandeep Shantaram, Dhananjay Panchagade, and Jeff Suhling, Auburn University, Alabama
"Survivability Assessment of SAC Leadfree Packaging Under Shock and Vibration Using Optical Highspeed Imaging"

2007: Randy Schueller, Dell
"Creep Corrosion on Lead-Free Printed Circuit Boards in High Sulfur Environments"

2006: Robert Darveaux, Amkor Technology
"Mechanical Testing of Solder Joint Arrays Versus Bulk Solder Specimens"

2005: Julia Y. Zhao, Analog Devices
"A Study of the Failure Mechanisms in Lead-free and Eutectic Tin-lead Solder Bumps for Flip Chip Assembly"

2004: Alan Donaldson and Raiyomand Aspandiar, Intel Corporation
"Hot Air Lead-free Rework of BGA Packages & Sockets"

2003: Dave Nelson and Hector Pallavicini, Raytheon Systems Company
"Manufacturing and Reliability of Pb-free and Mixed System Assemblies (SnPb/Pb-Free) in Avionics Environments"

2002: Fay Hua, Raiyo Aspandiar, Tim Rothman, Cameron Anderson, Greg Clemmons, and Mimi Klier, Intel Corporation
"Solder Joint Reliability of Sn-Ag-Cu BGA Components Attached with Eutectic Pb-Sn Solder Paste"

2001: Dr. Benlih Huang and Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee, Indium Corporation of America
"Low Cost Solder Bumping Via Paste Reflow"

2000: N.P. Kim, M.J. Holland, C.-P. Chien, and M.H. Tanielian, Boeing Corporation; J. Wu and C.P. Wong, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Aircraft Flight Test and Reliability Improvements of MEMS Pressure Sensor Assembly"

1999: Marie Cole, IBM Microelectronics
"Process Optimization for 1.0 mm Pitch CBGA"

1998: Robin O’Connor, Michael Gibson and Douglas Gullion, Delphi Delco Electronics Systems
"Cleaning for High Reliability Flip-Chip-on-Laminate Assembly"

1997: Richard S. Clouthier, AMTX
"SMT Printing Process for Fine and Ultra Fine Pitch"

1996: Dr. Randy D. Schueller, 3M, Electronic Products Division
"Reliability Results For A Wire Bondable Tape Ball Grid Array Package (TBGA)"

1995: Thomas S. Tarter, AMD; Martin P. Goetz and Marc Papageorge, ASAT, Inc.
"BGA Performance, Characteristics: A User’s Design Guide"

1994: Andrew J. Mawer, Motorola Semiconductor Division
"Plastic Ball Grid Array Solder Joint Reliability Considerations"

1993: Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee, Dr. Manchao Xia and Kevin J. Lawless, Indium Corporation
"Prospects of Solder Paste, in Ultra Fine Pitch Era"

1992: Dennis Ostendorf, Sundstrand Aerospace
"Solder Joint Reliability of Leaded and Leadless Components Mounted on Multiple Substrate Materials"

1991: Dr. Colin Lea, National Physics Laboratories
"Inert IR/Reflow: The Significance of the Oxygen Concentration in Nitrogen and Nitrogen-Hydrogen Atmospheres"

Best International Paper

This category was deprecated after 2016, but past winners are listed below:

2016: Mathias Nowottnick, Ph.D., University of Rostock
"Comparison of Active and Passive Temperature Cycling"

2015: Matt Kelly, P.Eng, MBA, IBM Corporation
"Via-in-Pad Plated Over (VIPPO) Design Considerations for Enterprise Server and Storage Hardware"

2014: Polina Snugovsky, Ph.D., Celestica Inc., and Stephan Meschter, Ph.D., BAE Systems
"Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program Tin Whisker Testing and Modeling: Tin Whisker Growth on SAC305 Assemblies"

2013: You Chye How, Texas Instruments (Malaysia)
"Reliability Improvement of Array QFN Package"

2012: Lars Boettcher, Fraunhofer IZM
"Development of Embedded Power Electronics Modules for Automotive Applications"

2011: Matt Kelly, et al., IBM Corporation
"Lead-Free Vapor Phase Assembly Compatible Materials for a High Performance SMT Daughter Card Connector"

2010: Craig Hamilton, Celestica Inc.
"High Complexity Lead-Free Wave and Rework: The Effects of Material, Process, and Board Design on Barrel Fill“"

2009: Heather McCormick and Jimmy Chow, Celestica Inc.; Lee Smith, Ahmer Syed, Corey Reichman, and CJ Berry, Amkor Technology, Inc.
"Assembly and Reliability Assessment of Fine Pitch TMV Package on Package (PoP) Components"

2008: Isabel de Sousa, Donald W. Henderson, Luc Patry, and Robert Martel, IBM Canada
"Implementation of Increased Cu Levels (1%) in SAC Alloys for PBGA Applications"

2007: Matthew Kelly, Marie Cole, Jim Wilcox, Jim Bielick, Timothy Younger, and David Braun, IBM Corporation, Canada
"Qualification of a Lead-Free Card Assembly and Test Process for a Server Complexity PCBA"

2006: Heather McCormick, Celestica, Inc., Canada
"Mixing Metallurgy: Reliability of SAC Balled Area Array Packages Assembled Using SnPb Solder"

2005: Lars Boettcher, Fraunhofer IZM Berlin
"Integration of Active and passive Components Using Chip in Polymer Technology"

2004: Lars Boettcher, Fraunhofer IZM Berlin
"Development of 3D-Redistribution and Balling Technologies for Fabrication of Vertical Power Devices"

2003: Dwayne Shirley, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Evaluating the Effect of Solder Paste Residues on RF Signals between 5 and 10 GHz"

2002: C. Robert Kao, National Central University, Taiwan
"Effect of Copper Concentration on the Solid-State Aging Reactions Between Tin-Copper Lead-Free Solders and Nickel"

2001: Mark Norris, ViTechnology, LLC, Switzerland
"Advances in Automatic Optical Inspection: Gray Scale Correlation vs. Vectoral Imaging"

2000: Kiyoshi Hasegawa, Akio Takahashi, Dr. Takaaki Noudou, Sumiko Nakajima, Akiko Takahashi, Masahiro Nomoto, and Akishi Nakaso, Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan
"Electroless Ni-P/Pd/Au Plating for Semiconductor Package Substrate"

1999: Dr. Malcolm Warwick, Multicore Solders, Ltd., England
"Implementing Lead Free Soldering-Consortium Research"

1998: Wilfried Sauer, Heinz Wohlrabe and Thomas Zerna, Dresden University of Technology, Germany
"Process Capability Coefficient and Placing Accuracy as Benchmarking Values of SMT Placement Systems"

1997: Dr. Hans-Jurgen Albrecht, Dr. Jurgen Gamalski, and Gunnar Petzold, Siemens AG, Germany, and Torsten Zachert, Messer Griesheim, Germany
"BGA Package Analysis from a Materials Point of View"

1996: Caroline Beelen and Martin Verguld, Philips Center for Manufacturing Technology (CFT), The Netherlands
"Low-Cost Flip Chip Assembly"

1995: Rolf Aschenbrenner, E. Zakel, A. Kloeser and H. Peichl, Fraunhofer-Institut fur Zuveriassigkeit und Mikrointegration (IZM), Germany, and G. Azdasht, Microperiphics Center, TU-Berlin, Germany
"Fluxless Flip-Chip Bonding on Flexible Substrates: A Comparison Between Adhesive Bonding and Soldering"

1994: Dr. Johan Liu, Roger Rogren, IVF and Dr. Lars Ljungkrona, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
"High Volume Electronics Manufacturing Using Conductive Adhesives"

Best Student Paper

The following paper was selected as the 2019 Best Student Paper.

2019: Faramarz Hadian, Binghamton University
"Study Electromigration in SnBiAg / SAC(305) Mixed Solder Alloy"

2018: Vishnu Reddy, Georgia Tech
"Assessment of 2nd Level Interconnect Quality in Flip Chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA) Package Using Laser Ultrasonic Inspection Technique"

2017: Bo Yuan, University of Delaware
"Effects of CI2, NO2, RH and Temperature on Accelerated Silver and Copper Corrosion in a Mixed Flowing Gas Test"

2016: Mohammed Genanu, Binghamton University
"Microstructure and Performance of Micro Cu Pillars Assemblies"

2015: Cong Zhao, Auburn University
"Long Term Aging Effects on the Reliability of Lead Free Solder Joints in Ball Grid Array Packages with Various Pitch Sizes and Ball Alignments"

2014: Jie Gong, Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology
"Non-Destructive Evaluation of Solder Bump Quality under Mechanical Bending Using Laser Ultrasonic Technique"

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