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Getting Your Manager to Approve Funding to Attend SMTA International

SMTA International is the best return on your company's investment in training and professional development. If you need to justify the time out of the office and expense of attending, here are some tips and tools to help you communicate the value of attending SMTA International when trying to get management approval. Return to work reenergized as you discover new solutions, tools, technologies, methodologies and contacts.

Reasons to Attend

When proposing your attendance to your manager, emphasize what you will specifically bring back to your company in terms of the Return On Investment (ROI).

  • Control processes and reduce defects - Access to over 120 technical presentations of the latest research will allow you to make decisions to improve your processes and enhance your competitiveness. Stay current on new solutions for assembly challenges that are directly related to your job.

  • Become more profitable - 20 half-day tutorials facilitated by respected, experienced experts are the most cost efficient way to get in-depth training. They teach fundamental and advanced concepts, with an emphasis on discussion amongst the students and instructor. Apply and share this knowledge upon your return.

  • Increase yield - On the show floor you will be exposed to new materials, the latest equipment and vendor solutions from over 170 leading suppliers. Help your manufacturing floor and procurement department minimize cost and maximize output.

  • Grow your professional network - It's not only WHAT you know, it's WHO you know. Networking with industry experts will foster pathways for you to discuss issues and problems you encounter in your daily work and will propel your career forward. Daily special events ensure time for making quality professional connections and acquiring new business partnerships from around the world.

    Cost Savings

    Several special pricing options are available to help your company save money and justify the value.

  • First time attendees receive 10% off registration rates

  • VIP Package bundles full access to technical sessions and four tutorials at one low cost

  • Early Bird Registration saves you 10% (ends August 25)

  • Register four people for a Technical Conference or VIP Conference Package and deduct $100 from each registration. ($400 value)

  • All conference attendees receive the Conference Proceedings Free ($160 value)

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