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The L3 Series: Listen, Learn, Lead

Complimentary to all SMTA International attendees! Additional technical sessions spotlighting interesting and timely topics.

L3 1

Come and See Where the Future is Going!

Chair: Steve Greathouse, Plexus Corp.
Co-Chair: Eddie Kobeda, Ph.D., IBM Corporation (Retired)
Tuesday, September 29 | 11:00am - 12:30pm

FREE to All Attendees!

When you take a long road trip into unfamiliar territory, you need some type of roadmap to know which highway to travel and which turns to take to get to your final destination. Life in the electronics world is very much the same. None of us have been down this pathway before, so having indicators that show us where to take your future products or capability and what areas to avoid are critical to your personal and companies’ success. This session will address different areas and the forecast for their specific product directions in Aerospace/Defense, Medical, Automotive, Handheld/Wireless, Portable, and High Performance products. Keep in mind that technology roadmaps are a prediction of the technology options that currently exist and how they will change, technologies that will soon exist, and what things to look forward to some years in the future.

  • European Union RoHS Leaded Solder Exemption Update
    Curtis Grosskopf, *Marie Cole and Pam Lembke, IBM Systems; Jeff Lagler, IBM Transformation and Operations; Kurt Van der Herten, IBM Corporate Environmental Affairs
  • 2015 iNEMI Roadmap Highlights; Forecasting Business/Technology Gaps Over A Ten Year Horizon
    Chuck Richardson, iNEMI
  • 2015 IPC International Roadmap: Changing with the Times
    Marc Carter, SAIC

    L3 2

    Solder Recycling and Recovery

    Chair: Rich Henrick, Sanmina Corporation
    Co-Chair: Michelle Ogihara, Seika Machinery
    Tuesday, September 29 | 2:00pm - 3:30pm

    FREE to All Attendees!

    In an effort to reduce the cost of solder and the reduction of the generation of hazardous wastes, recovery of solder from dross has become mainstream. These efforts, and others, to manage the waste streams of soldering processes enable better regulatory compliance as well as reducing the cost of manufacturing supplies.

  • Solder Waste Revisited: The Compelling Argument for Recycling
    Peter C. Ruth II, Conecsus LLC
  • In House Dross Recovery- Do You Know What You Are Putting Back in Your Solder Bath?
    Mitch Holtzer and Jason Fullerton, Alpha, an Alent plc Company
  • The Return of the Red Retardant
    Dock Brown, CRE, DfR Solutions

    L3 3

    Factory Automation – Optimizing to Reduce Cost and Increase Reliability and Yield

    Chair: Trevor Galbraith, Global SMT & Packaging
    Co-Chair: Greg Vance, Rockwell Automation
    Wednesday, September 30 | 8:00am - 9:30am

    FREE to All Attendees!

    Industry 4.0 (Europe), Factory 1.0 (China) and SMLC (USA) all form a backbone from which factories can communicate externally with their vendors and all companies involved in their supply chain. It also communicates internally through the factory MES system and down to a machine level to control inventory and optimize the process. This results in significant cost savings through reduced labor and increased reliability and yield. This session will present a number of case studies and presentations from those companies at the leading edge of this data driven revolution.

  • On the Smart Move: Industry 4.0 in Electronics Production
    Günter Schindler, ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG
  • Using "Manufacturing Analytics" as a Competitive Strategy
    Farid Anani, M.S.E.E., MBA and *Jay Gorajia B.Sc.E.E., MBA, Mentor Graphics
  • Reducing Labor Content as a Strategy to Improve Competitiveness - An Analysis that Addresses the Value of Designing for Automation and an Empirical Analysis That Exploits The Automation Using Meta Process Control
    Tom Borkes, The Jefferson Project and Lawrence Groves, Trans-Tec Yamaha

    L3 4

    Real World SMT Production Problems, Investigations and Solutions

    Chair: Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering Services
    Co-Chair: Greg Wade, Indium Corporation
    Wednesday, September 30 | 10:30am - 11:30am

    FREE to All Attendees!

    Problems occur on a daily basis on an SMT assembly line and it’s often the job of the process engineer to contain them, investigate their root causes and implement solutions. This FREE SESSION presents several case studies of SMT production issues encountered in both CEM and OEM environments, and how they were resolved. Discussions include problem troubleshooting, process improvements, new technology assessments, impacts of material selection, and design considerations.

  • Key Technical Challenges and Process Improvements for an Electronics Manufacturing Provider
    *Robert Farrell, Bruce Tostevin, Rick Wyman, and Paymon Adl-zarabi, Benchmark Electronics, Inc.
  • Influence of PCB Surface Features on BGA Assembly Yield
    Satyajit Walwadkar, Todd Harris, Bite Zhou and Alan Mcallister, Intel Corporation

    L3 5

    Product Life Cycle

    Chair: Roy Starks, LogiSync LLC
    Co-Chair: Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D., Specialty Coating Systems, Inc.
    Wednesday, September 30 | 2:00pm - 3:00pm

    FREE to All Attendees!

    This session examines two key topics that can give your next project a competitive edge. Learn how to manage the entire life cycle of a product development project using the Agile Scrum methodology, including software and hardware through to manufacturing. Understand the benefits and the value of Unit Level Traceability throughout the supply chain, logistics and your customer's operations.

  • Agile Scrum Methods for Cross Functional Product Development
    Scott Gleason, Plexus Engineering Solutions
  • Are You Leveraging Unit Level Traceability Fully?
    James Trego and Kirk Griffin, Trego Integrated Systems

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