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Power and High Temperature Electronics

Power and High Temperature Electronics Manufacturing Experience

September 30 and October 1, 2014
In the Exhibit Hall
Free to Attend!

Many organizations have successfully produced products for the high temperature and harsh environment markets for many years but there is little information on the practical issues in the public domain. The “High Temperature Experience” aims to help engineers understand what is involved, what are the new materials and challenges plus the nuts and bolts assembly issues.

High Temp Electronics

SMTA International 2014 will be hosting the first feature area dedicated to Power Electronics and High Temperature. "SMTA International is a perfect pairing for this Experience because of the focused symposium dealing with Harsh Environments. For many engineers, this will be their first chance to find out about next generation materials, processes, reliability and all the equipment that makes it possible," explained Bob Willis, SMTA Feature Organizer. "It's a great opportunity to be part of a special Experience focusing on a growing market place pushing products to stand up to 200°C+ operating environment. Additionally, we want to showcase what people are doing today."

High Temperature Assembly and Soldering Seminars FREE at SMTA International

30th September & 1st October

FREE to All Attendees!

Seminars will be held on the show floor in the High Temperature Electronics feature area. Each presentation will be 15-20min in duration. A copy of each of the presentations will be available when visiting the feature area as well as the two new reports produced by NPL on the use of high temperature alloys for conventional board assembly and the die attach.

Tuesday September 30th

11.00am Pb-Free Alternatives for High Temperature Soldering - Indium Corporation
1.30pm Solving the High Temperature Interconnect Challenge - NPL
2.30pm Low Temperature Sintering Silver Paste Using MO Technology – NAMICS Corporation
3.30pm Selective Soldering, Laser & Robotic Iron Soldering with High Temperature Alloys – NPL

Wednesday October 1st

10.00am Manual Soldering/De-soldering with Sn/Ag,Sn/Cu, HMP and SnSb solder alloys - NPL
11.00am Soldering & Cleaning Materials for High Operating Temperature Applications – Inventec
12.00noon Challenges of Power and High Temperature Electronics for Connecting Technologies – Seho Systems
1.30pm High Temperature Process and Failure Analysis – Universal Instruments
2.30pm Cleaning Flux Residue from High Temperature Soldered Assemblies – Kyzen
3.30pm Process Failures in High Temperature Assembly - NPL

Free Reports from NPL

Two FREE Reports from National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

The latest reports from NPL on high temperature materials will be made available during the live event at SMTA International and will also be provided to webinar attendees. The two reports "High Temperature Solder Replacement to Meet RoHS" & "Practical Guide to Soldering PCBs with High Temperature Solder Alloys" cover some of the work undertaken by the engineers at NPL.

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Special thanks to our corporate partners:
AIM Solder     Indium Corporation     Inventec     Japan UNIX     Japan UNIX     Kurtz Ersa     Kyzen Corporation             Petroferm         STI Electronics        

Call for Supplier Company Participation

Companies that we would like to get involved in the Experience:

  • Solder suppliers
  • Sintered silvers/Liquid phase materials
  • PCB laminate suppliers
  • PCB manufactures
  • Metal backed substrates
  • Selective soldering, vapor phase soldering, laser and robotic iron soldering
  • Manual soldering iron and de-soldering tools
  • Cleaning suppliers
  • Component suppliers
  • Component distributors
  • Conformal coating suppliers
  • Inspection equipment
  • Reliability software and design tools
  • Failure analysis laboratories
  • Research organizations
  • What Your Company Gets For Participating

    Your company name and logo will reach thousands as it will be featured in all promotional materials, during an informational webinar on Sept 10, and during the show in the Experience area with presentations, demos, and video interviews. The Experience will have full press coverage and dedicated promotion from our selected media partner.

    What's the Cost and How Do I Sign Up?

    The cost to each partner exhibiting at SMTA International is $500. If you are not exhibiting at the show the cost is $1000. To sign up, fill out this form and send it to Emmy Ross at (952) 920-7682 or

    High Temp Electronics
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    SMTA - NPL Solder Paste and Solder Joint Automatic Inspection Experience

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