Testimonials from SMTA Members

Steve Greathouse speaks about SMTA

I have found that the SMTA network is filled with passionate industry experts concerned with my success. The membership training and knowledge base benefits have been essential in the continued growth of our team.

Matt Tringhese
Manufacturing Manager, Libra Industries, Inc.

SMTA provides a critical link for my students to be able to meet people, network for jobs, and find employment.

Scott Anson, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Professor, LeTourneau University

The technical sessions, the training, the speakers... [at local chapter meetings] is priceless.

Rod Howell
CEO, Libra Industries

From the contacts I've made here... instead of waiting two weeks to get things done, in a day I have that answer.

Dave Hillman
Principal Engineer, Collins Aerospace

Being a member of the SMTA is not just a form of job security, but it is "career security." As a member, you take the friendships, network, and resources of the SMTA with you wherever you go. The SMTA is a family. A family works to help each other out. That's what families do.

Steve Greathouse
Sr Staff Microelectronics Engineer, Plexus

By networking and having that connection, you can learn something today that you might never learn online.

Bill Cardoso, Ph.D.
President, Creative Electron, Inc.

This is an outstanding professional organization. My involvement has brought our design center a wealth of information and expert input. SMTA draws a tremendous depth and breadth of experts from around the world.

Dwight Howard
Product Development Manager, APTIV, Formerly Delphi Automotive, LLC

These are the kind of people that I want to network with, that I want to learn from.

Eileen Hibbler
Account Executive, EAP Florida

SMTA provides a wonderful opportunity to collaborate and share our requirements at a system level and to help support and fuel the rest of the supply chain.

Matt Kelly, P.Eng, MBA
Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Corporation

SMTA is my number one source for technical information.

Irene Sterian, P.E.
Manager, Celestica Inc.

The SMTA is the foundation of my business!

Ed Knutson
President, Dimation Inc.

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