Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium

Symposium Program Agenda

The technical program is finalized.

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Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium 2018 Schedule

Confirmed speakers and paper titles:

  • Rao Tummala
    Glass Fan Out (GFO) as Next Generation of Wafer and Panel Embedding and Fanout for Digital RF Power and 5G applications
  • Osamu Suzuki-san
    The Latest Material Technologies for System in Package
  • Ivo Rendina
    Applications of Nanotechnologies to Biomedicine
  • Bill Bader
    iNEMI Roadmap
  • John Cooper
    Reliability Engineering Techniques for Consumer Products
  • PJ Singh
    A Flowers of Sulfur Corrosion Chamber for Testing Electronic Hardware
  • Dwight Howard
    Enhanced Driver Safety with Advanced Vision Systems
  • Dock Brown
    Validated Physics of Failure Approaches for Automotive Reliability Assurance
  • Guang Ren
    Micro-alloyed Sn-Zn-Bi as A Novel Alternative Lead-free Solder Paste
  • Xiao He
    Comprehensive Study of Various Short Failures on Printed Circuited Board
  • Keith Bryant
    Advances in Computer Tomography (3D) for Demanding Electronics Applications
  • Janet Semmens
    Recent Applications of Fourier Domain Imaging of Microelectronic Devices
  • Dock Brown
    Oxygen Vacancy Migration in MLCCs
  • Stephanie Choquette
    Update on Cu-Ni/Sn Alloy Composite Solder Paste for Harsh Environments
  • Amir Nourani
    Effect of Constraint on the Critical Strain Energy Release Rate of Solder Joints: Stress Distribution and Plastic Deformation
  • David Vicari
    Smarter-SI - Smart Access to Manufacturing for Systems Integration
  • Christian Ohde
    Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging as Solution for the Challenges of the Packaging Industry
  • Verena Hein
    Management of Complexity in Research and Development Work
  • Randy Temple
    Place-N-Bond Flex Applications
  • Dag Andersson
    Smarter-SI - Smart Access to Manufacturing for Systems Integration
  • Simone McElrea
    Making SiPs More Reliable Using Plasma-Based Nanocoating for Solder Joint Top Coat
  • Sammy Shina
    The Development of Test Methodologies for Determining the formulations and mechanical properties of Lead Free Nano Solder
  • Livao An
    Controlling Electric Power in Local Joule Heating to Reduce Contact Resistance of Carbon Nanotubes
  • Verena Hein
    Process Geometry and Stack Related Reliability of Thick AlCu-Metal-Tracks
  • Thomas Truman
    Robotic Soldering of Lead Free Alloys
  • Ron Lasky
    Using Cpk and Cpk Confidence Intervals to Evaluate Stencil Printing
  • Jack Zhao
    Uniformity Consideration in Capacitively Coupled Plasma
  • Katsuhisa Tanabe-san
    Deposit Properties of New Electroless Au/Pd/Au process for Fine Line Application
  • Jae-ho Lee
    Etching Behaviors of Galvanic Coupled Metals in PCB Applications
  • Iver Anderson
    Pb-Free Solders and Other Joining Materials for Potential Replacement of High-Pb Hierarchical Solders
  • Kyung Paik
    A Study on the Novel Anchoring Polymer Layer(APL)
  • Rayo Aspandiar
    iNEMI Project on Process Development of BiSn-Based Low Temperature Solder Pastes Part II
  • Mark McMeen
    Cleanliness Testing for Process Acceptability
  • Mike Bixenman
    Ion Chromatography Component Specific Cleanliness Testing for Process Acceptability
  • Phil Isaacs
    Evaluation of No-Clean Flux Residues Remaining after Secondary Operations
  • Stave Stach
    Problems with R.O.S.E. Testing using Today's Fluxes