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August 2018

August 9

Mexico - Guadalajara Chapter: REGISTRO! SMTA Tijuana Foro Tecnico y Expo  +

Real Inn Tijuana, Paseo de los Héroes 9902, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana.

Acompañanos a este gran evento, la entrada es gratuita, solo es necesario registrarse en la siguiente liga y tendras acceso a conferencias de alto nivel y a la zona de expo en donde encontraras a los proveedores mas importantes de la Industria Electronica.

Join us for this great event, the admission is free, you only need to register in the following link and you will have access to high level conferences and the expo area where you will find the most important suppliers of the Electronics Industry.

Tarifa convenio con el hotel Real Inn Tijuana:
Habitacion Tarifa Convenio (MXN)
Hab. de Lujo $1450
Hab. Sencilla con Desayuno Buffet $1610
Hab. Doble con Desayuno Buffet $1770
Hab. Ejecutiva $2000

Referencia: SMTA
Habitaciones sujetas a espacio y disponibilidad
Tarifa no incluye impuestos
Internet incluido

Si estas interesado en reservar una mesa para la zona de expo favor de contactar a:
If you are interested on a table top, please contact:
Jaime Arreola
+52 1 (33) 3157 0636
Secretary SMTA Guadalajara

August 14 - 15

South East Asia Technical Training Conference on Electronics Assembly Technologies 2018 (Rescheduled Dates)  +

Eastin Hotel Penang
Penang Malaysia

The South East Asia Technical Conference on Electronics Assembly is a highly technical event that is focused on today's most important and timely issues. The drive for smaller, more functional consumer electronics along with the need for highly reliable electronics applications have kept the material, process and quality engineers busy planning for the future. These drive the many challenges that our industry faces today. We encourage our colleagues in Malaysia to come together to share their knowledge and their vision for addressing these challenges.

The conference is "claimable from HRDF under SBL scheme."


View the Technical Program Here!


Keynote Speaker

Recent Advances in Flip Chip, WLCSP, and FOWLP

John H. LauWednesday, August 15th
John H. Lau, Ph.D., ASM Pacific Technology

Recent advances in (1) flip chip such as wafer bumping, package substrate, assembly, and underfill, (2) fan-in WLCSP (wafer-level chip scale package) such as relaxation layer and under-bump metallurgy (UBM)-free WLCSP, and (3) FOWLP (fan-out wafer-level packaging) such as chip-first with die face-down, chip-first with die face-up, and chip-last or redistribution layer (RDL)-first will be presented in this study. Emphasis is placed on the latest developments of these technologies in the past few years. Their future trends will also be discussed.


Professional Development Courses


Flip Chip, WLCSP, and FOWLP Assembly and Reliability
Tuesday, August 14
John Lau, Ph.D. Sr. Technical Advisor, ASM

The major trend in the electronic industry today is to make products such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, internet of things, etc. more personal by making them smarter, lighter, smaller, thinner, shorter, and faster, while at the same time making them more friendly, functional, powerful, reliable, robust, innovative, creative, and less expensive. As the trend towards miniature and compact products continues, the introduction of cool products that are more user-friendly and contain a wider variety of functions will provide growth in the market. Some of the key technologies that are helping to make these cool product design goals possible are flip chip, WLCSP (wafer-level chip scale package), and FOWLP (fan-out wafer-level packaging). Their PCB (printed circuit board) assembly and solder joint reliability will be presented and discussed in this lecture.


Understanding Parameters Affecting Barrel Fill in Wave Soldering Process
Wednesday, August 15
AF Ng, Consultant, Techment Consultancy Sdn Bhd


Conventional Wave Soldering has been employed for soldering of boards since long time ago. The related manufacturing personnel are well aware of common encumbering defects happen erratically with this process. Some of these defects encountered daily are bridging, solder skips, solder voids and insufficient barrel fill or hole-fill. Many of us would agree that we are still facing challenges on one of the common defects – poor barrel fill. The problem is confounded with currently High density/Multilayer thick PCB and applying Lead-free soldering. It is important for the Engineering personnel to understand the root causes of the defect, as it can be contributed by factors from board design, material procurement to equipment setting and maintenance. With these numerous factors implicating, the engineers involved must be equipped with sufficient knowledge on soldering fundamentals, laminate composition, thermal demands, design geometry, wetting mechanism during wave contact and equipment maintenance. Commonly, many engineers just adopt recommendations based on DOE results and hoping to get consistent good barrel fill, but mostly to their disappointment due to erratic parameter shift. Many engineers approach the problem by tweaking process parameters on fluxing, preheating, solder pot temperature, wave height adjustment and others, it merely be just a containment and not able to achieve consistent good barrel fill. We need a practical approach in tackling this vexing problem. To do that, one needs to know the fundamentals of wettability involving molten solder. The molten solder wicks up the barrel depend critically on the surface tensions of molten solder in relation to the solder interface with component terminals and copper plated holes. Upon discovering of the root causes, then, appropriate engineering solutions are to be implemented, be it equipment upgrade, board re-design, process adjustment or material changes. The course aims to provide a concise description of these factors through simplified notes, shared experiences and interaction in class.


Why Should You Attend:

  • There will be adequate time to have our industry experts respond to your questions
  • Networking time will allow you to continue discussions following the presentations
  • This is one of the best ways to enhance your knowledge and your company's profitability
  • Extensive participation from experts from around the world provides for a comprehensive educational experience
  • The SMTA reputation ensures high quality technical information that can be put to use immediately


August 15

San Diego Chapter: 08-15-18 Material Management 4.0  +

NEOTech, 237 Via Vera Cruz, San Marcos, CA 92078 (760) 737-6777

Bill CardosoCEOCreative Electron

Over the past years the electronic assembly industry has focused on the development of Industry 4.0, a standard communication protocol that allows production equipment to dialogue. This communication protocol will be a key enabler to improve the quality and efficiency of the production line. This is achieved by creating a feedback loop between inspection and production – thus allowing problems to be identified and corrected as early as possible in the manufacturing line. As a result, the overall cost of manufacturing is reduced as yield rates increase.

Despite the great progress in the development of the integrated production line, a critical part of the manufacturing chain remains offline. Inventory rooms around the world still must operate with a far reduced level of sophisticated. It is not uncommon to find thousands of reels densely packed in hundreds of linear feet of shelving space. The simple exercise of counting back reels as they come back from the production floor is not standard practice. And even when they are counted, the count is often made by hand. The lack of focus on the automation of our inventory rooms leads to an increasing loss of productivity due to line stoppages. When associated with the recent increase in lead times for electronic components, line stoppage has become a crippling problem that makes inventory accuracy a necessity.

In this presentation, we’ll see that material management is more than a set communication protocols between machines that count electronic parts and the machines that store them. From x-ray parts counters to fully automated and intelligent storage towers, material management 4.0 embraces the overall infrastructure that needs to be in place to realize an accurate, fast, and efficient methodology for inventory control. This investment is critical to realize the benefits unleashed by Industry 4.0.

Bill Cardoso started his first company in Brazil at age 17 and sold it a few years later when invited by the US Department of Energy to work at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory to do nuclear and high energy physics research. As the Department Head for Systems Engineering, after a 10-year long career at Fermilab, Bill moved from Chicago to sunny California to start CreBill Cardosoative Electron. True to the American Dream, Creative Electron quickly grew from Bill's garage to the largest US manufacturer of x-ray machines for the electronics industry (no longer in his garage). At Creative Electron Bill leads the team of engineers who design and manufacture x-ray systems that are shipped worldwide. Starting with an associate’s degree at age 13, Bill has a BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering and an MBA from The University of Chicago. Bill, past President and current Chair of Publicity for the SMTA San Diego Chapter, is a member of the technical committees for SMTA International, SMTA Counterfeit Conference,  SMTA LED Conference, Components for Military and Space Electronics Conference, SPIE Photonics, and the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium. He is an IEEE Senior member and the author of over 150 technical publications, author of 2 books, owner of a few patents, and a frequent speaker at technical conferences.

RSVP by: 08/14/18,
Members Free, Non-Members $5 (Cash or Check)
Registration: 5:30PM
Dinner: 5:45PM-6:45PM
Presentation: 6:45PM
NEOtech Facility Tour: 7:30PM
NEOTech, 237 Via Vera Cruz, San Marcos, CA 92078 (760) 737-6777

August 20

Webinar: PCB Design, Fabrication and Use from an End User's Perspective  +

August 20 @ 2:30pm - 4:00pm GMT (9:30am - 11:00am US Eastern Time)

Charles Cawthorne, MBDA Systems
Ian Fox, Rolls Royce


Printed Circuit Bare Boards form the fundamental and crucial basis for most Circuit Card Assemblies. However, with the advanced electronics components that are available today, PCBs have to be complex to provide the interconnect for these component types. Given this background, what is the best approach to acquire PCBs that will work and will provide long term reliability?

This webinar, which follows on from the "Guide to Printed Circuit Board Manufacture" from March 2017, gives a more advanced insight into the Design, Test, Qualification, Inspection and Handling of PCBs from a purely high reliability end users perspective. The webinar is aimed at design/manufacturing/process engineers, technicians and trainers.

Topics include:

Definition of PCB Materials
Surface Mount Design Rules
PTH Design
Micro-via Design
Via Planarisation and Via Protection
Controlled Impedance
Surface Finishes
PCB Test
PCB Qualification
Incoming Inspection and Quality Standards
Handling of PCBs from a Drying Perspective

The webinar will run for between 60-90min with question and answer session. The webinars are limited to 100 delegates/companies. A copy of each of the slides presented will be provided after the webinar

All webinar times shown are UK time – to check your local time in your countries click here

August 20 - 22

SMT Processes Certification (PRIDE Industries)  +

PRIDE Industries Foundation
Roseville , CA

Held at PRIDE Industries Foundation

10030 Foothills Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747

  • August 20 Course (8:30-5pm)
  • August 21 ½ day of course + exam
  • August 22 All day exam (8:30-5pm)
  • Instruction: English
  • Test: English

Instructor: Jim Hall, ITM Consulting

Reduced In-House Rate: $915 for members or $970 for non-members.

Each SMTA Certification program is a three-day offering consisting of a 1.5-day refresher workshop on topics in SMT Processes or Six Sigma Green Belt. The program concludes on days two and three with an open and closed book examination. This is not an entry-level program. Basic algebra will be used in the workshop and examination. This challenging examination requires both written answers and calculations with the intent to enable the attendee to establish competitive credentials as "Certified" by the SMTA in SMT Processes.

Why You Should Participate
Technologies change at the speed of light, and competition and expectations are forever increasing. This comprehensive program will provide the refresher course, study materials and examination allowing you to be recognized as an SMTA Certified Process or Six Sigma Green Belt Engineer.

  • Enhance your stature in our industry
  • Increase marketing value for your company
  • Obtain proof of your knowledge and experience
  • The SMTA Certification program is unique, as it recognizes and certifies the entire SMT assembly process at an engineering level.

August 27 - 30

SMTA China South Technology and Vendor Conferences 2018   +

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Shenzhen China

SMTA China South
27-30 August 2018
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, PR China

The SMTA China cordially invites you to participate in SMTA China South Conference located in Shenzhen 2018. This event, held in conjunction with NEPCON China 2018, will as usual address the industry's most pressing issues in electronics assembly/ manufacturing, industry/technology roadmap, business focus, advanced packaging, practical skill development, emerging technologies, and lead-free & reliability.

August 28

Wisconsin Chapter: Wisconsin Chapter - Golf Scramble  +

Brown Deer Golf Course: 7625 N Range Line Rd, Glendale, WI 53209

Please RSVP before making Payment!
Click HERE to RSVP Now!!

  • Tuesday August 28, 2018 at 8:00 am

  • Brown Deer Golf Course: 7625 N Range Line Rd, Glendale, WI 53209
  • Description: “Brown Deer Golf Course is a classically designed 18 hole facility with bent grass fairways, tees and greens that has hosted an annual PGA tour event,  USGA national championships and now hosts an LPGA Symetra Tour event, the PHC Classic.  You can always expect the course conditions to reflect those high standards.  The golf courses unique and individual holes are carved out masterfully with a river running throughout the entire course. The course was originally designed by George Hansen and founded in 1929 and was partially redesigned by Andy North and Roger Packard. Brown Deer is truly a must play for any golf lover!
  • $40 SMTA Members and $60 for non-SMTA Members
  • Scramble: Teams of 4. Each players drive will need to be used at least once. Any threesomes will have option for 1 player to tee off twice. 2 putt maximum to keep up rate of play.
  • First Place prize
  • 1 Mens and 1 Womens longest drive, closest to the pin, and one longest put.
  • 72 Spots available: Please confirm through Josh Casper ( or Jana Esselman ( if you have a team and you would like to play together. All other teams will be put together by SMTA Staff.

Food and Drink:
  • Each player will be provided with 2 complimentary drink tickets.
  • Coffee and Donuts provided upon arrival.
  • Complimentary Lunch following the Scramble-Vendor Sponsorships:

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