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April 2018

April 4    April 4, 2018  SMTA Space Coast Chapter Technical Meeting   
April 5    Ontario SMTA Chapter Meeting - Diversified Electronics   
April 5    SMTA Infosession at Nexus Technology: iPhone Teardown   
April 10    Dallas Expo & Tech Forum  
April 10    Dallas Expo and Tech Forumn - April 10   
April 10    Introduction of a New SMT Miniaturization Test Vehicle   
April 10 - 12    SMT Processes Certification (Ducommun In-House)  
April 11    NYS SMTA Student Chapter Showdown!   
April 11    Re-scheduled SMTA Heartland: The Incredible Shrinking World Of Electronics – Are Traditional DFM, DFR, DFF, … Methods Obsolete?   
April 12    Houston Expo & Tech Forum  
April 17    April 2018 Meeting An Evolution of Lead Free Solder Alloys   
April 18    04-18-18 Solder Joint Reliability and Joint Reinforced Solder Paste   
April 18 & 19    SMTA Webtorial: Stencil Printing Process and Solder Paste Inspection – An In-Depth Look   
April 18    Atlanta 22nd Annual Expo  
April 19    Introduction to Statistics, DOE and SPC for Lean Six Sigma Meeting with Dr. Lasky   
April 23 - 26    SMTA China East Technology and Vendor Conferences 2018   
April 24 - 26    Electronics in Harsh Environments Conference  
April 24    April 24th: SMTA Upper Midwest Chapter hosts “You Drive, We Buy” Dual Business Tour   
April 24 - 26    Electronics in Harsh Environments Expo  
April 24    Empire Expo & Tech Forum  
April 26    Design for Test and Spectrum Analysis   
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