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March 2018

March 6

Massachusetts (Boston) Chapter: Developing Realistic, Non-Destructive Alternatives for Quality Assurance and Counterfeit Detection Testing of Microelectronic Components  +

Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center; 242 Adams Place; Boxborough, MA 01719

Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Time: 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM EST
Location: Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center
242 Adams Place
Boxborough, MA 01719
Cost: See registration link below - SMTA members pay member price

Presentation:  Existing measures to assure the quality and authenticity of  microelectronic hardware components are predominately destructive involving bulk package removal and invasive mechanical testing by manufacturers and consumers prior to integration or after failure.  So, tested circuits cannot be both assured and integrated as the process renders them useless. Plus, destructive tests are expensive, requiring specialized apparatus, significant time, trained users, and subject matter experts to interpret results.Our Speaker presents a non-destructive alternative involving data acquisition by 3-D X-ray tomography, file size reduction/conversion to a CAD-editable geometry, and finite element analysis.

Speaker BIO:  Joe Favata is a Ph.D. Candidate and Manager of the REFINE Laboratory at the University of Connecticut. His research pertains to multi-modality, cross-correlative microscopy and finite element modeling on the micro- and nano-scales. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Physics at Manhattan College, earning a B.S. in 2016 and, in 2017, his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UConn.

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SMTA Event Contact:  Mike Jansen - 978-987-3716

Event Registration Contact:
Matt Bracy of iMAPS-New England

March 6

Free Pre-Conference Webinar: Electronics in Harsh Environments  +

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 @ 2:30 PM GMT (9:30 AM US Eastern Time)

Presenter: Keith Bryant, SMTA Europe

The Electronics in Harsh Environments Conference, 24-26 April in Amsterdam, Netherlands, will focus on building reliable electronics used in power electronics and harsh environments. In advance of this event we are holding a webinar to give engineers a preview of the topics and presentation content you can expect to see at the conference.

For full information on the conference and speakers go to

Thermal, power and signal integrity requirements can present challenges when on devices that operate within harsh environments. Component integration, paired with a growing complexity of the package architectures, larger form factors and higher interconnection densities increase the risk of in-field failures. Over powering or over heating of a device can have serious consequences including internal package failure, down-stream device errors and second level interconnect solder joint failures. Soldering residues are more problematic, and if not understood, can result in both intermittent and complete device failure.

This conference tackles the challenges and best practices for building reliable electronic devices that will perform to design standards when used in harsh environments. Specific topics include building reliable high density assemblies, power electronics, electric hybrids, product assembly challenges, cleaning, coating, process control, and monitoring and tracking production hardware. Challenging areas such as high temperature soldering, solder material advances, and new standards will be presented.

The webinar will run for approximately 60min with question and answer session. Space is limited to the first 100 delegates/companies so reserve your place now! A copy of each of the slides presented will be provided after the webinar.

March 7

SMTA Webinar: Solder Paste Qualification Testing  +

March 7, 2018
1:00pm-2:30pm Eastern
Presented by:
Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering Services
Doug Dixon, Henkel Electronic Materials

Complimentary Webinar for Members!

Is it time to upgrade your solder paste?

Many SMT operations struggle with “process issues” that are actually solder paste-related, and have been resolved in newer generations of the materials.  Nagging defects like tombstones, solder balls, excessive voids and Head-In-Pillow can often be mitigated with a change of solder paste.  Newer formulations print better, wet better, endure hot reflow cycles better, and void less than older ones.

In the world of solder pastes, one size does not fit all, which is why there are so many variants to choose from.  The myriad of options can be overwhelming, and matching the right product to any given operation can be confusing, time consuming and costly:

  • Solder paste has many conflicting properties – one that prints well may not pin test well, or one that minimizes voiding may reflow well, and tradeoffs must be considered
  • Developing test methods takes a great deal of engineering time and experience
  • Executing the tests requires engineering and production line time
  • Production boards are expensive test vehicles and may not test every property
  • Laboratory test boards often require a lot of manual setup and may not test every property, requiring multiple boards, setups and test runs

When a small EMS provider determined it was time to update the SMT process chemistry, they needed to develop a test program that they could execute efficiently while keeping production running and costs under control.  When a solder paste provider wanted to commercialize their laboratory test board and needed a beta site, a working partnership was formed.  The cooperative effort produced a consolidated test plan that gauges key solder paste properties, requires less than one shift of line time per product evaluated, and is available as a customizable, off-the-shelf kit.

This FREE 90-minute webinar reviews the initial test plan, data collection and analysis processes, and presents the results of the original study.  It discusses some of the issues encountered during test development and their resolutions or workarounds. It then interprets the findings using a scorecard method that helps the user weigh the importance of individual solder paste performance characteristics to their operation.

The webinar then details the process of turning the laboratory board that was beta tested into a production line-ready kit, based off the beta builds, including:

  • Updates to the PCB layout to improve sample sizes, embed DOEs and reduce cost
  • Full documentation on the PCB including placement and ODB++ files with included BOM for easy programming
  • An assembly configurator that calculates sample sizes and component costs as the user inputs the number of PCBs they want to print and populate
  • Stencil and PCB support designs
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to execute a test that evaluates 20+ solder paste properties in 30 prints and 4 hours of line time
  • The score card that enables the assembler to customize their selection criteria for their operation, understand the potential tradeoffs, and make a data-driven decision on their next process chemistry

Additional up-to-date information on the kit, such as availability and the status of the statistical reduction methods will also be provided, as the development work continues.

About the Presenters:
Chrys Shea is the President of Shea Engineering Services, a consulting firm that produces technical studies and communications tools for the electronics manufacturing industry. Chrys is a frequent speaker at industry events, and has three times received the SMTAI “Best of Conference” award for her work on solder paste printing. In 2012 she was honored with the SMTA "Member of Technical Distinction" award. Chrys earned her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and her M.S. in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Rhode Island. She is a past president of the Philadelphia SMTA chapter, and sits on numerous IPC and SMTA technical committees. Chrys launched Shea Engineering Services in 2008.

Douglass Dixon is the Marketing Communications Director for Henkel Electronic Materials LLC and is responsible for managing all of the business unit’s global marketing communication activities.  With over 20 years of electronics industry experience, Dixon has a broad skill set that includes engineering, field service, applications, product management and marketing communications expertise.  Since joining Henkel in 2001, Dixon’s role has centered on strategic communications initiatives that have significantly raised the company’s profile within the global electronics market.    During his tenure at Henkel, Dixon has also championed multiple service initiatives on behalf of the company that have made a positive impact on the communities in which Henkel Electronic Materials employees live and work.   Examples include Henkel’s work with Think Together, a California-based organization dedicated to encouraging children to stay in school; and the Tianhua Orphan Education Project, a Chinese charity that provides full educational assistance for orphaned children. Dixon holds an Engineering degree from the University of Utah and, in his current role with Henkel, is based in the company’s Irvine, California facility.  

March 9 - 11

2018 SMTA Chapter Officer's Leadership Forum  +

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Atlanta Downtown
Atlanta , GA

March 9 to 11, 2018: US officers
March 9 to 12, 2018: Student & international officers

SMTA Officer Leadership FORUM 2018

The SMTA invites all Chapter Officers to join your peers at the 12th Chapter Officer's Leadership Forum

You will learn to:
Develop leadership skills, learn from focused breakout sessions, network with your peers and move forward with enthusiasm and confidence as effective leaders in your career, community, and as an SMTA leader.

View Full Agenda Here
View Full Agenda Here

DRESS CODE: The FORUM weekend dress code is casual.



Funding & Sponsorships



The SMTA Officer’s Leadership Forum is free for all officers. The SMTA will cover two hotel rooms for two nights (4 total room nights) for officers from your chapter. International chapters are covered for two rooms for three nights (6 total room nights.) If your chapter requires more than the allotted hotel room nights, those charges will be at your own or your chapter’s expense. Rooms at the hotel are at a negotiated rate of $119 plus taxes and fees ($144.11 inclusive) per night. The hotel will charge your credit card for additional room nights upon check-in. Your credit card will also be charged by the hotel after the program for any incidental charges not covered by the SMTA (for example, gift shop charges or minibar use). Rooms are double occupancy. If you are traveling with another officer and are comfortable sharing a room, please indicate your desire on the registration form or online registration site. Sharing rooms is encouraged by the SMTA to save costs. Unused room allotments are not transferable.

Each officer (chapter) is responsible for his or her travel expenses. We hope that your employers understand the value of the benefits of SMTA membership and will support your trip. If not, Forum expenses are acceptable chapter expense items within the SMTA and Chapter Bylaws. Make all room reservations through Karen Frericks (do not go directly to the hotel) and purchase your travel tickets early. If it is impossible for your company or chapter to fund travel expenses, ask Karen ( or 952.920.7682) about our financing assistance. We want to work with you to ensure that all chapters are represented.



We are looking forward to an outstanding Forum in 2018. Please make attending the Forum happen for other chapter officers, and help us bring this caliber of entertainment and education to everyone.


Chapter Sponsors: $100 - $1000+ (multiple sponsors)
Any amount is welcome! Help officers from international, student, and domestic chapters to attend. Please help us support those chapters whose treasuries are insufficient to send anyone to Atlanta. We want to have 100% representation from all chapters – you can help us make that happen! Contact Karen to find out more about which chapters are in need. You can direct your contribution toward a particular chapter or just donate it wherever it will do the most good.

Facility Tour Sponsor: $1500 (2 sponsorships)
Help us provide buses to take interested officers to Delta Airlines for the TechOps Tour. We have buses from two locations, so we would like sponsorships for both.

Welcome/Networking Reception Sponsorship:

  • $750 (Your chapter name will appear on one round of drink tickets at the event – 2 sponsorships)
  • $350 Photo Booth Props (1 sponsorship)
  • Help us make the Welcome Reception more fun with adult beverages or fun props in the photo booth.

    Skyline Park Sponsors:

  • Transportation Sponsorship $1500 (1 sponsorship)
  • Drink Ticket Sponsorship: $750 (2 sponsorships)
    Your chapter name will appear on one round of drink tickets at the event
  • After a long day of Breakout Meetings, our officers deserve a chance to kick back and have some fun! Please consider a sponsorship to make this a wonderful event.

    All FORUM Sponsors will be introduced at the Welcome Reception, receive verbal recognition and signage recognizing the sponsors during the event to show our appreciation of your chapter’s support of your peers.

    Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by chapters, officers, and the SMTA. Coordinate your sponsorships through the SMTA with Karen. Thank you for your consideration.


    Logistics: Hotel, Travel & Events


    HOTEL MEETING SITE – Reservation Information

    The American Hotel by DoubleTree, Atlanta Downtown
    160 Ted Turner Drive NW
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    Make your hotel reservations through the registration website. Do NOT reserve directly with the DoubleTree!


    TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS – Reservation Information

    If you plan to attend the 2018 Chapter Officer Leadership Forum, SMTA requests that you attend the Welcome Reception Friday, March 9, at 7:00 p.m. and be present at all sessions until Sunday, March 11, at 12:00 noon. Please do not make airline reservations earlier than a 2:00 p.m. departure on Sunday. If you are staying for the International/Student Focused Breakout Sessions on Sunday, you can make your departure arrangements any time after 6:00 p.m. on Sunday or anytime on Monday.

    You can arrange rental cars if you wish, but Atlanta has a city-wide train system called MARTA that will be more budget friendly. Uber or Lyft can also be used for your airport transfers. Your final trip information will include detailed instructions for all those options. SMTA will have bus transfers for all group events.




    Behind the Scenes Delta Airlines TechOps Facility Tour (optional)


    Friday, March 9

    The Atlanta SMTA Chapter is graciously coordinating a behind the scenes tour of Delta TechOps offered to the first 60 people to register. Although Delta TechOps has certified aviation repair stations all around the world, you're going to tour the one located at Delta’s Atlanta Headquarters in the world's busiest airport!

    Delta TechOps is the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) division of Delta Air Lines. With more than 9,600 Technical Operations employees and 51 maintenance stations worldwide, Delta TechOps is a full-service maintenance provider for the more than 750 aircraft that make up the Delta Air Lines fleet. In addition to maintaining the Delta Air Lines fleet, Delta TechOps also provides MRO solutions and support to more than 150 third-party operators around the world, making it the largest airline MRO provider in North America and the third largest worldwide.

    Delta At Delta TechOps, you will tour:

  • Jet engine repair operations
  • Air craft maintenance
  • Engine Testing

SMTA will provide bus transfers to Delta TechOps from the DoubleTree Hotel and from Atlanta Airport.

ONLY those registered and TSA-cleared can attend.


On the Flight Deck Welcome & Networking Reception:

Friday, March 9, 7pm

Get ready to board your flight into SMTA Adventure at this evening’s Welcome & Networking Reception. This evening will feature some time for you to re-connect with old friends and make new ones, along with introductions of the Board of Directors, and SMTA Staff. Come prepared with some success stories you can share with other chapters. Also be sure to get your picture taken in our photo booth area, so future generations can see all the fun that was the Chapter Officer’s Leadership Forum in 2018!


Leadership Workshop

Saturday, March 10

"Flying Through the Surface of the Future!"

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Travis S. Taylor

Most futurists give bleak visions of a future filled with overpopulation, suffering economies, and worse. Many discuss the so-called "Singularity" where humans will no longer be human and will become something different like human minds in robot bodies. Join Dr. Taylor to see a completely different and much brighter vision of the future and for humanity. See how SMT has played a part in shaping that future since the Apollo era and come along for the ride as Dr. Taylor pilots our journey across and through the surface of the future!

Dr. Travis S. Taylor was born in the Rocket City, a.k.a. Huntsville, Al, while his father was working inside the Saturn V rocket that would go to the Moon. He celebrated his 1st birthday as the Apollo 11 astronauts splashed down in the ocean on their return from the first manned lunar mission on July 24, 1969. Inspired by the great space era and his hometown, he embarked on a lifelong endeavor to explore the universe. He earned his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University, and then went on to complete Masters degrees in Physics, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Astronomy. He earned two Ph.D.s, one in Optical Science and Engineering and one in Aerospace Systems Engineering. Dr. Taylor has written two dozen best-selling science fiction novels, two text books, and two popular science books. He has appeared in, starred in, and co-produced several hit television series including “The Universe,” “Life After People,” “Rocket City Rednecks,” “3 Scientists Walk Into a Bar,” and is currently finishing up the first season for a new series on The History Channel.



Breakout Session Topics

SMTA is preparing individualized learning for you on a variety of topics you want to know about with Breakout Sessions throughout the day on Saturday. You will have the opportunity to choose the Breakout Sessions that interest you the most and tailor it to your current position and needs. We will be offering special Breakout Sessions on a "New Officer Track" for first-time officers and a "Professional Development Track" for veterans.



Saturday Evening Activity

Saturday, March 10

Fun & Games at Skyline Park Overlooking Atlanta

Located on top of the Ponce City Market, Skyline Park is a new entertainment space in Atlanta that is like no other! Skyline Park is bringing old-timey fun to the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Perched high above the hustle and bustle of Ponce de Leon Avenue on the top of the magnificently restored Ponce City Market, Skyline Park is a premium destination for good food and great fun. Dinner, drinks, and unlimited games are provided. You’ll delight in carnival amusements and marvel at the breathtaking views of beautiful Atlanta.

Your guests are invited and the cost is $100 (FORUM attendees no charge). Please plan to pay for guest fees upon your arrival at the Friday evening Welcome & Networking Reception. Skyline Park is a short bus ride away from the American Hotel by DoubleTree. SMTA shuttle service will be provided.



"Wheels Up: Wrap Up and Closing" General Sessions and Officer Breakout Meetings

Sunday, March 11

To wrap up all you learned this weekend and to look forward to the future, we have a content-packed General Session for you this morning.

Mid-morning will feature some honest dialogue in one final round of Breakout Sessions. You will have a chance to get together with others in your same officer position to talk about obstacles and to strategize on ways to overcome them.

We will end by 12:00 noon and will serve a boxed lunch before we send you out to reach for the skies on your flights home.



International and Student Officer Focused Breakout Sessions

Sunday, March 11

We would like to extend a special invitation to our international and student officers to attend our FORUM weekend. Because of the unique needs of student and international chapters, we decided to include some special events just for those officers. After all the domestic officers depart, we are planning special one-on-one Focused Breakout Sessions. Come prepared to discuss any pressing issues or concerns you have. At this session, you will be paired with Board Members, SMTA Staff or experienced chapter officers who will work with you, making phone calls, sending emails, whatever it takes to solve your most pressing problems. After a good afternoon’s work, your reward is a special dinner at the Sun Dial Restaurant located just steps away at the top of the Westin Peachtree Plaza. A tri-level complex, The Sun Dial features an upscale restaurant, a cocktail lounge and an observatory level with a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of the magnificent skyline from 723 feet above.

Business casual attire is requested in the evening by the Sun Dial.


Thanks to our current chapter sponsors!

Central Texas Chapter


Dallas Chapter


Empire (NY) Chapter

Intermountain Chapter

Mexico - Guadalajara Chapter

Michigan Chapter

Ohio Valley Chapter

Penang Chapter

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Space Coast Chapter

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West Penn Chapter



Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I arrive and depart in Atlanta?
All officers should arrive in time for our “On the Flight Deck” Welcome Reception on Friday, March 9 at 7:00 p.m. If you plan to attend the optional Facility Tour at Delta Airlines TechOps Facility, you need to be at either the DoubleTree Hotel or Atlanta Airport in time for the bus which departs at 1:15 p.m. from the Hotel and 1:45 p.m. from the Airport.

If you are a domestic officer, the conference ends at 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 11. Please book your return flights no earlier than a 3:00 p.m. departure. If you are a student or international officer, the conference ends after dinner Sunday evening. You can book your return flight for anytime the next morning, March 12.

2. Should I rent a car in Atlanta?
If you plan to do business or sightsee before or after the conference you may choose to rent a vehicle. If not, the MARTA train or an Uber or Lyft transfer to the DoubleTree Hotel may be more economical. Your final trip information will include detailed instructions for navigating the Airport for each of those options.

All our events with the exception of the Delta TechOps Facility Tour and our fun evening out on Saturday to Skyline Park will be held at the DoubleTree Downtown Atlanta Hotel. We will have buses to take you to the offsite events. If you are taking the bus from the Airport to the optional Delta TechOps facility, your bags will be stored on the bus during your tour.

3. 3. Should I reserve a room directly with the American Hotel by DoubleTree?
No. Please register through the link at the top of this page and let us know how many nights you need at the hotel. SMTA HQ will make all reservations at the American Hotel by DoubleTree by means of a rooming list. If you need to pay for your own hotel room nights, that will be noted on the rooming list. The hotel will charge your credit card upon arrival. If your room is paid by SMTA, it will be applied to our Master Account.

4. Can I bring a guest?
Yes. Guests are welcome to attend the “On the Flight Deck” Welcome Reception on March 9 at no charge. If you would like your guest to attend the evening at Skyline Park, the cost is $100 per guest. That amount is payable by check or credit card when you arrive. Guests are not invited to any other activities, but the Atlanta area boasts lots of great activities that they can enjoy.

5. What is my financial responsibility?
SMTA is taking care of all your food and beverage, training, and entertainment for the duration of the program. We are also paying for 2 rooms for 2 nights for domestic chapters and 2 rooms for 3 nights for international and student officers. Sharing a room with another officer is encouraged to save costs. If your chapter requires additional rooms or room nights, those will be charged to your credit card upon arrival. Our contracted room rate is $119 plus taxes and fees per night ($144.11 inclusive). We also ask that you pay for your own travel arrangements to get to Atlanta.

Your first option to obtain reimbursement for your expenses should be your employer. You will receive excellent training that will not only make you a better SMTA officer – it will make you a better employee as well. If reimbursement from your company is not possible, then you should obtain reimbursement from your chapter treasury. Please be sure to consult with your President and Treasurer to decide how many people you can send and how much you can be reimbursed for. If neither option is possible, please contact Karen Frericks at SMTA HQ. We will try to obtain sponsorship assistance from other chapters. We want to make sure all chapters are able to send at least one representative.

6. What are our sponsorship opportunities?
Please see the section on this page for some suggested sponsorship donations, but any amount, directed toward any aspect of the Forum is appreciated.


March 14

San Diego Chapter: 03-14-18 “Humidification Equipment Technology– How these systems improve process control and your bottom line profitability  +

Creative Electron 201 Trade St. San Marcos, CA 92078

Presentation: New advances in humidification technology offer more than just ESD control, current systems improve process control and increase energy savings which directly impacts your company’s bottom line profitability. These systems are designed to provide industry recognized ideal RH levels with tightly controlled variances while helping to minimize ESD, brittle material, dimensional stability, and desoldering issues. An additional benefit that current humidification systems provide is free evaporative cooling which reduces the load on facility HVAC systems thereby significantly lowering utility costs and improving your bottom line profitability.

Speaker: Richard (Ryk) Williams Business Development Manager – Aerospace, Defense & Electronics at Nortec
Richard Williams is currently the Business Development Manager for Nortec and works with companies across the Electronics manufacturing industry as well as those in Aerospace and Defense that focus on Electronics manufacturing.

RSVP Link:

Registration: 5:30PM
Dinner: at 5:45PM
Presentation: 6:45PM
Free to Members and Non Members
Location: Creative Electron 201 Trade St. San Marcos, CA 92078

March 14 & 15

SMTA Webtorial: Role of Bi in Lead-free Electronics - All You Need to Know   +

Two (2) 90 minute Sessions
March 14 and 15, 2018
1:00pm to 2:30pm Eastern
Dr. Jennie S. Hwang Presented by: Dr. Jennie S. Hwang, H-Technologies Group

Bismuth (Bi), which is introduced either through the supply chain or by design, is becoming an inevitable element in lead-free electronic products. With the deliberation of all relevant parameters, theoretical and practical, Bi plays a “potent” role in electronic solder systems, which impact the performance and reliability of electronic package and assembly including solder joint performance, tin whisker mitigation, among others. The proper use of Bi can profoundly benefit the performance and reliability, and the improper use could degrade the performance and reliability. An adequate understanding of the property parameters of Bi is critical to product reliability. This webtorial will discuss the relevant aspects of Bi to help dispel misconceptions and to demonstrate performance criteria related to Bi. The webtorial will also highlight the distinction between Sn-based-Bi-containing alloys and Bi-based alloys. The goal is to help achieve the desired level of performance and product reliability. Your questions and issues for solutions and discussions are welcome.

Main Topics for Part 1:

  • Your issues & concerns related to Bi
  • Bi - characteristics, resources, safety data
  • Bi effects in 63Sn37Pb solder joint
         Physical properties
         Mechanical behavior
  • Effects of Bi from component coating and PCB surface finish
         Dissolving into solder joint
         Estimation of concentration of Bi in solder joint
         Effect of compositional change
  • Bi effects in SAC solder joint (SnAgCuBi)
         Compositional change
         Stress vs. strain
         Fatigue behavior
  • Bi effects in other Pb-free alloys (SnCu, SnAg, SnAgIn)
         Stress vs. strain
         Fatigue performance


Main Topics for Part 2:

  • Historically established Bi-containing electronic solder alloys
  • Bi-containing Pb-free solder alloys
         Melting temperature range
         Compositional control level
         Physical, mechanical properties
         BGA thermal fatigue performance
  • Distincion between Sn-based-Bi-containing alloys and Bi-based alloys
  • Case study - PCB through-hole fillet-lifting vs. Bi
  • Low temperature BiPbSn phase
         Presence or absence
         Detectable or non-detectable effects
         General guidelines
  • Design limit in Pb-free solder joints vs. solder joint reliability
  • Concluding points


Who Should Attend:
The webtorial provides a working knowledge to all who are involved with or interested in solder joint reliability and system integrity with and without the presence of Bi and related issues in electronic packages and assemblies including designers, engineers, researchers, managers and business decision makers; also is designed for those who desire the broad-based information on the subject.


About the Instructor
Dr. Hwang, a pioneer and a major contributor to the implementation of Surface Mount manufacturing since its inception as well as to lead-free electronics, brings to the webinar her 35+ years experience in hands-on production and as an advisor to OEMs, EMS and Defense programs. She has provided solutions to many challenging problems - from production yield to field failure diagnosis to high reliability issues. Among many honors/awards are the U.S. Congressional certificate of Recognition and Achievement, induction into WITI International Hall of Fame, named “R&D Star-to-Watch” by Industry Week, YWCA Women of Achievement Award; induction into the National Academy of Engineering. She is the author of 500+ publications and several ground-breaking books on SMT manufacturing and lead-free technology and manufacturing, and is an invited speaker in numerous international and national events. Additionally, she has served on the Board of NYSE Fortune 500 companies, and on various civic, government and university boards and committees. She chairs the Board of the Assessment of Army Research Laboratory of DoD, of the National Institute of Standard and Technologies, and has been an advisor and a reviewer of government programs (DoD, NASA, NIST, etc.) and various publications. She also serves on the National Manufacturing and Materials Board, National Laboratory Assessment Board, and Board of Army Science & Technology. Her formal education includes Harvard Business School Executive Program and four academic degrees (Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science, M.S. in Physical Chemistry, M.S. in Liquid Crystal Science, B.S. in Chemistry). She has held senior executive positions with Lockheed Martin Corp., SCM Corp, Sherwin Williams Co, and International Electronic Materials Corp. She is president of H-Technologies Group and is also an invited distinguished adj. Professor of Engineering School of Case Western Reserve University, and serves on the University’s Board of Trustees.

March 15

Great Lakes (Chicago) Chapter: Chapter Meeting: Low Pressure Molding Solutions  +

Low Pressure Molding Solutions, 1441 Branding Lane, Suite 110, Downers Grove, IL 60515

SMTA Great Lakes Chapter Meeting
Thursday March 15th, 2018
Location: Low Pressure Molding Solutions
  1441 Branding Lane, Suite 110
  Downers Grove, IL 60515
“Low Pressure Molding of Printed Circuits using hot melt thermoplastic adhesives and structural resins;  Materials, Equipment, Tooling Design.”
By Michael J. Pierce, Polymer Chemist and Vice President of Engineering for LPMS USA
The advancement and momentum around Low Pressure Molding sealing and encapsulation of electronics and cable assemblies continues at a frenzied pace whether in consumer, industrial, automotive, medical or aerospace applications.  Understanding the advancements and limitations of the technology along with the evolving needs of the end user remains a challenge despite the success of the past two decades.  This session introduces the Low Pressure Molding Process in electronics manufacturing including:
  1. Designing tooling for Low Pressure Molding
  2. Materials selection and chemistries including why one would be preferred to another
  3. Equipment choices and advancements
  4. Process capabilities and constraints
  5. Specific examples will include sensors, battery, wire harnessing, lighting and medical devices.
About the Speaker:
Michael serves as Vice President of Engineering and materials chemist for LPMS USA, a technology company specializing in equipment and tooling design for hot melt masking, dispense and molding of electronics.
Michael has spent his entire career in the science field beginning with a 6 year commitment to the United States Navy as a Nuclear Engineer before earning a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry and a Masters Degree in Analytical Chemistry. 
Michael’s career spanned 21 years as a chemist and sales engineer for Henkel Corporation, headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany before emerging as a partner in LPMS USA.
Michael has presented around the globe during the growth of the technology as one of the foremost technical experts in materials.  Michael now focuses on the evolution of equipment and materials to serve the market needs for harsh environments and was a core member of team that wrote the IPC standards for Low Pressure Molding.
Michael is a member in good standing of the SMTA Great Lakes Chapter, the American Chemical Society and the Society of Plastics Engineers.
Time: 6:30 pm (Networking & Registration)
  7:00 pm (Dinner & Presentation)
  8:00 pm (Stations)
  9:00 pm Adjourn
Location: Low Pressure Molding Solutions
  1441 Branding Lane, Suite 110
  Downers Grove, IL 60515
Cost: $20 for Members/$30 for Non-Members
RSVP to Gerri Noble at or via the SMTA Great Lakes Chapter Webpage.

March 15

Best Practices in Electronic Assembly Processes - Capital Chapter Tutorial Program  +

Best Western Plus Rockville Hotel & Suites
Rockville , MD 20850

Instructor: Phil Zarrow, ITM Consulting

March 15, 2018

9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Best Western Plus Hotel & Suites
1251 W Montgomery Ave
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 424-4940
  • Members: $200
  • Non-Members: $295 (A one-year Individual SMTA Membership is included in the non-member price.)
  • Capital Chapter Officers: $100
  • Student Chapter Members: $50
  • Student Non-Members $70 (A one-year Student SMTA Membership is included in the non-member price.)

Great Value! Half the cost of a tutorial at SMTA International and offered right in your backyard. Lunch, coffee breaks, course handouts, and a certificate of completion are all included in the cost, along with instruction by one of our best!

You have the responsibility and resources to improve the productivity of an assembly operation…what do you do? This course drives awareness and solutions to the adverse impact that non-optimal assembly practices and processes have on the product quality and financial success of electronic assembly businesses. A comprehensive perspective on problem issues is developed for the most currently critical electronic assembly process, materials (both existing and emerging), equipment, procedures, and methods. Most importantly, practical solutions are presented. Key issues that consistently result in assembly problems and low yields are identified and resolved. This seminar is intended for anyone involved in directing, developing, managing and/or executing assembly line operations including managers, line supervisors and line engineers involved in manufacturing, design and quality engineering.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction
  • Optimization Objective
    - Getting the Most Productivity from an Existing Line
    - Definition of "Best Practices"
  • Process Characterization
  • Best Practices in the Assembly Process
    - Solder Paste Printing Process Best Practices
    - Pick and Place Best Practices
    - Reflow Soldering Best Practices
    - Wave Soldering Best Practices
    - Selective Soldering Best Practices
    - Cleaning vs No-Clean Considerations and Best Practices
  • Q & A

Who Should Attend:
This course is intended for Manufacturing, Process, Design, Test and Quality Engineering personnel as well as Management who are involved in the production of surface mount or mixed technology assemblies.

Phil Zarrow About the Instructor:

Phil Zarrow
Phil Zarrow has been involved with PCB fabrication and assembly for more than thirty-five years. His expertise includes the manufacture of equipment for circuit board fabrication and assembly of through-hole and surface mount technologies. In addition to his background in automated assembly and cleaning, Mr. Zarrow is recognized for his expertise in surface mount reflow soldering technology and in the design and implementation of SMT placement equipment and reflow soldering systems. Having held key technical and management positions with Vitronics Corporation, Excellon-Micronetics and Universal Instruments Corporation, he has extensive hands-on experience with set-up and troubleshooting through-hole and SMT processes throughout the world. During his tenure as Director of Technology Development for GSS/Array Technology, Mr. Zarrow was responsible for specifying and setting up medium- and high-speed assembly lines, as well as investigating and implementing emerging and leading-edge technologies, equipment and processes.

Since forming ITM Consulting in 1993, Phil Zarrow has helped numerous clients in such areas as

  • SMT Implementation and Assembly facility set-up
  • SMT Assembly and Soldering Failure Analysis
  • EMS/Supplier Process and Quality Assessment Audits
  • Counterfeit Component Avoidance and Interception Programs
  • Manufacturing yield improvement
  • Equipment Evaluation and Selection
  • No-clean and lead-free solder paste evaluation and process implementation
  • SMT Manufacturing Process Audits and process improvement
  • On-site training for all levels of personnel
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM) specification development
  • Reflow of Through-hole feasibility, development and implementation
  • Implementation of new component packages including QFN, BGA, CSP and Flip-Chip
  • SMT process equipment benchmark testing and evaluation
  • SMT product development
  • Lead-free Process Implementation and Optimization
  • Technical evaluations related to business acquisitions and mergers
  • Technical assistance in legal disputes

Mr. Zarrow is a popular speaker and workshop instructor. He has chaired and instructed at numerous seminars and conferences in North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. He has published many technical papers and magazine articles as well as contributed a number of chapters to industry books. He is co-author of the book, "SMT Glossary- Terms and Definitions". Mr. Zarrow holds two US Patents concerning PCB fabrication and assembly processes and audit methodologies.
Phil is a member of IPC, SME, IMAPS, a co-founder of ITM Consulting, and is a past national level officer and national director of the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA). He was also Chairman of the Reflow Committee for SMEMA. He was the recipient of the SMTA's Member of Distinction Award (1995) and Founders’ Award (2000). Mr. Zarrow has served on the Editorial Advisory Board for Circuits Assembly Magazine and won awards for his writings "On the Forefront" and “Better Manufacturing” columns. He is currently producer and co-host of IPC Update's “Boardtalk” audio program.

Contact Karen Frericks at 952.920.7682 with questions.

March 20 - 22

SMT Processes Certification (Sechan Electronics In-House)  +

Sechan Electronics, Inc.
Lititz , PA 17543

Held at Sechan Electronics, Inc.
525 Furnace Hills Pike, Lititz, PA 17543

  • March 20 Course (8:30-5pm)
  • March 21 ½ day of course + exam
  • March 22 All day exam (8:30-5pm)

  • Instruction: English
    Test: English
    Instructor: Jim Hall, ITM Consulting Reduced In-House Rate: $915 for members or $970 for non-members. Each SMTA Certification program is a three-day offering consisting of a 1.5-day refresher workshop on topics in SMT Processes or Six Sigma Green Belt. The program concludes on days two and three with an open and closed book examination. This is not an entry-level program. Basic algebra will be used in the workshop and examination. This challenging examination requires both written answers and calculations with the intent to enable the attendee to establish competitive credentials as "Certified" by the SMTA in SMT Processes or Six Sigma Green Belt. Why You Should Participate
    Technologies change at the speed of light, and competition and expectations are forever increasing. This comprehensive program will provide the refresher course, study materials and examination allowing you to be recognized as an SMTA Certified Process or Six Sigma Green Belt Engineer.
  • Enhance your stature in our industry
  • Increase marketing value for your company
  • Obtain proof of your knowledge and experience
  • The SMTA Certification program is unique, as it recognizes and certifies the entire SMT assembly process at an engineering level.

March 21

Oregon Chapter: Material Management 4.0  +

Axiom Electronics

Material Management 4.0
Dr. Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron
Over the past years, the electronic assembly industry has focused on the development of Industry 4.0, a standard communication protocol that allows production equipment to dialogue. This communication protocol will be a key enabler to improve the quality and efficiency of the production line. This is achieved by creating a feedback loop between inspection and production – thus allowing problems to be identified and corrected as early as possible in the manufacturing line. As a result, the overall cost of manufacturing is reduced as yield rates increase.
Despite the great progress in the development of the integrated production line, a critical part of the manufacturing chain still offline. Inventory rooms around the world must still operate with a far reduced level of sophistication. It is not uncommon to find thousands of reels densely packed in hundreds of linear feet of shelving space. The simple exercise of counting back reels as they come back from the production floor is not standard practice. And even when they are counted, the count is often made by hand. The lack of focus on the automation of our inventory rooms leads to an increasing loss of productivity due to line stoppages. When associated with the recent increase in lead times for electronic components, line stoppage has become a crippling problem that makes inventory accuracy a necessity.
In this presentation, we’ll introduce Material Management 4.0. More than a set communication protocol between machines that count electronic parts and the machines that store them. From x-ray parts counters to fully automated and intelligent storage towers, Material Management 4.0 embraces the overall infrastructure that needs to be in place to realize an accurate, fast, and efficient methodology for inventory control. This investment is critical to realize the benefits in efficiency unleashed by Industry 4.0.   
About the speaker:

Dr. Bill Cardoso, CEO
Creative Electron, Inc.
Bill started his first company in Brazil at age 17 and sold it a few years later when invited by the US Department of Energy to work at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory to do nuclear and high energy physics research. As the Department Head for Systems Engineering and after a 10-year long career at Fermilab, Bill moved from Chicago to sunny California to start Creative Electron. True to the American Dream, Creative Electron quickly grew from Bill's garage to the largest US manufacturer of x-ray machines for the electronics industry (no longer in his garage). At Creative Electron Bill leads the team of engineers who designs and manufactures x-ray systems that are shipped worldwide. Starting with an associate’s degree at age 13, Bill has a BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering and an MBA from The University of Chicago. Bill is the president of the SMTA San Diego chapter and member of the technical committee for SMTA International, SMTA Counterfeit Conference, and SMTA LED Conference, Components for Military and Space Electronics Conference, SPIE Photonics, and the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium. He is an IEEE Senior member and the author of over 150 technical publications, author of 2 books, owner of a few patents, and a frequent speaker at technical conferences.

March 22

Mexico - Querétaro Chapter: Tercer Foro Técnico SMTA Querétaro  +


2018 SMTA Tercer Foro Técnico
" Industria 4.0 "
Jueves 22 de Marzo, 2018
Av. Pie de la Cuesta 2501, Nacional, 76148 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
3 Conferencias !
Cupo limitado, reserva en línea tu asistencia sin costo.
*Limitado a usuarios y miembros de SMTA.
Habra Demos de Equipos Conectividad Industria 4.0

" Smart Factory "    Industry 4.0  " por  ASM - Jorge Camarena
" The Hermes Standard  "   por Pemtron - Jaime Arreola   
" Augmented Reality "  por Interlatin - Amhed Becerra  



   Quiptech  STE


Qtek SMTVYS Inventec



March 22

Tampa Bay Chapter: March 22, 2018 Technical Meeting  +

Jabil 10560 MLK Blvd. St Petersburg, FL

Our speaker is Tim O'Neill, Technical Marketing Manager from AIM Solder.  Please see his biography attached.   

Speaker Bio: Timothy O’Neill

Timothy O'Neill is the Technical Marketing Manager for
AIM Solder. AIM Solder is a leading global
manufacturer of assembly materials for the electronics
industry with manufacturing, distribution and support
facilities located throughout the world. AIM produces
advanced solder products such as solder paste, liquid
flux, cored wire, bar solder, epoxies, lead-free and
halogen-free solder products, preforms, and specialty
alloys such as indium and gold for a broad range of
Operating out of AIM U.S. Headquarters, Mr. O'Neill is responsible for developing and
optimizing product and technical information, collaborating with complimentary
suppliers and equipment manufacturers and ensuring AIM’s products exceed the end
users expectations and meet market requirements.
Mr. O'Neill is also a technical writer and presenter for industry trade publications and
events and has been recognized as a Speaker of Distinction by the SMTA.
Mr. O’Neill is a Certified IPC Specialist, has a B.A. from Assumption College and postgraduate
studies in education. He began his career in 1994 with Nordson EFD, heading
their business development of fine pitch solder paste dispensing technology. He joined
AIM in 1997 and has since assisted many clients with production challenges, specializing
in Pb-Free process development and material selection.

Tim will cover the following topic:
The choices for solder alloys is expanding rapidly as new application requirements materialize revealing the limitations of existing lead-free alloys.  In this presentation attendees will gain a better understanding of the evolution of lead free solder alloys, the limitations of today’s common alloys and what the solder industry is offering as next generation materials. 

Our meeting this quarter will be held at the following address:
Jabil Circuit
10560 MLK Blvd
St. Petersburg, FL
This is the 4 story building in the center of the campus. They can enter from either Roosevelt or MLK and go to the center building by following the signs.

Thursday March 22nd
5:30 PM   Registration/Meet and Greet
5:30 PM - Dinner
5:45 PM - Introduction of Speaker
5:50 - 6:30 PM - Topic Presentation
6:30 - 6:45 PM - Question and Answer Time

Cost of Meeting:
Members - $15.00
Non-Members - $20.00

We hope to see everyone at the meeting!

To RSVP, please click here, or copy and paste the following address into your web browser:

March 28

Empire (Rochester, NY) Chapter: Annual Member Appreciation Hockey Game @ Rochester Amerks  +

Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, NY

FREE TICKETS for our annual SMTA EMPIRE Chapter member appreciation social at Rochester Amerks are now available.  CLAIM YOURS NOW!

We have once again reserved the Party Deck section, an open patio with high tables at ice level for a great game viewing experience.  The Amerks are scheduled to play AHL North Division rivals Utica Comets.  With less than two weeks to go before this contest, the Amerks still maintain their position in 3rd place in the division, while the Comets have dropped from 2nd place to 4th over the past few weeks.  The scene is setting up well for a competivite battle as the AHL Hockey season winds down and playoff pressure builds!

Join us!!!

RSVP at:
(Upon our notification of your RSVP registration, you will receive an email from the Chapter Secretary acknowledging your ticket claim and supplied more details.)

Looking for a local chapter event? Check the Chapter News page for more events.
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