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August 2017

August 8 & 10

SMTA Webtorial: Stencil Printing-Advanced Topics   +

Two (2) 90 minute Sessions
August 8 and 10, 2017
1:00pm to 2:30pm Eastern
Presented by: Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering

Session 1, August 8, 2017
This advanced course on SMT solder paste stencil printing builds upon the basics to give the attendees a larger toolkit for troubleshooting and process improvement. The session starts with handling incoming stencils, and the need to clean and verify them before putting them into production. A simple stencil verification method using SPI is described in detail, as is the inclusion of test coupons to aid in troubleshooting stencil quality issues.

The session continues with detailed methods of troubleshooting suspected stencil issues, showing images and data from several real-world stencil trials. It discusses the impact of aperture size and thickness variation, aperture location, and wall cut quality.

Stencil underwiping is presented, reviewing types of wipe sequences, wiper papers, and solvents, particularly as they relate to modern lead-free solder pastes and the preservation of nanocoatings. Videos and ultraviolet images of the effects of cleaning and nanocoatings are shown.

Session 2, August 10, 2017
Automated Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) is almost as important as the print process itself. SPI helps maintain process control, dial-in difficult PCBs, track defect trends and feedback positional errors or the need to perform an underwipe to the printer.

The session starts with basic methods of SPI equipment and their measurement algorithms. It continues with tips for production implementation and setting inspection tolerances. It then introduces simple experimental methods that can be performed quickly and easily to improve yields.

The differences between accuracy and repeatability are discussed, as are the effects of setting of reference planes and measurement thresholds. Finally, special features of some machines are highlighted, and their impact on the overall printing process output are discussed.

Finally, new information from current research projects, if available, will be presented.

Course Outline
Session 1, August 8, 2017
1. Stencil Verification
1.1. SPI verification
1.2. Test coupons
1.3. SEM images
1.4. Cleaning before using
2. Stencil Troubleshooting
2.1. Physical damage
2.2. Foil thickness
2.3. Aperture size
2.4. Aperture location
2.5. Impact on AR & TE
2.6. Cut Quality
3. Underwiping
3.1. Purpose and methods
3.2. UV Test results
3.3. Solvent requirements
3.4. Solvent compatibility with solder pastes
3.5. Solvent and paper compatibility with nanocoatings

Session 2, August 10, 2017
4. Automated Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)
4.1. SPI basics
4.2. Production implementation
4.3. Setting inspection tolerances
4.4. Improving print yields
4.5. Accuracy and Repeatability
4.6. Reference planes and measurement thresholds
4.7. Special features to improve performance

Who Should Attend

  • SMT assembly process engineers and technicians responsible for production or new product introduction processes
  • Engineers and technicians just entering the SMT field who want to master the science and art of stencil printing
  • SMT quality personnel interested in helping improve print and end-of-line yields and identifying root causes of failures
  • OEM supply chain engineers responsible for supporting and/or assessing SMT assembly contractors

    About the presenter:

    Chrys Shea is the President of Shea Engineering Services, a consulting firm that produces technical studies and communications tools for the electronics manufacturing industry.
    Chrys is a frequent speaker at industry events, and has three times received the SMTAI “Best of Conference” award for her work on solder paste printing. In 2012 she was honored with the SMTA “Member of Technical Distinction” award.
    Chrys earned her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and her M.S. in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Rhode Island. She is a past president of the Philadelphia SMTA chapter, and sits on numerous IPC and SMTA technical committees. Chrys launched Shea Engineering Services in 2008.

  • August 15 - 17

    SMT Processes Certification (Portland, OR)  +

    Portland , OR

  • August 15- Course (8:30-5pm)
  • August 16 ½ day of course + exam
  • August 17 All day exam (8:30-5pm)

  • Instruction: English
    Test: English
    Instructor: Jim Hall, ITM Consulting

    Each SMTA Certification program is a three-day offering consisting of a 1.5-day refresher workshop on topics in SMT Processes or Six Sigma Green Belt. The program concludes on days two and three with an open and closed book examination.

    This is not an entry-level program. Basic algebra will be used in the workshop and examination. This challenging examination requires both written answers and calculations with the intent to enable the attendee to establish competitive credentials as "Certified" by the SMTA in SMT Processes or Six Sigma Green Belt.

    Why You Should Participate
    Technologies change at the speed of light, and competition and expectations are forever increasing. This comprehensive program will provide the refresher course, study materials and examination allowing you to be recognized as an SMTA Certified Process or Six Sigma Green Belt Engineer.

  • Enhance your stature in our industry
  • Increase marketing value for your company
  • Obtain proof of your knowledge and experience
  • The SMTA Certification program is unique, as it recognizes and certifies the entire SMT assembly process at an engineering level.

    August 23 - 25

    SMT Processes Certification (Guadalajara, Mexico)  +

    Flex : North Plant
    Zapopan , JA Mexico

  • August 23- Course (8:30am-5:00pm)
  • August 24- ½ day of course + exam
  • (8:30am-5:00pm)
  • August 25- All day exam (8:30-5:00pm)

  • Instruction: Spanish/English
    Test: English
    Instructor: Iván Castellanos, Indium Corporation

    Flex : North Plant
    Carretera Base Aérea # 5850, Building # 4
    Meeting room. Multimedia/Maya
    Colonia La Mora, Zapopan, Jalisco 45136

    August 28 - 31

    SMTA China South Technology and Vendor Conferences 2017   +

    Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
    Shenzhen China

    SMTA China South
    Technology Conference: 28-31 August 2017
    Vendor Conference: 29-31 August 2017
    Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, PR China

    The SMTA China cordially invites you to participate in SMTA China South Conference located in Shenzhen 2017. This event, held in conjunction with NEPCON China 2017, will as usual address the industry's most pressing issues in electronics assembly/ manufacturing, industry/technology roadmap, business focus, advanced packaging, practical skill development, emerging technologies, and lead-free & reliability.

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