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November 2017

November 1 & 2

SMTA Webtorial: Solder Joint Voids- All You Should Know  +

Two (2) 90 minute Sessions
Nov 1 and 2, 2017
1:00pm to 2:30pm Eastern
Jennie Hwang Presented by: Jennie S. Hwang, Ph.D., H-Technologies Group


With the goal to produce reliable products while achieving high yield production, this webtorial provides a holistic overview on solder joint voids. Four fronts in the industry have rekindled the interest and/or concerns about solder joint voids – the lead-free solder joints; the increased use of advanced packages (BTCs, PoPs); the ever-miniaturized electronics comprising “delicate” solder joints; and the increased demand in solder joint reliability for high performance and high reliability products. Different sources of solder joint voids, their respective causes and effects on the solder joint performance and reliability will be discussed. The practiced acceptance criteria of solder joint voids vs. real-world performance, and the steps to minimize solder joint voids of both the array solder ball solder joints (e.g., PoP, BGA, CSP) and lead-frame solder joints (e.g., QFP, BTC) will be outlined. The webtorial will conclude with the source of voids that is most critical to reliability, thus to avoid.

Course Outline:
Part 1

  • Driving Forces and potential effects
  • Likely impact on Reliability
  • Case studies
  • Different Sources
  • Factors contributing to each of the sources
  • Role of solder alloy composition

    Part 2

  • Mitigating approaches
  • BGA voiding – additional factors
  • BTC, PoP solder joint voids
  • Inspection
  • Voids criteria vs. applications
  • Most critical source of voids to avoid
  • Summary & recommendations

    Who Should Attend:
    The webtorial provides the working knowledge to all who are concerned about the reliability or interested in understanding the solder joint properties in relation to voids including designers, engineers, researchers, managers and business decision makers; also is designed for those who desire the broad-based information.

    Dr. Hwang, a long-standing leader in SMT manufacturing and lead-free implementation, brings deep knowledge to this webtorial through both hands-on and advisory experiences. She has provided solutions to many challenging problems, ranging from production yield to field failure diagnosis to high reliability issues. Her work covers both commercial and military applications. She has 475+ publications to her credit, including the sole authorship of several internationally-used textbooks, and is a speaker at innumerable international and national events. Dr. Hwang has received many honors and awards. Additionally, she has served on the Board of NYSE Fortune 500 companies, and on various civic, government and university boards and committees, including U.S. Defense Dept. - Globalization Committee, Forecasting Future Disruptive Technologies Committee. She chairs the Board of Panels on the Assessment of Army Research Laboratory, and on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Assessment Committee, National Materials and Manufacturing Board, National Laboratory Assessment Board and the Board of Army Science and Technology. She is a reviewer of various government programs and publications. Her formal education includes Harvard Business School Executive Program and four academic degrees in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and liquid Crystal Science (Ph.D. M.S., M.S., B.S.). She has held various senior executive positions with Lockheed Martin Corp., SCM Corp, Sherwin Williams Co, and IEM Corp. She is also an invited distinguished adj. Professor of Engineering School of Case Western Reserve University, and serves on the University's Board of Trustees.

  • November 2

    LA/Orange County Expo & Tech Forum  +

    Location: The Grand Event Center
    4101 E Willow Street
    Long Beach, CA 90815


    The cost to exhibit is $375/$475 (early/regular) for corporate members. The cost to exhibit for non corporate members is $450/$550 (early/regular).(click here for membership information).

    The cost to exhibit includes: one 6ft draped table, two chairs, company sign, lunch, directory listing and attendee list. Electricity is an additional $25 per outlet. Early bird pricing ends on October 6th, 2017!

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    Important Exhibitor Materials:

  • Exhibitor Details

  • Hard Copy of Exhibitor Reg Form

  • Please contact SMTA Expo Manager Emily Stuckmayer with questions or for additional information.


    Plan now to join us for free technical sessions, free lunch and the chance to network with leading suppliers to our industry!

    Exhibit Hours:
    Thursday, November 2, 2017

    Registration opens

    Expo Opens

    Thermal Imaging for R&D and PCB Inspections
    Tony Shockey, Applications Development Manager, Fluke Corporation

    "Our world in infrared, what it appears to be and where it can be used." This presentation will cover applications, tips, and tricks to help use thermal imaging technology most effectively for PCBA inspection and trouble shooting.

    Complimentary lunch!

    Unforgiving Environments - Proper Handling & Storage Controls Go a Long Way Toward Print Quality
    Timothy O'Neill, Technical Marketing Manager, AIM Solder

    Solder paste is the foundation of SMT assembly process and the importance of consistent paste performance cannot be overstated. This presentation explains the basics of how a solder paste formula is developed and manufactured and how the end user can optimize handling and usage to maximize performance, reduce defects and minimize waste.

    Effective Cleaning Approaches for Southern California Electronics Assemblers
    Barbara & Edward Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

    The best way to clean electronics assemblies depends on the flux, the design of the assembly, and on your customer requirements. Not cleaning or cleaning with water alone is not always the right approach. Cleaning process options have changed over the past few months; there are new cleaning agents and new cleaning equipment. We will tell you about the advantages and problems of new and familiar cleaning agents. We’ll get you up to speed on cleaning agents that are allowed or even encouraged by regulators and on some cleaners that may be banned, locally and at the National level. We will also answer your questions about cleaning process effectiveness, regulatory requirements, and process costs.

    Raffle on Show Floor!

    Expo Closes

    November 14 - 17

    productronica 2017  +

    Explore Future Technologies at productronica 2017

    Munich Germany

    productronica 2017

    This year SMTA hosts a two-day program of technical presentations on Wednesday and Thursday. Topics include harsh environments applications, HDI, substrate advances, photonics, and reliability issues. Come to learn about cutting-edge research from Bosch, Cisco, Fraunhofer, iNEMI, and RIT, among others.

    productronica, the world's leading trade show for electronics development and production, underlines its reputation as the innovation platform with a plethora of related events. Prominent speakers, hands-on sessions as well as special shows promise a variety of learning and networking opportunities on top of the over 1,200 exhibitors.

    SMTA Technical Program in the SMT Speakers Corner (A1.220) in Hall A1

    Wednesday 15.11.17
    Time Title Speaker
    13:00 Modular Power Electronics, Realized by PCB Embedding Technology Lars Boettcher, Fraunhofer IZM Berlin
    13:30 Leti's Future Outlook of Hot Topics Didier Louis, CEA/Leti
    14:00 HDI-Technology for Harsh Environment Electronics Based on LTCC Substrates Jens Mueller, Ph.D., Ilmenau University of Technology
    14:30 Via-in-Pad Plated Over (VIPPO) Design Considerations for the Mitigation of a Unique Solder Separation Failure Mode Scott Priore, Cisco Systems
    15:00 Risk for Ceramic Component Cracking Dependent on Solder Alloy and Thermo-mechanical Stress Jorg Trodler, Heraeus Deutschland

    Thursday 16.11.17
    Time Title Speaker
    13:00 CT Technology Advances Imaging Microelectronics to Assembled Products Keith Bryant, Yxlon International
    13:30 Advanced Substrates: Technology Shifts Lead to Changing Landscapes Andrej Ivankovic, Ph.D., Yole Developpement
    14:00 The Future of Photonics Integration Packaging - Is Mass Production Possible? Martin Anselm, Ph.D., Rochester Institute of Technology
    14:30 TBD Bill Bader, iNEMI
    15:00 Utilization of the IPC B52 Test Board Platform for Release in the Automotive Industry Lothar Henneken, Ph.D., Bosch

    Co-located with Semicon Europa
    Semicon Europa

    November 14 & 16

    SMTA Webtorial: Reflow - Understanding the Complete Process & Defect Prevention  +

    Two (2) 90 minute Sessions
    November 14 and 16, 2017
    12:00pm to 1:30pm Eastern (5:00pm to 6:30pm UK)
    Jennie Hwang Presented by: Bob Willis,

    The session includes solder paste testing, different reflow methods, reliable solder joint formation on high and low temperature and causes and cures of most common failures. Here we examine the most common process issues seen in the industry and how design, board selection and process materials can cause issues in manufacture. We look at the fundamentals of reflow with convection and vapour phase to understand the cause of failures

    With over 40 years in industry and 30 solving process problems for industry Bob Willis explains the causes and curses of most reflow issues see in industry. Bob’s session features many unique process video clips on testing and failures and make his sessions come alive providing a much better understanding of the root cause of failure and corrective action. Each delegate registered on the webinar will receive a free set of wall charts on reflow soldering and temperature profiling

    If you have a specific process problems with reflow send it to Bob to include in the webinar.

    Topics will include:

  • Design for reflow soldering
  • Selecting the best solder paste
  • Fundamentals of solder joint formation
  • Optimising your reflow process
  • Correct profiling procedures
  • Correct PCB finish for your process
  • Common soldering problems and why they occur
  • Reliability of solder joints
  • Practical testing of solder joints

  • Bio:
    Bob Willis currently operates a training and consultancy business based in England. Bob is a member of the SMART Technical Committee. Although a specialist for companies implementing Surface Mount Technology Mr Willis provides training and consultancy in most areas of electronic manufacture. He has worked with the GEC Technical Directorate as Surface Mount Co-Coordinator for both the Marconi and GEC group of companies and prior to that he was Senior Process Control Engineer with Marconi Communication Systems, where he had worked since his apprenticeship. Following his time with GEC he became Technical Director of an electronics contract manufacturing company where he formed a successful training and consultancy division.

    As a process engineer, he was involved in all aspects of electronic production and assembly involved in setting up production processes and evaluating materials; this also involved obtaining company approval on a wide range of Marconi's processes and products including printed circuit board manufacture. During the period with Marconi, experience was gained in methods and equipment for environmental testing of components, printed boards and assemblies with an interest developed in many areas of defect analysis. Over the last 15 years he has been involved in all aspects of surface mounted assembly, both at production and quality level and during that time has been involved in training staff and other engineers in many aspects of modern production.

    Over the past few years Mr. Willis has travelled in the United States, Japan, China, New Zealand, Australia and the Far East looking at areas of electronics and lecturing on electronic assembly. Mr. Willis was presented with the Paul Eisler award by the IMF (Institute of Metal Finishing) for the best technical paper during their technical programmes. He has conducted SMT Training programs for Texas Instruments and is currently course leader for Reflow and Wave Soldering Workshops in the United Kingdom. Mr Willis is an IEE Registered Trainer and has been responsible for training courses run by the PCIF originally one of Europe's largest printed circuit associations. Bob has conducted workshops with all the major organisations and exhibition organisers World Wide and is known for being an entertaining presenter and the only presenter to use unique process video clips during his workshops to demonstrate each point made. Bob has written two book which are free to download on line, Design & Assembly with Pin In Hole Intrusive Reflow & Package On Package Design, Assembly and Inspection

    Mr. Willis was Chairman of the SMART Group, European Surface Mount Trade Association from 1990-94 and has been elected Honorary Life President and currently holds the position of SMART Group Technical Director, he also works on BSI Standards Working Parties. He is a Fellow of the Institute Circuit Technology, an NVQ Assessor, Member of the Institute of Quality Assurance and Society of Environmental Test Engineers. Bob Willis currently writes regular features for AMT Ireland, Asian Electronics Engineer and Circuits Assembly the US magazine. He also is responsible for writing each of the SMART Group Charity Technology reports, which are sold in Europe and America by the SMTA to raise money for worthy causes. Bob ran the SMART Group PPM Monitoring Project in the United Kingdom supported by the Department of Trade and Industry. He was coordinator of the LEADOUT Project for SMART Group. LEADOUT was one of the largest EU funded projects, currently he is coordinating European projects TestPEP, uBGA and ChipCheck

    In September 2015 Bob voted the Best Speaker at SMTA International Conference in Chicago, USA

    November 14 - 16

    SMT Processes Certification (Dallas, TX)  +

    Verion Training Systems
    Dallas , TX 75244

  • November 14 Course (8:30-5pm)
  • November 15 ½ day of course + exam
  • November 16 All day exam (8:30-5pm)

  • Instruction: English
    Test: English
    Instructor: Jim Hall, ITM Consulting

    Each SMTA Certification program is a three-day offering consisting of a 1.5-day refresher workshop on topics in SMT Processes or Six Sigma Green Belt. The program concludes on days two and three with an open and closed book examination.

    This is not an entry-level program. Basic algebra will be used in the workshop and examination. This challenging examination requires both written answers and calculations with the intent to enable the attendee to establish competitive credentials as "Certified" by the SMTA in SMT Processes or Six Sigma Green Belt.

    Why You Should Participate
    Technologies change at the speed of light, and competition and expectations are forever increasing. This comprehensive program will provide the refresher course, study materials and examination allowing you to be recognized as an SMTA Certified Process or Six Sigma Green Belt Engineer.

  • Enhance your stature in our industry
  • Increase marketing value for your company
  • Obtain proof of your knowledge and experience
  • The SMTA Certification program is unique, as it recognizes and certifies the entire SMT assembly process at an engineering level.

    November 16

    New England Expo & Tech Forum  +

    Location: DCU Center
    50 Forester Street
    Worcester, MA 01608


    All booths are 10'x10'. All spaces come with 1 6' draped table and 2 chairs. Attendee list will be emailed 1 week after show is complete. All spaces will be assigned once we are sold out. If there is another exhibitor you want to be next to please let us know when you sign up.

    Please contact Mark Siems to register for a table or for additional questions!


    Please see the Connecticut Chapter Page for More Information on Technical Sessions and Expo Materials.

    November 28 - 30

    LED Assembly, Reliability & Testing Symposium 2017  +

    The Archie K. Davis Conference Center
    Research Triangle Park , NC 27709

    CALCE and SMTA are pleased to announce the program for the LED Assembly, Reliability & Testing Symposium at the The Archie K. Davis Conference Center in Research Triangle Park, NC from November 28 to 30, 2017.

    The LED Assembly, Reliability & Testing (A.R.T.) Symposium will provide attendees with information to bridge the gap between the semiconductor physics and the architectural design level issues in LED supply chain. The design, manufacturing, reliability assessment, testing and inspection of LEDs and LED lighting products are not at the same level of development and interest. The LED A.R.T. Symposium is the forum for the industry to explore the problems faced and offer solutions.

    Keynote Speakers Announced!

    IWLPC Keynote Ralph Tuttle

    Keynote Day 1:
    Ralph Tuttle, Engineering Manager, Cree
    Topic: High Power LED Solder Joint Reliability
    Tuesday, November 28, 2017 | 8:45 am

    In the past, the temperatures and drive currents that LEDs were typically operated at were limited by the packaging materials used in their construction. Recent improvements in these materials now allow luminaire manufacturers the ability to push the limits at which LEDs can operate and successfully achieve desired long-term lumen maintenance and efficacy objectives. While traditional lead-free solders used in SMT processing are acceptable for LEDs operating under more benign conditions, they are not as reliable when LEDs are operated at high temperatures and high drive currents. This talk will discuss failure modes associated with LEDs operating under stressful conditions and test results that demonstrate vastly improved solder joint reliability when using newer solders and with modifications to package construction.

    IWLPC Keynote Warren Weeks

    Keynote Day 2:
    Warren Weeks, Director of Quality & Technical Services, Hubbell Lighting
    Topic: Assembly, Reliability, and Testing (A.R.T.) of LED Luminaires
    Wednesday, November 29, 2017 | 8:30 am

    Technical Program Finalized!

    View the program featuring research on:
  • LED Applications
  • LED Solder Joint Reliability
  • LED Failures and Failure Mechanisms
  • Board Processing with LEDs
  • LED Packaging
  • Panel Discussions
  • View the program

    Workshops on November 30:

    8:30am - 12:00pmShining a Light on LED Technology: Construction, Reliability, Qualification, Failure ModeMartine Simard-Normandin, Ph.D.
    MuAnalysis Inc.
    1:30pm - 5:00pmFailure Mechanisms and Qualification Tests for LEDsDiganta Das, Ph.D.
    CALCE University of Maryland

    Facility Tour

    North Carolina State University
    Nanofabrication Facility & FREEDM Systems Center
    Wednesday, November 29

    The tour is free to attend, just select the option when you register or stop by the registration desk!

    3:30pm – NCSU Nanofabrication Facility (NNF)
    2410 Campus Shore Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606

    4:15pm – FREEDM Tour
    Suite 100, Keystone Science Center (Centennial Campus)
    1791 Varsity Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606

    NCSU Nanofabrication Facility
    The NCSU Nanofabrication Facility (NNF) provides access to semiconductor processing tools to researchers from academia, government labs, and industry. A full range of micro and nano-fabrication capabilities including lithography, plasma etching, metallization, and metrology are available at the NNF.

    FREEDM Systems Center
    At the FREEDM Center, we're building the internet of energy: a network of distributed energy resources that intelligently manages power using secure communications and advanced power electronics. Our research priorities include power electronics packaging, controls theory, solid state transformers, fault isolation devices, and power systems simulation and demonstration.

    Stop by the registration desk to sign up. You are responsible for your own transportation. Visitor parking for NC State on North, Central and Centennial Campus is available for $2.00 per hour in the pay lots which accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Cash is not accepted.

    November 28 - 29

    LED Assembly, Reliability & Testing Exhibition   +

    Location: Archie K. Davis Conference Center
    12 Davis Drive
    Research Triangle Park, NC 27709


    Exhibitor Information:

    Register to exhibit by October 30th. Prices will increase after that date!

    At the LED A.R.T. Symposium and Exhibition you will network with Assembly/Packaging Engineers, Corporate/General Management, Test Engineers, Designers, Buyers, R&D Engineers, and more.

    Download the brochure for details.

    View the floorplan here.

    Cost to exhibit:

    Booth type CALCE/SMTA Members Non-Members
    One table
    includes access to Electrical Outlet
    $750 $850
    One table
    no access to Electrical Outlet
    $700 $800

    Sponsorship Opportunities:

    Lanyard Sponsor: $400/$800

  • Provide 150 Lanyards and they will be the official lanyard for the conference(If you would like us to make the lanyards it will be an extra $400)
  • Logo recognition and link to company on website and all marketing event materials
  • Logo recognition in Show Directory
  • On-site signage (posted throughout conference/expo area)

    Bag Sponsor: $400/$800
  • Provide 150 Bags and they will be the official bags of the conference. (If you would like us to make the bags it will be an extra $400)
  • Logo recognition and link to company on website and all marketing event materials
  • Logo recognition in Show Directory
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    Lunch Sponsors: $800
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  • On-site signage (posted throughout conference/expo area)

    Refreshment Break Sponsorships: $550
  • On-site signage (posted near coffee breaks)
  • Recognition in Show Directory

  • Venue Address:
    Archie K. Davis Conference Center
    12 Davis Drive
    Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA

    Table space includes:

  • 6 Foot Draped table
  • Two chairs
  • One Conference Pass
  • Electronic attendee list (sent approximately a week after the conference)
  • Directory listing
  • Lunch


    Tuesday, November 28
    Archie Davis Conference Center

    Boxes will be delivered to Archie Davis Conference Center.

    Show Hours:

    November 28: 9:30am-4:00pm
    November 29: 9:30am–3:30pm


    By end of Conference


    Please address all packages as follows: LED Symposium/Your Company Name
    Attn: Jenny Ng, SMTA
    Archie Davis Conference Center
    12 Davis Drive
    RTP, NC 27709, USA

    • Make sure your company name is visible
    • Due to limited space, please ship packages to arrive no earlier than two days prior to the event.
    • Exhibitors will be responsible for packing, labeling and shipping all outgoing materials. Please bring your own packing slips to ship your materials back.


    For questions, please contact
    Jenny Ng
    Conference and Education Manager


    Exhibit Attendee:

    Conference attendees do NOT need to register for the Expo, your conference registration includes the Expo entrance.

    Come and visit the exhibits for FREE. Plan to network with leading suppliers in the LED component industry. We will provide you with FREE refreshments.

    Exhibit Hours:
    November 28: 9:30am-4:00pm
    November 29: 9:30am–3:30pm

    Registration includes free lunch and access to these select presentations on Tuesday:

    10:00 AM
    Optical Wireless Communication using LEDs for Smart Lighting and IoT
    John Muth, North Carolina State University

    10:40 AM
    High Reliability Solder Alloy for Automotive LED Applications
    Jie Geng, Indium Corporation

    11:20 AM
    Counterfeit LEDs and How to Detect Them
    Diganta Das, Ph.D., CALCE/University of Maryland

    12:00 PM

    If you like to attend other sessions register here!

    November 29

    Silicon Valley Expo & Tech Forum  +

    Location: Bestronics, Inc.
    2243 Lundy Avenue
    San Jose, CA 95131


    The Silicon Valley Expo & Tech Forum has SOLD OUT! Please contact Kaitlyn to be put on a wait list at or call 952-920-7682. Thank you!

    The cost to exhibit is $375/$475 (early/regular) for corporate members. The cost to exhibit for non corporate members is $450/$550 (early/regular).(click here for membership information).
    The cost to exhibit includes: one 6ft draped table, two chairs, company sign, lunch, directory listing and attendee list. Electricity is an additional $25 per outlet. Early bird pricing ends on October 27th, 2017!

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    Important Exhibitor Materials:

  • Exhibitor Details

  • Hard Copy of Exhibitor Application

  • Attendees

    Free Technical Program & Schedule:
    Registration opens

    Expo Opens

    9:00AM – 9:45AM
    Suen X-Ray Inspections for PCBA - Challenges and New Developments
    Speaker: Elbert Suen, Flex
    X-ray inspection systems are key tools for quality control, yield enhancement, and failure analysis of advanced printed circuits board assemblies (PCBA). The electronics industry has witnessed significant improvements in the X-ray inspection capabilities (AXI, 2DX, 3D CT, Large Board CT) during the last twenty years. These advancements have aided in the development of new high performance packages and PCBA processes. In many cases, X-Ray inspection is the only non-destructive technique to inspect optically hidden components and solder joints such as BGA, POP, QFN, flip chips, through holes, etc. Automated X-Ray inspection (AXI) has been available since 1999 at our manufacturing sites, and plays very important role to assure high quality SMT process. Along the way, manual X-ray systems (2DX and 3D CT) have been providing invaluable testing capabilities for verifying the AXI results, fine tuning the AXI parameters, process development, and X-ray inspection that is out of the scope of the AXI equipment.

    Through the years these capabilities have been significantly improved and best practices have been developed on how to jointly use the AXI, 2DX(MXI), and 3D CT X-ray equipment to achieve best possible testing results and speed. In this paper, we will summarise the extensive experience we have accumulated while working on real problems together with our customers, X-ray inspection vendors and R&D teams. These projects include BGA HIP (head in pillow), solder charge connector, Package on Package, package 03015. In addition, we will discuss how to optimize test coverage and eliminate defect escapes during PCBA testing. These studies have been performed using variety of X-ray inspection systems at several production sites and lasted several years.

    We will also discuss the X-ray inspection capabilities that are considered most important to the PCBA manufacturing process including: 1. Highest resolution X-ray images and clear distinction between good and defective pins; 2. Measurement data from inspection output; 3. Operator independent automated results for pass/fail condition; 4. Non-destructive e-cross section; 5. Easy and intuitive operation and programing; 6. Real time data feedback; 7. Flexible automated algorithms that are easily adjustable by the machine operator; 8. Zero defect escape with reasonable false call PPM.

    SMT-WARS - Lessons Learned from a Contract Manufacturer and Their Customer Who Sued Them
    Speaker: Michael Konrad, Aqueous Technologies
    What happens when an electronic contract manufacturer follows their customer’s instructions to the detriment of the product? Product failures, blame, drama, and a really big lawsuit.

    Mike Konrad will review the trials and tribulations of a contract manufacturer and their customer. Assembly residue-related failures (ECM) contributed to product failures, product recalls, and, ultimately, a multi-million-dollar lawsuit.

    Misguided “best practice” techniques only made matters worse. This paper will discuss what factors contributed to the “perfect storm” of product failures. Factors that go as far back to original product designs, printed circuit board fabrication, storage and handling, assembly, testing, and coating. While mistakes were made all along the way, product failures could have been avoided with a few simple process changes, adding mere pennies to the cost of each assembly while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation.

    Complimentary Lunch

    Gordon Best Practices for Responsible, Efficient Technologies when Outsourcing Design and Manufacturing
    Speaker: Pamela J. Gordon, Antea Group
    When OEMs outsource product design and manufacturing, many have experienced reduced visibility to environmental compliance, slippage in Eco-Design progress, and compromises in using advanced efficient technologies. It doesn’t have to be this way. By deploying best practices and choosing suppliers well, OEMs can realize greater visibility to product compliance, higher levels of Eco-Design, and adoption of more efficient technologies. Pamela J. Gordon is a 26-year member of the SMTA and has objectively chronicled electronics outsourcing practices since 1984. In this presentation, she will lend her insights on maximizing products’ responsibility, innovation, and efficiency when outsourcing, drawing upon her experience training >1,000 electronic-product designers in meeting environmental regulations, exceeding compliance through Eco-Design, and assessing the latest resource-efficient technologies. OEM participants will gain actionable insights on how to best leverage their outsourcing suppliers, and outsourcing suppliers will have a roadmap for being the supplier of choice for providing OEMs with responsible and advanced products.


    Tour of Bestronics Facility

    Expo Closes

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