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January 2017

January 19

Rocky Mountain Expo & Tech Forum  +

Location: West Club at Mile High Stadium
1701 Bryant Street
Denver, CO 80204


The Rocky Mountain Expo & Tech Forum has SOLD OUT! Please contact Emily to be put on a wait list at or call 952-920-7682. Thank you!

The cost to exhibit is $375/$475 (early/regular) for corporate members. The cost to exhibit for non corporate members is $450/$550 (early/regular).(click here for membership information). The cost to exhibit includes: one 6ft draped table, two chairs, company sign, lunch, directory listing and attendee list. Electricity is an additional $40 per outlet. Early bird pricing ends on December 16th, 2016!

Big Screenm Get your name and logo on the BIG SCREEN at Sports Authority Field and on the screens in the West Club during the Expo! Click HERE for more information

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    Attendees Register Now

    Mark your calendars and plan to attend what is expected to be the Rocky Mountain event of the year. The SMTA Rocky Mountain Chapter is now taking registration for their 2017 Expo. We are expecting a sold out event, connecting exhibitors, and bringing the latest technology to the Rocky Mountain region while presenting impactful and meaningful technical sessions for your continued professional growth.

    Plan now to join us for free technical sessions, free lunch and the chance to network with leading suppliers to our industry!

    Mile High Stadium Backstage Tour of Mile High Stadium
    As a special treat, we will have a backstage tour of Mile High Stadium for 25 attendees. Registrations are limited so book early. Cost for the tour is $25 per person – a bargain for the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the Denver Broncos. Tour will run at 2:30pm.

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    9:30am – 10:15am
    Chuck Bauer Wearable Electronics Drives a New Manufacturing Paradigm!
    Charles E. Bauer, Ph.D., TechLead Corporation

    With all the excitement around IoT (Internet of Things), big data and cognitive computing the impact of wearable electronics and smart textiles on the manufacturing environment frequently gets lost in the noise. However, these trends create many new and exciting challenges for the electronics industry, including new design, manufacture, test, and supply chain paradigms. The central role played by sensors, energy storage and energy harvest devices results in altogether revolutionary packaging concerns. Intended for intimate contact with human skin in diverse, often hostile environments such as automobile cabins and seawater, these systems require new yet proven safe and reliable materials as well as customized application configurations. This presentation explores the seemingly conflicting requirements of achieving low cost while meeting the high volume, high mix product requirements of this brave new world of electronics systems.

    Expo Opens

    11:15am – 12:00pm
    Mark Laing Complete Integration of Manufacturing Machines into PCB Assembly
    Mark Laing, Mentor Graphics

    Virtually every SMT manufacturing line consists of more than one vendor of equipment when SMT, Test and Inspection machines are taken in to account. Collectively these different machine technologies have unique challenges for both programming and monitoring as part of an efficient PCB manufacturing environment.

    Considering the various and complex test and inspection methodologies, both automated and manual in addition to the sophisticated pick and place equipment, it is important to recognize the importance of complete and consistent information when configuring, programming and optimizing line operation. The delivery of complete PCB schematic, layout, part and package data for all these machine types, in a way that ensures a single, fast, mistake-free flow is essential.

    Given the consistency of data preparation, this presentation will then go on to cover the challenges of collecting and exchanging of live SMT, test and inspection machine data that is created during PCB manufacturing that must then be delivered to multiple business and “smart” manufacturing systems to further drive the optimization of complex, flexible electronics manufacturing.

    12:00pm - 1:30pm
    Join us for a complimentary lunch and networking on the Show Floor!

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    1:45pm - 2:30pm
    Lentz Smith Stencil Design to Improve Yields
    Tony Lentz and Greg Smith, FCT Assembly

    Reduction of first pass defects in the SMT assembly process minimizes cost, assembly time and improves reliability. These three areas, cost, delivery and reliability determine manufacturing yields and are key in maintaining a successful and profitable assembly process. It’s commonly accepted that the solder paste printing process causes the highest percentage of yield challenges in the SMT assembly process. As form factor continues to get smaller, the challenge to obtain 100% yield becomes more difficult. This paper will identify defects affecting SMT yields in the printing process and discuss their Root Cause. Outer layer copper weight and surface treatment will also be addressed as to their effect on printability. Experiments using leadless and emerging components will be studied and root cause analysis will be presented on the following common SMT defects:
    • Poor Solder Paste Release: Focus will be placed on small components
    • Solder-balls (Mid Chip Solder Beads): Stencil design to minimize solderballs
    • Tombstoning: Improving tombstoning with stencil design
    • Bridging at Print: Simple guidelines to eliminate bridging
    • Insufficient Solder Volume at SMT Reflow: Look at the correlation of stencil design to solder volume after reflow
    • Bridging at SMT Reflow: What causes bridging after reflow when it is not present after print
    • Voiding: Design ideas to reduce voiding through stencil design
    This paper summarizes the results of this study with respect to the variables tested. Root Causes of these challenges will be identified and practical stencil design recommendations will be made with the intent of eliminating defects and improving yields during the printing process.

    3:00pm - 4:00pm
    Meet and Greet with the Best in the Business! Join us after the show for Networking and Celebration at the West Club at Sports Authority Field

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