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February 2005

February 16


Real-world examples of what companies are doing today

On-line registration is now closed. All registration will be done on-site. Call SMTA headquarters for any further information or with any questions or concerns: 952-920-7682.

Harvey Stone of The GoodBye Chain Group DECEMBER 7
Harvey Stone, The Goodbye Chain Group

The Richardson Hotel
701 East Campbell Road
Richardson, TX 75081
Phone 972-231-9600 - Reservations $109/night with a cutoff date of November 15th.

Our entire industry is struggling to comply with the European Union’s Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. Today, there are no RoHS-compliant companies. There are no models of how to achieve compliance. And there are unprecedented financial risks for companies whose products are non-compliant after July 1, 2006 and, worse case, are banned from multiple countries.

To help our members, SMTA is pleased to be offering this one-day RoHS compliance workshop. It will focus on actual experiences that companies are having in solving the many difficult compliance challenges. The format for this workshop will be highly interactive. This is your opportunity to get all of your questions responded to in a relaxed and friendly environment! "What a great seminar! I loved the format. The content was new and useful right away. This was a great SMTA event."

- Paul Truitt, RBB Systems

Also read about two software applications designed for the electronics industry to automate substance-level data collection, certification, and distribution of all RoHS and other banned substance information.

8:00AM Welcome

8:15AM General Session: Complying with RoHS
Harvey Stone, The Goodbye Chain Group
  • RoHS legal requirements
  • Multi-functional RoHS implications
  • Key organizational, manufacturing and data collection issues
  • Examples of what companies are doing today

  • The second half of this session will outline key issues that will be explored during the breakout sessions and lunch-time Table Topics.

    9:15AM Response Panel
    3-4 panelists comprised of OEM, CM, commodity manufacturers and perhaps an industry analyst, representing a mix of companies, positions and experiences will serve on the panel. Speakers will vary depending on geographic location.

    Eric Miscoll, Technology Forecasters, Inc.
    Mark Frimann, Texas Instruments
    Don Carolla, 3M Company

    10:00AM Break

    10:15AM Break-out Session 1
    Topic A: Gathering Organizational Resources for RoHS-Compliance

    Kurt Middelkoop, Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center
    Mary O’Callaghan, Digidesign

    Geared towards companies in the early phases of RoHS compliance, this session addresses organizational issues that need to be in place. Actual company examples will include the importance of executive-level involvement and how to get it; the optimum team structure and who should be on it; and the importance of budgeting adequate dollars, staff and time and how to do it. Without these foundational pieces, downstream compliance activities will be much more difficult and costly.
    Topic B: Determining Your Post-RoHS Product Mix

    Doug Romm, Texas Instruments
    Mulugeta Abtew, Sanmina-SCI Corporation

    Companies need to make very important product decisions in regard to what they put on the market after July 1, 2006. This requires planning now and, inmany cases, revising current plans. For example: what new product introductions need to be delayed in order to make them RoHS-compliant, and what are the time-to-market implications of any delays? What products can be obsoleted, thereby streamlining manufacturing operations and reducing costs? What are the priority products to be converted first? Attendees will hear experiences from companies struggling with these issues.

    11:45AM Table Topics During Lunch
    Potential topics will include parts numbering, Pb-free transition issues e.g. MSL, tin whiskers, inventory issues, Material Declaration Forms

    1:00PM Break-out Session 2
    Topic C: Solving the Parts Numbering and Inventory Puzzles

    Randy Schueller, Dell
    Sanjay Rajan, UGS Corporation

    Parts numbering and inventory management has emerged as a major controversy in RoHS-compliance. Worse, it has proven to be a stumbling block. Within the industry, suppliers are surprisingly split over whether to change part numbers or not. Within companies, there are often very strong disagreements between functions in regard to this issue. This session will provide attendees with an opportunity to hear what is working and not working, as well to take away important tips for navigating this issue.
    Topic D: Converting to Pb-free Manufacturing

    Guy Martindale, Rabbit Semiconductor
    Michael Brownlee, Henkel Technologies

    Most companies are aware of conversion issues like tin whiskers and moisture sensitivity levels. However, there is less awareness about how to approach them. Consequently, the risk is that manufacturing lines are down longer than they need to be, and the costs of conversion are higher than they need to be. In this session, attendees will learn operational tactics for reducing their conversion times and problems, while accelerating their overall conversion efficiency.

    2:30PM Break

    2:45PM Break-out Session 3
    Topic E: Collecting, Aggregating and Reporting Substance-Level Data

    Ron Bryan, Apsco International
    Heidi Wittenborn, The Goodbye Chain Group

    The need to collect, aggregate and report substance-level data has emerged as one of the most challenging RoHS-compliance issues. Because customers must collect this data from hundreds, if not thousands, of external suppliers, who must collect data from their suppliers, the whole process has become extremely difficult. Issues abound, e.g. how much data to collect? In what format? Using what tool? Furthermore, there is a growing "supplier resistance" to the number and diversity of material declaration forms. This session will highlight many of the good, bad and ugly experiences from the people who have been on the forefront of distributing material declaration forms and collecting data.
    Topic F: Building a "Reasonable Steps" Defense

    J.P. Brisson and Ken Rivlin, Allen and Overy
    Don Sackett, Innov-X Systems

    Because of the financial risks associated with RoHS, companies need to develop a "reasonable steps" defense that can be used if enforcement authorities - or major customers - come knocking. From both regulatory agencies and industry sources, the outlines of a "reasonable steps" defense are emerging. The areas include not only data collection, but also data verification and certified statements. During this session, attendees will hear strategies for building a solid defense. They will also hear some of the issues involved in prioritizing, funding and mandating data verification.

    4:15PM General Session
    Summary panel speaking on topics such as:
  • Key issues identified during the day
  • Best practices heard during the day
  • Key take-aways from the workshop
  • Panelists
    Harvey Stone, The Goodbye Chain Group

    4:55PM Closing
    Harvey Stone, The Goodbye Chain Group

    February 17


    Courses and SMT Process Certification

    Leaders Learning from Leaders Due to circumstances beyond our control, the SMTA courses that were planned for SMTA Montreal have been cancelled. The SMTA Certification Program for SMT Processes will still be held May 17-19 at Place Bonaventure in conjunction with the Advanced Manufacturing Quebec, which features TEQ: Quebec High Technology Show & Assembly Quebec.

    Go to information on and secure registration for the SMTA Certification Program.

    If you are still interested in courses on Lead-free Technology, see information about the SMTA Toronto program below.

    February 17


    CMAP International Conference on Lead-free Soldering

    Toronto , ON Canada

    The SMTA is pleased to co-locate four half-day courses on lead-free with the CMAP International Conference on Lead-free Soldering. This event will be held on May 24-26 at the Marriott Toronto Airport in Toronto, ON.

    Half-day courses: $250/$325 for SMTA members/non-members (USD).
    Register by April 29 and save 10%! A one-year individual membership is included in the non-member prices, and current members will receive a one-year renewed membership with registration.

    Contact SMTA director of education Kristin Nafstad for information on group packages.

    Read the Complete Course Descriptions, Topics, and Who Should Attend

    T1: Ten Steps to an Effective Compliance Process: How to Design and Implement an Internal Compliance Plan and Roadmap
    Harvey Stone, The Goodbye Chain Group
    Tuesday, May 24
    8:30AM - 12:00PM

    T2: Lead-free Assembly SMT, Wave and Rework: Achieving Lead-free Transition Reliably
    Petere Biocca, Kester
    Tuesday, May 24
    8:30AM - 12:00PM

    T3: Taking Terror out of Lead Free Circuit Board Surface Finishes and Assembly
    Bihari Patel, MacDermid
    Thursday, May 26
    1:30PM - 5:00PM

    T4: Tin Whisker: Historical Prospective, Test Method, Mechanisms, Reduction and Elimination
    Dr. Yun Zhang and Dr.Chen Xu, Cookson Electronics
    Thursday, May 26
    1:30PM - 5:00PM


    CMAP International Conference Sponsors The CMAP International Conference on Lead-free Soldering is organized by the Centre for Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging (CMAP) and co-sponsored by the SMTA Toronto Chapter, the National Electronic Manufacturing Initiative (NEMI), and the Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC) at SUNY Binghamton.

    Topics addressed during the conference include the following:
  • Design for Lead-free Product
  • SnPb with Lead-free Components
  • Manufacturing Process and Equipment
  • Environmental Impact
  • Rework in a Lead-free Environment
  • Lead-free for Harsh Environments
  • Low Temperature Soldering
  • Reliability
  • Metallurgical Issues
  • Tin Whiskers
  • Alloy Selection
  • Supply Chain Issues
  • Solderability
  • Labeling and Tracking
  • Surface Finishes

  • While this conference will target the "Golden Horseshoe" region of Canada and New York, global participation is expected from Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. Read through the conference brochure here, and visit the CMAP Web site for on-line registration.

    February 28


    Visit representatives from major suppliers and attend technical sessions


    Wednesday, June 8
    3M Company
    Corporate Campus
    Building 224
    St. Paul, MN
    Plan now to attend the Upper Midwest SMTA Vendor Show and visit with representatives from major industry suppliers, have a chance to win great door prizes, and enjoy technical sessions (and a free lunch)! Registration deadline for this event was May 27th- Registration for this program was required (there will be no on-site registration).

    Exhibit Space at the Upper Midwest SMTA Vendor Show is sold out.

    9:00AM - 3:00PM Exhibit Hours
    10:15AM - 11:00AM Technical Sessions
  • FCFP:Flip Chip on Flex Circuitry-What Makes it a Robust Process?
    Mike Peterson, Belton Technology
  • Integrated Place and Solder: An Emerging Trend in Selective Soldering
    Wolfgang Jeutter, Manz Automation, Inc.

  • 11:30AM - 1:00PM Lunch

    1:15PM - 2:00PM Technical Sessions
  • A Novel Adhesive for IC Packaging
    Michael Kropp and Andrew Behr, 3M Company
  • Why AOI?
    Tom Bell, Orbotech

  • 2:30PM Grand Prize Drawing (must be present to win)
    We are pleased to offer a raffle drawing with all proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Ticket cost is $2 and prizes include:
    - RedStone Gift Certificate
    - Home Depot Gift Certificates
    - Best Buy Gift Certificate
    - Flash Drive
    - Portable DVD Player
    - MP3 Player
    - 4 pack of Twins Tickets with $25 for parking or food

    Prizes were graciously sponsored by: Electronic Systems, Inc., Ellsworth Adhesives, Restronics Northland, Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems Inc., and Universal Instruments.

    AIM, Inc.
    Ascentec Engineering
    Benchside Technologies
    BEST Inc.
    Circuit Check, Inc.
    Coretec, Inc.
    Coridian Technologies, Inc.
    Dynatech Technology-Samsung
    Electri-Rep of Minnesota, Inc.
    Electronic Systems Inc.
    Electrotek Corporation
    Ellsworth Adhesives
    FCT Assembly
    Ferrian Sales & Associates
    FocalSpot, Inc.
    Global Stencil, Inc.
    GPD Global
    Hesse & Knipps
    HISCO, Inc.
    Indium Corporation of America
    Ironwood Electronics
    ITO Industries
    JMW Enterprises, Inc.
    Juki Automation Systems
    Kyzen Corporation
    Manz Automation, Inc.
    Materials Evaluation & Engineering
    Micro Control Company
    MicroTech Marketing, Inc.
    Omni-Tec, Inc.
    Orbotech, Inc.
    Peterson Sales & Associates
    Peterson-Nora Sales
    Photo Etch Technology
    Pro-Mation, Inc.
    Production Automation Corporation
    Production Solutions, Inc.
    Restronics Northland
    Siemens Dematic EAS Inc.
    TC Services
    Tecnomatix Technologies, Ltd.
    Tonka Electronics, Inc.
    Universal Instruments
    V-Tek, Inc.
    Zestron America

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