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December 2004

December 2    SMTA Philadelphia Chapter Meeting & Plant Tour - The SMT Placement Market at Algen Design Services   
December 6      
December 6    SMTA/IMAPS Central Texas (Austin) Chapter - Holiday Social Meeting   
December 7    SMTA Boston Chapter Meeting - Packaging for RF and Wireless & Low Cost European Bumping   
December 7    SMTA Nutmeg Chapter Meeting and Plant Tour - Lead-free Alternative Finishes at Uyemura USA Facility   
December 7    SMTA Wisconsin Chapter - Harsh Environments   
December 8    Oregon Annual Holiday/New Officers/End of Year Dinner.   
December 8    SMTA On-line Presentation - Selective Soldering   
December 9      
December 9    SMTA Workshop - Implementing Lead-free Assembly at Your Facility   
December 15    SMTA On-line Presentation - RoHS, WEEE and Other Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Directives   
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