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October 2004

October 10


Location: San Jose Doubletree Inn
2050 Gateway Place
San Jose, CA 95110
Show Hours: Varies each day - see below

October 11


The Oregon Chapter of the SMTA would like to invite you to this exciting educational event.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 17, 2004
WHERE: Tektronix Corporation, Beaverton, Oregon, Building 38 - East Dining Room
TIME: 8:30AM - 5:00PM
TOPIC: "Lean Management Principles and Practices"
INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Toni L. Doolen, Oregon State University
COST: $140 U.S. for SMTA members, $200 U.S. for non-members

This training session will provide attendees with an overview of the reasons for utilizing lean enterprise management strategies, the basic tools used in characterizing a value stream, and the key activities associated with using lean management techniques to improve organizational performance. In addition to introducing the fundamental principles of lean management, this training will also provide opportunities for participants to practice the tools discussed using interactive classroom activities.

Dr. Doolen is an Assistant Professor in the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department at Oregon State University. She teaches courses in electronics manufacturing, manufacturing, management systems engineering, human factors engineering, and industrial engineering. Her research is focused on manufacturing systems design, lean manufacturing, work group effectiveness, mobile technology in education, and error management and reduction.

Dr. Doolen received a B.S. in Material Science and Engineering and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University in 1987. She received an M.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford University in 1991. She received her PhD in Industrial Engineering from Oregon State University in 2001.

Prior to seeking her Ph.D., Dr. Doolen gained 12 years of manufacturing experience at Hewlett-Packard Company as an engineer, senior member of technical staff, and manager. As an engineering manager, she played a leadership role in managing highly automated manufacturing lines that produce inkjet cartridges for Hewlett-Packard's DeskJet printers. As the manager of systems engineering teams, she was responsible for the electrical design and software development of multiple production lines. Her team also had responsibility for supporting the replication of production lines and training of engineers from four other sites worldwide.

Dr. Doolen was a leading technical contributor in the creation and implementation of a process control methodology for two different Divisions of Hewlett Packard. She established a worldwide process control strategy for a family of high volume assembly lines in Singapore, Puerto Rico, Ireland, and Corvallis. Her technical capabilities in the area of process control were critical in the establishment of process control training and the implementation of process control tools such as control charts, process capabilities, and gauge analysis.

October 19


Arlington Convention Center
Arlington , TX

October 20 - 21


Academy Course and FREE Panel Discussion

Leaders Learning from Leaders The SMTA will be in Arlington, Texas, on October 20-21 at the Arlington Convention Center and will feature a course on Surface Mount Technology Fundamentals and a FREE Panel Discussion on Lead-Free.

Full-day courses: $425/$525 for SMTA members/non-members.

Contact SMTA chapter & education coordinator Espi MacMillan or director of education Kristin Nafstad for information on group packages.


T1: Surface Mount Technology Fundamentals
Professor S. Manian Ramkumar, Rochester Institute of Technology
Wednesday, October 20, 2004; 8:30am – 5:00pm

Course Description
This course will provide a thorough, introductory but comprehensive understanding of the surface mount and mixed technology assembly processes for electronics packaging. Topics include an in-depth coverage of PCBs, assembly types, component types, assembly process, assembly materials, identification of defects, troubleshooting and process control. Critical design tips for ease of manufacture and assembly will be discussed throughout the lecture. Tradeoff decisions between different materials and equipment types will also be highlighted.

  • Electronics & optoelectronics packaging & levels
  • PCB types, materials and manufacturing
  • Overview of through hole technology
  • Overview of surface mount technology
  • Stencil printing
  • Adhesive dispense
  • Component placement
  • Soldering
  • Cleaning
  • Testing
  • Rework and repair

  • Who Should Attend
    People with very little or no background in SMT. Process, design, test and quality engineers, process and quality technicians, operators, marketing, sales and purchasing staff and managers.


    Lead Free Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Gary Tanel, Elcoteq, Inc.
    Wednesday, October 20, 2004; 1:30pm – 3:30pm

  • Peter Biocca, Kester Corporation
  • Andrew Butterfield, Motorola, Inc.
  • Doug Peck, AEIC
  • Dr. Neil Poole, Henkel Technologies
  • Steve Dunford, Nokia Mobile Phones

  • Elimination of toxic lead in domestic and industrial use has gained considerable momentum in recent years. Usage of eutectic tin -lead solder has come under scrutiny and efforts are underway to replace it with alternative interconnection alloys. Although a choice of the materials has been made by the industry several implementation, and reliability issues are being addressed. While tin-lead solder has had almost a half-a-century reign in the industry with extensive technical literature the understanding of lead free solders is still at its infancy. Those who are contemplating implementing the lead free technology, those currently practicing this technology can benefit from this panel discussion. A broad and varied experience and expertise from materials, assembly, and reliability aspects of lead free technology are gathered through this panel of experts. They will share their expertise with the participants to make lead free solder implementation closer to reality.

    October 20


    SMTA Texas
    Arlington , TX

    October 21


    Sykworks Solutions, Inc.
    Irvine , CA 95612

    October 26


    Location: Radisson Hotel Columbus-Worthington
    7007 North High Street
    Worthington, OH 43085
    Show Hours: 11:00AM-3:00PM

    October 26


    Radisson Hotel Columbus
    Worthington , OH 43085

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