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January 2004

January 5    SMTA Hong Kong Chapter - First Inauguration Ceremony   
January 13    SMTA Boston Chapter Meeting - Six Sigma Process and Case Studies   
January 15    SMTA Atlanta Chapter Meeting - Corporate Cost Reductions and How Companies Are Making It Work   
January 15    SMTA West Penn Chapter Meeting - A Forum On Moisture Sensitive Devices   
January 16    SMTA Ohio Valley Chapter Meeting - DFX NPI, Software for CM’s, Shop Floor RFID Tags, and MSDs   
January 19    SMTA Central Texas (Austin) Chapter Technical Symposium   
January 21    SMTA Tampa Bay Chapter Meeting - Electronic Assembly Cleaning Material Advancements   
January 22    SMTA Empire Chapter Meeting and Tour - AOI Inspection Strategies at IEC Electronics Corporation   
January 27    SMTA Upper Midwest Chapter Meeting - Industry Trends   
January 28    SMTA CMAP (Toronto) Student Chapter Social Event - Wine, Cheese, and Industry-Student Networking   
January 28    SMTA Portland Chapter Meeting - Circuit Board Test Solutions for Complex, Low Volume Applications   
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