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May 2003

May 5      
May 6    SMTA On-line Presentation - India as a Destination Source for EMS   
May 7    SMTA Long Island Chapter Meeting - Non-destructive Visual Analysis of BGAs and CSPs   
May 9    SMTA West Penn Chapter Meeting - No-lead Solder   
May 13    SMTA Boston Chapter Meeting - Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)   
May 13    SMTA Upper Midwest Chapter Meeting - Trends in Electronic Packaging and The Negotiation Game   
May 15    SMTA Atlanta Chapter Meeting and Tour - New Emerging Technologies at Egent, Inc.   
May 19      
May 19 - 21    SMTA Certification - SMT Processes   
May 20      
May 20      
May 20 - 22    SMTA Certification - SMT Systems   
May 20    SMTA On-line Presentation - Lead-free Solder Reliability Issues   
May 21    SMTA Oregon Chapter Extended Meeting - Lead-free Process Developemnt and Solder Joint Reliability   
May 21    SMTA Tampa Bay Chapter Member Appreciation Night and Exhibit   
May 22    SMTA Rio Grande Valley (NM) Chapter Meeting and Tour - Emcore Optical Devices   
May 22    SMTA Silicon Valley Chapter Meeting - Changing to Lead-free and Green Packages   
May 28    SMTA Tri-City (Montreal) Chapter Meeting - Emerging Critical Issues to the SMT Assembly Industry   
May 29    SMTA On-line Presentation - Examining the SMTA Testability Guidelines TP-101C   
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