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SIPAD SYSTEMS INC. Celebrates 10 years

14 years after it was introduced, SIPAD process still being pioneered

10/14/2011 - SIPAD Systems Inc celebrated ten years of business in their Alpharetta GA location. The company began operations on September 1st, 2001, just ten days before the 911 tragedy. "Timing was not on our side, but I was committed to making this work," said Matt Kehoe, SIPAD president. Kehoe left his position at Midwest Printed Circuit Services (MPCS) to start SIPAD SYSTEMS, Inc. after setting up and managing the first SIPAD facility in the US at MPCS. "Leaving MPCS was difficult but I knew that if this process was going to grow we needed to be able to apply it to anyone's circuit boards, no matter where they were built".

SIPAD solid solder deposit (ssd) replaces solder paste stencil printing with a more predictable, repeatable and dependable attachment method. SIPAD Systems applies SIPAD to complex surface mount printed circuit boards enabling the attachment of all surface mount parts including very small, fine pitch and blind termination components, by hand or machine, with perfect results.

"We've carved out a niche in the high reliability commercial market, as well as the space and military industries" said Kehoe. SIPAD ssd is traditionally used in the small quantity arena either for prototypes or high reliability applications. SIPAD Systems customers include General Dynamics, NASA Goddard Space Flight, Jefferson Labs, Micromeritics, Harvard University, Kidee Aerospace and many other leading companies in the military, space and commercial markets.

SIPAD Systems Inc. was co-founded by Ray Crenshaw, a fixture in the printed circuit manufacturing industry for over fifty years. Crenshaw believed passionately in the SIPAD process as well as in Matt Kehoe's ability to successfully bring it to the US. Ray Crenshaw died in 2003 after working almost every day in the shop during the startup.

SIPAD Systems also manufactures laser cut stencils from the Alpharetta location.
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