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FCT Assembly to Showcase Proven Solder Paste and Stencil Technologies at SMTA International 2011


FCT Assembly Root Cause Analysis

MILPITAS, CA - FCT Assembly is pleased to announce that it will showcase its new line of no-clean, halogen-free solder pastes along with its latest stencil technologies in Booth #206 at the upcoming SMTA International Conference & Exhibition, scheduled to take place October 18-19, 2011 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, TX.
NL930PT is a no-clean, lead-free, halogen-free pin probable solder paste. The paste is unique in that it is a clear residue, pin probable paste that can print down to low surface area ratios consistently.  
NC676 features best-in-class solder spread and wetting, print volume consistency down to 12 mm circles and IPC 7095 Class III resistance to voiding using both straight ramp and soak reflow profiles. The no-clean, halogen-free paste leaves a colorless residue that is penetrable, maximizing pin testability.
WS889 is FCT's newest lead-free water soluble solder paste. The paste provides excellent wetting on all surface finishes with consistent printing down to low surface area ratios and can be run in R/H of 30-65 percent without slump.
WS159 water-soluble solder paste offers best-in-class solder spread and wetting. It also features print volume consistency down to 12 mm circles and IPC 7095 Class III resistance to voiding using both straight ramp and soak reflow profiles. WS159 is fully cleanable, with the widest cleaning process window in its class.
SN100C Bar Solder is used in thousands of wave soldering machines around the world and has proven its reliability in products exposed to the most severe service environments. Features to be highlighted at the show include:
  • Low drossing
  • Low copper erosion
  • Shiny finish
  • Easiest maintenance of all lead-free alloys
  • Joint reliability at least equal to that of Sn63/Pb37
  • Over 1.5 billion products assembled using SN100C with no known defects
Fine Line Stencil will showcase its new UltraSlic™ Stencil with Nano-Coating. UltraSlic™ high performance stencil technology has become the preferred choice when printing assemblies with challenging miniature components. The addition of a permanent, hydrophobic nano-coating to the UltraSlic™ stencil foil minimizes solder paste's ability to stick to the stencil apertures and the bottom side of the foil.  Up to a 10X increase in the number of prints before cleaning the stencil is possible as well as successful printing at surface area ratios below 0.45. The addition of nano-coating to the UltraSlic™ stencil further increases the performance gap between it and any other stencil technology available today.
Representatives from FCT Assembly and Fine Line Stencil will be on hand at the show to discuss the company's innovative Root Cause Analysis Service.  Most OEMs and CMs are periodically confronted with challenging assemblies that have low yields and have to be fixed at rework. Unfortunately, rework costs time and money, and decreases the reliability of the product. These assembly challenges will only increase as component sizes continue to decrease. OEMs and CMs can surely determine the root cause(s) of the low yields, but most don't have the capacity, nor the time, to take on this difficult task.  
FCT Assembly developed its Root Cause Analysis Service to specifically address the need to quickly determine the root cause(s) of low yields anywhere in the assembly process and then provide a sound solution to its customers for yield improvement. This proven process can dramatically improve process yields with any assembly, regardless of complexity.
For more information about FCT Assembly's new paste or stencil technologies, stop by Booth #206 at SMTA International or visit

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