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ZESTRON News 2011 - Why Clean?


Manassas, VA - June 27, 2011 - ZESTRON America's spring edition of ZESTRON News goes back to basics providing the latest information on the topics of cleaning in the electronics manufacturing industry.

The feature article titled "Back to Basics - Why Clean?" provides an in-depth look at the reasons for cleaning electronic assemblies. While circuit boards in ordinary consumer products are not intended to last, high reliability applications in the military, aerospace, communication, medical and automotive industries demand a guaranteed, long-term product life.  Effectively removing contamination is one step toward guaranteeing the long-term reliability of mission critical circuit assemblies. 
In addition, the case study "Validating the Effectiveness of Your Cleaning Process with Ion Chromatography" explains the working principle of this analytical methodology and how it can be used to determine the cleanliness level of your substrate.
The third article titled "ZESTRON Academy" presents ZESTRON's latest initiative to provide cleaning education to the industry.  Through tradeshows, technical presentations and seminars as well as collaboration with experts and press and, of course, our daily customer contact, ZESTRON has recognized a tremendous demand for cleaning education  sought by engineers new to the industry as well as seasoned professionals.  To fill this void, the company established ZESTRON academy featuring workshops, webinars and an extensive technical library.
Furthermore, this ZESTRON News edition explains how the company is meeting the growing market demands in South Asia.
ZESTRON America's latest ZESTRON News is now available in printed as well as in PDF format and can also be viewed on ZESTRON's website at To receive a copy, please contact us at 888-999-9116 or email 

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