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LORD Corporation Receives Outstanding Customer Service Award


(Cary, NC - June 27, 2011) - LORD Corporation - a leading supplier of thermal management materials, adhesives, coatings and encapsulants to the electronics, LED and solar industries -has been recognized for outstanding customer service by Vicor. 
An industry leader in the manufacture of modular power components and power systems, Vicor is headquartered in Andover, Mass. Vicor sells its power converters and systems to the communications, data processing, industrial control, test equipment, medical, and defense electronics markets. In May 2011, Vicor held their annual supplier day, an event that recognizes their supply base. Approximately 35 suppliers were invited to attend. LORD was one of only five companies recognized for outstanding customer service. 
"LORD Corporation prides itself on customer service," said Jim Greig, sales and marketing manager Electronic Materials. "To be recognized by Vicor for exceptional performance in this area is a great reward for the whole team."
Since the early 1990s, LORD Corporation has been a major supplier to Vicor. Initially using a LORD thermally conductive epoxy potting system for its DC-DC converters, Vicor went on to apply several LORD formulations to their production process. LORD has developed thermally conductive silicone encapsulants, and thermally conductive low-modulus silicone materials that allowed Vicor to advance its production methods for surface-mount devices. Further custom formulations were developed for Vicor in the early 2000s for military and aerospace applications.
Today, one of the most recent formulations for Vicor is a low-viscosity, thermally conductive material. This new material allows Vicor to manufacture converters with high-power performance in a smaller package, while maintaining its high-volume production.

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