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STI Electronics, Inc. Breaks Sales Record Again


STI Electronics, Inc., a full service organization providing training, electronic and industrial distribution, consulting, laboratory analysis, prototyping, and small- to medium-volume PCB assembly, announces that it has broken its all-time sales record for the month of March.
The combination of the company's three core businesses contributed to the accomplishment. STI's Engineering Services include failure analysis, microelectronics and the analytical lab, as well as prototype and small volume manufacturing. STI's Training Services include hands-on training and certification, as well as training materials. Finally, as a nationwide distributor of more than 120 product lines, STI sells equipment and consumable supplies to electronics and industrial manufacturers.      
"We are so pleased to announce that we have once again broken our all-time sales record for the month of March. This is the best example of the trust that our customers put into our organization and I want to extend a hardy thank you. Also, I would be remiss in not mentioning the wonderful employees at STI that continue to wow our customers with exceptional customer service. Thank you to both our customers and employees, for without both, none of this would be possible," said David Raby, President & CEO.
The goal of STI is to meet or exceed any standards of workmanship demanded by its customers. No one in the industry is better prepared to meet the expanding standards of quality required in today's competitive market than STI Electronics. The company protects customers' proprietary designs and right to privacy, especially those relating to PCB assembly services for the military in which defense and security issues are key.

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