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Sipad Systems Inc. (SSI) Hires Sales Manager

SSI growing strong despite poor economy

Alpharetta, Georgia, January 14, 2011 - SIPAD Systems, Inc. (SSi) today announced that Joseph D'Andrea will join the Alpharetta-based firm as sales manager. Mr. D'Andrea brings a wealth of experience, having worked in the interconnection technology industry for more than 30 years. Before joining SIPAD, he was sales manager with Printed Circuits Corp. for three years, and prior to that he spent 11 years in sales as regional and domestic sales manager with T-Tech, Inc. Mr. D'Andrea served as southeast branch manager at Hitachi Chemicals' Electro Product Division, which specialized in multiwire circuit boards. He also worked for Wire Graphics, Inc., Augat/ ESP and T/B Cablescan. He has a long history as a volunteer with the Atlanta Surface Mount Technology (SMTA) chapter and was recognized with a service achievement award in 2007 for his contribution as VP/Technical Presentations Committee. Mr. D'Andrea has an MBA in both marketing and business administration from Farleigh Dickinson University in Rutherford, New Jersey.
"We are looking forward to reaping the benefits of the many years of sales experience that Joe brings to our organization. He understands the sales process as well as anyone I know and better than many I've met," said Matt Kehoe, owner of SIPAD Systems. 
SIPAD Systems Inc. is a ten-year-old Georgia-based independent SIPAD solid solder deposit service bureau, offering SIPAD ssd coating services to OEMs, CEMs and PCB facilities throughout the U.S. SIPAD Systems also manufactures stainless steel stencils in the Alpharetta location. 
The SIPAD process was invented in Germany by Dr. Werner Maiwald of Siemens AG. The process pre-loads the surface mount pads with flattened solid solder deposits that are coated with adhesive flux to hold components securely in place, eliminating the need for screening solder paste prior to the reflow process. The boards are delivered with a protective paper to keep the flux tacky for up to 6 months. Parts can be placed by hand or automatically. 
SSi's primary customer base includes original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that assemble their own boards and outsource to SIPAD rather than buying new printers to handle the challenges of the finer pitch parts. Beginning with prototypes and continuing into production, these OEMs have eliminated raw lead/paste in their facility and increased their throughput and yields using SIPAD ssd.

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