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Patent Awarded for Converting Leaded IC's to RoHS Compliant


New Way Technologies was awarded a US Patent, January 1, 2011, titled: Method for Converting Electrical Components.   
Patent Abstract states:
A method for removing an undesirable material from an electronic or electrical component and introducing a desirable material in place of the undesirable material.  The method can include the replacement of a leaded material found on the component with a no-lead material to meet governmental directives including those of the European Union.        
New Way Technologies announces agreement to extend licensing with E-Certa, for their newly awarded patented process.  This patented process has been successfully engineered and tested and is currently being used by the electronic manufacturing and franchise distribution industry.  E-Certa will continue to perform total RoHS compliant conversion from lead to no lead for IC's and Semiconductors.  They also have the capability to convert no-lead (Pb) to leaded (Pb) components for military, aerospace and any other RoHS-exempted applications.
New Way Technologies has chosen E-Certa for this licensing agreement because they have been established as an A2LA accredited, ISO17025 laboratory, providing test results (X-ray fluorescence (XRF) screening on incoming product and conversion), certificate of compliance, new package labeling, and a material composition declaration form to ensure due diligence. Using New Way Technologies licensing will allow E-Certa the capability to continue converting semiconductors from leaded to lead free The company also offers an optional laser-etched E-Certa logo on the part for RoHS identification.
Recent franchised distribution allocations of pb free product constitutes the conversion of leaded product to solve current allocation problems.  This process is used for higher end devices (priced upward of $1.50) unless there is a shortage or obsolescence to justify the expense.

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