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UP Media Group Unveils Printed Circuit University

The premier online training resource for your learning - on your time

SMYRNA, GA, JANUARY 31, 2011 - UP Media Group Inc. today announced the opening of Printed Circuit University (, the industry's first online e-learning and training resource for professionals involved in the engineering and design of printed circuit boards and related technologies. 
Printed Circuit University is built on the robust, established and time-proven beTheSignal e-learning platform, and features instruction by Dr. Eric Bogatin. UP Media Group will demonstrate Printed Circuit University for the first time at DesignCon, January 31 - February 2, 2011, at the Santa Clara (CA) Convention Center.
In today's fast-paced world of electronics design, the design team is tasked with producing ever more complicated designs in shorter time frames and on tighter schedules. As technology evolves, designers must deal with
<li>New manufacturing technologies and capabilities
<li>Smaller and more complex components
<li>Increasingly complex signal integrity issues
<li>New regulations and standards
<li>New tools and tool sets
"Onsite conferences and trade shows, while extremely valuable, face hurdles such as slashed travel budgets and time away from the office," says Pete Waddell, president of UP Media Group. "One of the ways to address these issues is to harness the power of the Internet to mimic the networking and classroom setting and experience. Printed Circuit University fills this need." 
Printed Circuit University's (PCU) mission is to provide online educational resources in technologies and techniques for printed circuit board design, as well as a professional social network to further the education and capabilities of engineers, designers and managers involved in those technologies.
The virtual campus is rich in white papers, webinars, flash presentations and a host of other accessible resources – all at no charge. Visitors need only register one time for complete access to this network of information from an ever-growing list of experts and sources.  
In addition to these free resources, Printed Circuit University offers the tuition-based Design Excellence Certificate Program, a structured curriculum for all levels of design expertise. The First Design Excellence curriculum to be offered will be a series of signal integrity courses designed by Dr. Eric Bogatin. The Design Excellence Certificate courses include an exam that students are required to pass before receiving their certificate. Future curricula will include courses based on core PCB design techniques, Design for Manufacturing and Assembly, and specific curricula for PCB technologies. Students may subscribe for individual curricula and courses or purchase an annual subscription that gives unlimited access to all Printed Circuit University classes for a 12-month period. 
About UP Media Group Inc.
UP Media Group Inc. ( is a privately held company that specializes in serving the global PCB community through print, digital and online products, as well as live and virtual events. UPMG publishes PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN & FAB ( and CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY (, and a daily e-newsletter, PCB UPdate ( UPMG produces a variety of trade shows and conferences, including these industry-leading shows: Virtual PCB ( and PCB West ( UPMG also produces live and on-demand technical webinars for electronics industry professionals. Visit for links to upcoming trade shows and webinars.

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