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Unicomp North America, LLC Equips ZESTRON America's Technical Center with Its SC-PII


Manassas, VA – June 29, 2010 - ZESTRON America, the worldwide leader in precision cleaning products and services for the electronics manufacturing industry, is pleased to announce the successful installation of Unicomp's SC-PII Spray-in-air Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner at the company's US Application Technology Center.  With the addition of this new system, ZESTRON America is now able to offer an even more extensive line of high precision cleaning equipment by leading manufacturers, all of which are available for free-of-charge customer cleaning trials and compatibility testing.
The SC-PII Stencil Cleaner is completely pneumatic and therefore operates without any risk of fire. Its high quality components ensure long-term reliability and the replaceable, modularized control unit is easily maintained.  Furthermore, the SC-PII is simple to operate and ergonomically designed.  A one-button operation allows the user to control the cleaning and drying process and an automatic feeding and draining system further facilitates its ease-of-use.  The special nozzle design ensures exceptional cleanliness levels without compromising the stencil's tension.  Additionally, the triplex filter system featuring precise exhaust controls allows for the cleaning bath to be recycled, thereby lowering consumption and saving costs.  
ZESTRON tested Unicomp's stencil cleaner for the removability of wet solder paste and adhesives from SMT stencils and mis-printed boards using ZESTRON's MPC® Technology-based VIGON® SC 200 and solvent-based ZESTRON® SD 301.  Excellent cleaning results were achieved during this study.  Both cleaning agents were found to be effective in Unicomp's SC-PII stencil cleaner.

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