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Richard A. Burke's Interview with Global SMT & Packaging Highlights ZESTRON's Latest Developments


Manassas, VA - May 18, 2010 - During the recent IPC/APEX 2010, Richard A. Burke, Northeast Regional Sales Manager joined Trevor Galbraight, Editor-in-Chief of Global SMT & Packaging to discuss ZESTRON's latest developments and future goals.  In the interview, Burke highlighted ZESTRON's 2010 Global Link Initiative, cleaning process challenges, environmental considerations, services and the company's worldwide leadership position as an innovator in the industry.
ZESTRON has been synonymous with high precision cleaning product, process and service solutions for more than 35 years.  With manufacturing, application technology and analytical facilities in the US, Germany, China and Malaysia, ZESTRON is able to fully support its customers, locally and globally.  
"As a truly global company with four locations in different parts of the world, our goal was to create a borderless environment, enabling not only our external customers but also our internal team to communicate effectively and efficiently, and to solve even the most intricate cleaning challenges as well as provide access to ZESTRON's global engineering knowledge base from virtually anywhere and at any time," said Burke.  "Our global link initiative is focused on four key areas:  an enhanced customer support infrastructure and key account management program, four fully functional state-of-the-art technical centers, an upgraded secure global database as well as a high definition video teleconferencing system."
"Potential customers in the market for a cleaning process should carefully consider several important points when choosing a cleaning partner.  Environmental compliance, cost-effectiveness, chemistry consumption, a broad engineering knowledge base, proven technologies, complete material compatibility between the chemistry, machine and substrate, as well as  process reproducibility are just some of the factors to address that, in turn, will lead to the lowest operating costs for the user," Burke further explains. 

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