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RPS Introduces New 3D Fiducial Vision Inspection


Spokane Valley, WA - RPS Automation LLC, a manufacturer of precision soldering automation equipment to the OEM, circuit board manufacturing and assembly industries, today announced the introduction of RPS Vision Correct™, a fully integrated fiducial inspection and auto correction solution for use with all RPS selective soldering systems. This product option is available immediately and will be at APEX 2010 in Las Vegas.
Reid Henry, Engineering Director for RPS, stated, "this is a major leap forward in ease of use, affordability and performance. Engineered specifically for RPS selective soldering, our new fiducial inspection package will enable automated high precision soldering accuracy which is so important to RPS customers."
RPS Fiducial Correct uses stored images to validate known fiducial points and other indicators. The soldering process will stop if fiducial patterns are not found— preventing damage to high value PCB's that may be improperly loaded. Fiducial Correct will also identify position errors of detected fiducials and use correction algorithms to adjust the soldering program by the X and Y axes deltas. “This new vision correction system is fast, accurate and easy to use. This is another RPS engineering innovation that sets RPS selective soldering apart in performance and ease of use,” said Reed Gaither, CEO  of RPS Automation.

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