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Manassas, VA – February 2, 2010 Customers can now take a new, enhanced "virtual tour" of ZESTRON America’s facility in Manassas, VA from the comforts of their own computers by visiting The expanded, web-based tour is designed to showcase the capabilities offered to support ZESTRON’s customers around the globe. While certain areas are secure and could not be shown, visitors to the site will have total access and detailed views of all customer support facilities including the application technology center, which houses 15 state-of-the-art pieces of equipment from leading manufacturers. "The initial idea for a virtual tour came from a customer who conducted cleaning trials at our facility shortly after visiting our main competitor. The overwhelming positive reaction made us realize that we had not effectively differentiated our capabilities," said Michael McCutchen, Sales and Marketing Manager, ZESTRON America. "In the past, customers needed to visit one of our four global locations to see an important component of what makes ZESTRON different in this industry. Not anymore. This project allows us to utilize the innovative technology of a 360-degree virtual tour to showcase our Technical Centers in such a way that customers can decide for themselves who is best equipped to ensure success." The virtual tour of ZESTRON America is only the beginning. Tours of each Technical Center in China, Europe and Malaysia are scheduled as part of the previously announced "Global Link" initiative. Once completed, the virtual tours will allow customers to assess the capabilities of each site prior to engaging in projects such as ZESTRON’s free-of-charge cleaning trials. "We have grown to be the leader in precision cleaning because of our unwavering commitment to process improvement. ZESTRON prides itself on providing electronics manufacturers, who insist on eliminating long term reliability concerns, with the absolute best precision cleaning processes available. This is only possible when you can approximate your customers’ production conditions. Our Technical Centers certainly provide a huge advantage over our competitors and they are something we want customers to see for themselves," says Dr. Harald Wack, President, ZESTRON.

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