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ZESTRON Focuses on Providing Greener Cleaning Chemistries and Technologies in 2010


Manassas, VA - January 5, 2010 In an effort conduct its business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, ZESTRON America, the worldwide integrated and leading provider of high precision cleaning products and services, is expanding its focus on greener cleaning chemistries and technologies in 2010. As the Stockholm Accord began to lay the foundation for legislative policies mandating countries to adopt greener technologies, the electronics manufacturing industry has been embracing environmentally conscious technologies for quite some time. ZESTRON assumed the leadership role in this movement by developing pH-neutral aqueous cleaning agents such as VIGON® N 501 in 2009. This product is fully biodegradable and free of any halogenated compounds and therefore meets the latest RoHS and WEEE guidelines as well as current worker safety standards and environmental requirements. Additionally, as DI-water has a limited ability to thoroughly clean water soluble flux residues under low standoff components, ZESTRON's R&D Department has developed new cleaning agents that will remove this type of contamination at very low concentrations. Furthermore, ZESTRON's green initiative is focused on providing customers with process optimization techniques leading to energy and chemistry preservation, thus resulting in a minimal impact on the environment and substantial cost savings. These include but are not limited to ZESTRON’s 10-Step Cost Reduction Guideline, the ZESTRON® Bath Analyzer, designed to closely monitor bath concentration, as well as the ZESTRON® Demister and Condenser which offer the capability to maximize respective chemistry returns while reducing the amount of VOC emissions. Within the high precision cleaning industry, any company that has the ability to offer products and services that preserve the environment and save costs, will guide the way to greener and leaner cleaning processes worldwide.

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