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December 2009 A Busy Month for Weiner International Associates (WIA)


During the last month of the year WIA completed its relocation from Danbury, Connecticut to Plymouth, Massachusetts. On December 1, Gene H. Weiner, President of the well known consultancy, attended the 4th 2009 Wong's Kong King International (Holdings) Ltd. Board of Directors meeting in Hong Kong. At the annual joint Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association and IPC Conference and Exhibition held in Shenzhen, China December 2-4 he presented the views of his company and its Senior Associates of five new technologies and products that would make an impact upon the interconnect's fabrication and assembly industries. These included specifics on nano particles and spaces, print electronics and OLED's, nano solders, a major direct laser imaging advance, and new high energy flash exposure systems for solder masks. While at the event he participated in the launch of Wong's Kong King Distribution's new automated solder mask printing system, The X-Box, that exposes photoimageable solder masks in less than five seconds. In early product profiling tests the X-Box demonstrated a capability of producing 75 micron dams in 25 micron (1.0 mil) thick solder masks. The system was secretly developed and built in the company's Shanghai, China facility. On December 9 Weiner was appointed to the Advisory Council of Post University's MBA program. He and several other new MBA Advisory Board members were hosted by the University Chancellor, Tom Samph, other University officers, The MBA Program Director and key professors at a dinner meeting at the Waterbury Country Club. Several years ago, Weiner actively participated in the formation of, approval, and establishment of the University's MBA program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Now, this new rapidly growing award winning accredited program has graduated its first class, and has a current enrollment of 300 students. Post University, founded over 100 years ago as a business school, is now ranked 18th among online education providers according to the Online Education Database (OEDb), a national resource for online degree programs.

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