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ZESTRON Corporation Hosts SMTA D.C. Meeting on November 11, 2009


Manassas, VA - November 3, 2009 ZESTRON America, the world leader in high precision cleaning products and services, is pleased to announce that it will host an SMTA D.C. meeting at its facility (11285 Assett Loop, Manassas, VA 20109) on Wednesday, November 11, 2009 at 5:00 pm. ZESTRON’S Application Technology Manager, Umut Tosun, will present "Limitations of Cleaning with DI-Water!"

Recent market research studies have shown that DI-Water has clearly reached its limitations with regard to OA flux removal. As the electronics manufacturing industry is moving towards an increased use of lead-free solder pastes, DI-Water alone can no longer meet today's cleanliness requirements. Lead-free solder pastes require higher operating temperatures, which unfortunately result in more burnt-in fluxes and residues insoluble in water. They are difficult to remove with DI-Water only. Furthermore, due to its high surface tension of over 70 dynes/cm, DI-Water cannot effectively penetrate the space underneath low standoff components.

The alternatives to DI-Water are aqueous-based chemistries that contain active ingredients and are usually diluted with DI-Water. This presentation will show that the use of chemistries in high precision cleaning processes will lead to better bonding and coating after cleaning, lower application temperatures, wider process windows and therefore an overall reduction in operating costs.

Space is limited. Please register for this presentation by contacting Alfred Freire, SMTA D.C. Chapter, 410-747-1120, or

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