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ZESTRON News – Vapor Recovery Systems Help Reduce VOC Emissions


Manassas, VA. - October 19, 2009 - The latest edition of ZESTRON America’s ZESTRON News introduces the newly developed Vapor Recovery Systems – ZESTRON® Condenser and ZESTRON® Demister.

ZESTRON demisters and condensers are specifically designed for the recovery of exhaust vapors originating from automated cleaning processes without negatively effecting the operation of the associated equipment. The impact on the annual cleaning costs can be dramatic. Furthermore, VOC emissions are also significantly reduced, which can help customers meet the stringent local environmental regulations.

The ZESTRON® Condenser enables a maximum recovery of cleaning agent up to 85%. The unit can be applied in cleaning processes utilizing products from the VIGON® and ATRON® product family. The ZESTRON® Demister significantly decreases evaporative losses and reduces operating costs by recovering up to 14% of the cleaning agent. The unique internal air flow design of the ZESTRON® Demister does not promote any “clogging”, i.e. no negative impact on the exhaust blower. Unlike other available systems, the ZESTRON® Demister does not require additional blower capacity resulting in lower energy costs. The integrated access option supports easy routine maintenance.

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