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(Cary, NC – July 8, 2009) LORD Corporation - a leading supplier of thermal management materials, adhesives, coatings and encapsulants to the electronics industry - has announced the availability of a thermally conductive grease that does not pump out. LORD TC-501 Grease – “the Intelligent Grease” - was developed to be a no pump-out material to replace greases used as thermal interface materials (TIM) between the heat spreader and the heat sink (commonly known as TIM2). TC-501 Grease, a silicone TIM, provides high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance for applications in which superior heat dissipation is required. Unlike commercially available greases that eventually pump out, LORD TC-501 grease was developed using proprietary technology that prevents pump-out.

According to Sara Paisner, Staff Scientist for Microelectronics Technology at LORD Corporation, “TC-501 Grease is a great example of an innovative technology solving complex fundamental problems for the next generation of thermal management. This material allows for the use of thermal greases in applications previously restricted due to the risk of pump-out.”

Created in response to a need expressed by LORD customers for a thermally conductive grease that does not pump out, TC-501 Grease can be used in a variety of applications.

“Most greases eventually pump out, and as a result, their use is limited in microelectronic packages,” said Paisner. “However, this non-pump-out grease expands the application space for greases to a variety of packages that cannot go through a cure profile required normally by non-grease TIMs.”

“LORD Corporation looks forward to working with key OEMs and contract manufacturers to implement this new patent pending technology in demanding applications. TC-501 is expected to significantly improve reliability resulting in reduced costs and increased sales for our customer partners,” said Adam Conklin, Global Market Manager – Electronic Materials.

More information on LORD TC-501, the Intelligent Grease, can be found at Additional information can be obtained by contacting LORD Corporation by e-mail at

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