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RPS Selective Soldering Systems to use Parker domnick hunter for Nitrogen Generation

RPS in partnership with leading supplier of N2 generation equipment; customers in production.

Spokane Valley, WA, March, 12, 2009 - RPS Automation LLC, a global supplier of selective soldering, lead tinning and solder test equipment to the electronics manufacturing industry, today announced an integrated partnership with Parker domnick hunter, a global leader in gas generation, to supply N2 Generation equipment to RPS selective soldering customers. 
"High purity nitrogen can greatly benefit the selective soldering process”, said Reed Gaither, CEO of RPS Automation.  “We are pleased to partner with a leader in the field of gas generation to provide our customers with nitrogen production that is reliable, high quality and cost effective.”

As part of the partnership, domnick hunter is manufacturing nitrogen generators specifically for RPS selective soldering applications. These N2 generation systems provide high quality nitrogen on a 24x7 basis, long-term dependability and rapid ROI.  RPS customers are achieving payback in as little 30 days with attractive leasing, and in 6-12 months when purchased in full.

RPS selective soldering systems require 30 CFH of high purity nitrogen to inert the soldering mini-wave nozzle.  This volume of nitrogen usage is extremely efficient, but nitrogen remains a consumable item that is needed in a reliable and high quality format.   Many selective soldering customers endure the cost, burden and undependability of nitrogen supplied via nitrogen tanks.  These tanks need to be replaced on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Tank replacement is time consuming, labor intensive and results in lost production time.  Nitrogen generation systems provide a more dependable and productive alternative.   

Unique highlights of the partnership include: 
o Parker domnick hunter is producing a unique product line for RPS.
o RPS technicians have been certified by domnick hunter for N2 system installations and customer training.
o All N2 generator sales include installation, training and hook-up to the RPS selective soldering system.
o RPS N2 generators include 1 year full warranty and an optional 2 year warranty.

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