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ZESTRON Offers more Cost-effective Alternatives to IPA


Manassas, VA - March 10th, 2009 The trend to replace IPA is ongoing as global manufacturers are seeking higher cleaning performance and more environmentally friendly solutions. IPA is oftentimes used in stencil and maintenance cleaning applications as it is perceived as very inexpensive per unit.

In times of financial hardship, most companies are looking to realize savings where at all possible. The use of IPA is contrary to its perception not less but more expensive than the currently available alternatives. For one, IPA has a low flash point of only 53.6 °F which results in significantly higher evaporation rates, while requiring the use of explosion proof equipment. Secondly it is severely limited in its ability to adsorb contamination, which results in more frequent bath changes and higher overall process cost.

The two viable alternatives to IPA are modern solvents and water-based product technologies.  For example modern ZESTRON solvents have a much higher flash point while providing for a much improved cleaning result. This means, fewer product losses due to evaporation and a longer cleaning ability. Alternatively, water-based cleaning agents such as MPC® Technology-based products have no flash points, evaporate very slowly and typically last 6-8 months prior to a bath change. Additional savings potentials result from less waste generation as well as lower shipping and handling costs.

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