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Cleaning Prior to Conformal Coating

ZESTRON Successfully Presented at the Penang SMTA Chapter Vendor Day

Manassas, Va. – November 25, 2008 ZESTRON is pleased to announce its successful participation during the recent Penang SMTA Chapter Vendor on Friday, November 14, 2008 in Penang, Malaysia.

Christian Aßfalg, accredited Cleaning Expert and Senior Process Engineer with ZESTRON presented a recently completed study on “Cleaning Requirements Prior to Conformal Coating”. This study showed, that the number of contaminations such as greases, flux residues and surfactant-based cleaning agents which are created during the assembly processes, can severely impact the adhesion of protective coatings and might lead to corrosion and electrical failure.  Therefore, proper cleaning of the contaminated boards becomes an essential process step.

About 100 participants showed great interest in Aßfalg’s presentation, as he elaborated on problems and required corrective actions needed to achieve high reliability assemblies. He described the requirements for the surface cleanliness of assemblies prior to conformal coating and presented fast and cost-effective test methods to analyze the cleanliness level. Furthermore he outlined necessary steps to overcome cleaning process limitations and potential improvements on quality and cost.

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