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Year of the Designer Web Site Goes Live

Cornerstone of yearlong celebration of PCB design profession

Read more about UP Media Group on the <i>Circuits Assembly</i> magazine detail page in the Member Directory UP Media Group, Inc. (UPMG) has announced that the Year of the Designer Web site is now live at The new Web site, which is the cornerstone of UP Media Group's yearlong celebration of the printed circuit board (PCB) design profession, provides designers with a forum for sharing "war stories", swapping ideas, discussing issues and staying informed about upcoming Year of Designer events.

UP Media Group officially designated 2006 to be the Year of the Designer in an announcement made last fall at PCB East 2005. UPMG president Pete Waddell explained, "Everyone likes to feel that they are appreciated or that what they do is important. For over 20 years, a large part of our focus has been on PCB designers." "Many people think that designers are under-appreciated and under-recognized. Whether that is true or not, we recognize that design is the foundation on which all electronics products are built. We also believe that the PCB designers of the world should receive the credit they deserve."

The Year of the Designer Web site focuses on a variety of designer interests, with sections including:
  • "Designer Spotlight" to help give designers the recognition they deserve.
  • "Design Firm Focus" to detail your neighborhood service bureaus.
  • "My In Box" to spotlight designs that designers are working on.
  • "Deep Thoughts" to explain what designers like about designing boards and more.
  • "Favorite Design Tool" to let designers discuss their favorite tools.
  • "The Rant" to tackle issues plaguing designers at the moment.
  • "Designer’s Library" to prove life exists outside of design.
  • "The Listening Room" to highlight the tunes that fill designers' headphones.

  • The site's content will be updated as often as possible and will continually grow - based in part on the amount of content that PCB designers themselves contribute.

    "The site is live, but we need your help to keep the content fresh," said Waddell. "I know many designers have strong opinions, and we want to hear them. Tell us about your favorite EDA tool or the design you're working on, or simply 'rant' about a pet peeve."

    All PCB designers are invited to attend the Year of the Designer Reception at PCB Design Conference West 2006 on March 29 in Santa Clara, CA. Visit to learn more, and read more about UP Media Group on the Circuits Assembly magazine detail page in the Member Directory.

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