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ZESTRON Study Concludes Modern Cleaners Alleviate Lead-free Issues

Contaminant removal inhibits dendrite growth and bolsters reliability

Read more about ZESTRON on their corporate member detail page in the Member Directory A recent ZESTRON study concluded that chemically supported cleaning offsets potential for climatic failures by lead-free solder.

"A process employing modern cleaning agents will prevent the potential for climatic failures," said ZESTRON applications technology manager Umut Tosun at a recent PCB cleaning workshop. "Silver, which is commonly used in lead-free solder paste formulations, has an affinity to form dendrites that often electrochemically migrate - a source of climatic failure. A suitable cleaning process with a modern cleaning agent will remove the contaminants and thus inhibit dendrite growth." During his presentation, "Is Climatic Reliability Endangered by Lead-free Assemblies?", Tosun also referenced a related lead-free study that had earlier concluded that no problems for current users of modern cleaners are to be expected with the lead-free conversion. "While cleaning is going to be a necessity when using lead-free pastes, satisfactory cleaning results can still be obtained by using a modern cleaning agent," he said.

Tosun presented these results to more than 45 industry engineers as part of MPS Associates' PCB Cleaning Seminar in Westford, MA. Other seminar participants included Alpha Metals, REsys, Specialty Coating Systems, and Speedline Technologies.

Read more about ZESTRON on their corporate member detail page in the Member Directory.

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