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Libra Installs New Selective Soldering Machine

Increasing efficiency, reproducibility, and automation

Go to the detail page for Libra Industries in the Member Directory Libra Industries recently installed a state-of-the-art selective soldering machine from Vitronics Soltec. This new technology provides a number of advantages for Libra and their customers, including increased efficiency and reproducibility, as well as the ability to employ traditional and lead-free soldering on the same production line.

Libra Industries president Rod Howell "For implementation of lead-free solder alloys the system includes two solder reservoirs; one with traditional tin-lead solder, and the other with lead-free alloy. This allows us to produce either technology on the same line," says Rod Howell, president of Libra Industries.

For any ‘point soldering’ operations the selective soldering machine automates the process and eliminates manual soldering labor for maximized efficiency and improved reproducibility. Additionally, the technology allows Libra to reduce manual masking processes for traditional wave soldering required to protect areas that cannot be soldered.

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