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UP Media Group Announces Year of the Designer

Yearlong celebration honors PCB designers throughout 2006

Read more about UP Media Group on the Circuits Assembly magazine detail page in the Member Directory UP Media Group, Inc. (UPMG) officially announced the Year of the Designer - a yearlong celebration that will honor printed circuit board (PCB) designers throughout 2006 - at the 10th anniversary PCB Design Conference East 2005 (held on October 10-14 at the Expo Center of New Hampshire in Manchester, NH).

"Everyone likes to feel that they are appreciated or that what they do is important," said UPMG president Pete Waddell. "For over 20 years, a large part of our focus has been on PCB designers. Many people think that designers are under-appreciated and under-recognized. Whether that is true or not, we recognize that design is the foundation on which all electronics products are built. We also believe that PCB designers of the world should receive the credit they deserve. "How do we intend to do this?" asked Waddell. "First, we have officially designated 2006 to be the Year of the Designer. Second, we’ve come up with a great tagline that most designers will identify with - Off Grid and Proud of It - that is sure to end up on a t-shirt and other items. Third, the cornerstone of this yearlong celebration of the PCB design profession will be a new Web site,, which will go live in late December just in time for the new year."

The new Web site at will include:
  • Interviews with designers in as many geographical areas as possible.
  • Spotlights on designs that designers are working on.
  • Guest editorials by designers.
  • "Deep Thoughts" on what designers like about designing boards and more.
  • "Favorite Design Tool" about designers’ favorite tool(s) and why.
  • "Where Are You?" for designers looking for designers they’ve lost contact with.
  • "The Rant" on issues plaguing designers at the moment.
  • Articles about designs and design experiences from Hades.
  • A designer blog.
  • "This Old Design" where a bevy of experts provide answers to designers’ hardest questions.
  • "What I’m Reading Now" to prove life exists outside of design.
  • Calendar of design-oriented events and educational opportunities.
  • Fun stuff like timelines, trivia and more.

  • UPMG also plans to celebrate the Year of the Designer with a free Webinar, which will be announced at a later date on, and at special events held during the company’s 2006 conferences. These include: PCB Design Conference West 2006 on March 26-31 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, and PCB Design Conference East 2006 on September 25-29 at the Durham Marriott at the Civic Center in Durham, NC.

    For more information, visit and, and read more about UP Media Group on the Circuits Assembly magazine detail page in the Member Directory.

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